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    posted a message on Gambling for Ancient Furnace
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    Hey all. Is it worthwhile gambling bloodshards for an Ancient Furnace or should I rely solely on traditional farming? Spending thousands of shards regularly with no success so just thought I'd pose the question rather than continue aimlessly. Thanks!

    "no success", RNG is RNG. 75 shards could be enough for a furnace, even an ancient one. This thread is stupid.

    75 Shards could be enough, but it is very unlikely.

    Even though RNG is RNG, there are chances for each event to happen. And based on this chance you can tell, if it is worth it for you to take it or place your bets on something with a much higher chance.

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    posted a message on Why do people do full clears on regular Rifts?

    There are only 3 (objective) reasons to full clear a rift:

    1. You have a lack of keystones and want to maximize the Rifttime per Keystone

    2. It's a really good density rift

    3. You/your group is so fast in clearing a rift that the 30 seconds between 2 rifts would grant you on average 0.4 legendaries (100 bloodshards), if you killed mobs during that time.

    There's still the option to close the rift and go back in to continue your killing till time runs out though.

    So basicly the only REAL reason to ALWAYS fullclear a rift is a lack of keystones. This means if you already got your perfect ancient RoRG, you can always fullclear. If you don't, you need to run bounties anyway and therefore shouldn't have a lack of keystones.

    Ofc there's always personal preference, but I was only talking about the objective point of view.

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    posted a message on % sentry damage on gear help spenders?
    Just put the values in an excel sheet (Area Damage vs Sentry Damage) with following assumptions:

    45% Cluster Arrow dmg (Helmet, Boots, Quiver)
    15% Sentry Damage (Torso)
    20% from Steady Aim
    50% Area Damage (Paragon)

    No matter with how many targets and how many sentries placed I calculated it, I came to those results:

    - 20% additional Area damage are always somewhere between 1 and 2% damage increase (except on 1 target ofc)
    - 15% additional Sentry Damage are always somewhere between 3.8 and 4% damage increase

    This means: Sentry Damage is always preferable over Area Damage

    Formula used:
    Total Damage = (1+Sentries)*(1+Cluster%+dibs%)*(Targets+(0,2*Area%*(Targets-1)))+Sentries*(1+Cluster%+Sentry%+dibs%)*Targets
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    posted a message on Numpad Trick. Banable ?
    What do you guys think about using a keyboard macro which is just holding down the button without releasing it?

    From my understanding this would still be 1 button press = 1 action, since you press the macro button (1 button press) and it presses the key (1 action) but doesn't release it.

    Would have the advantage to be able to start and stop the perma button pressing without the need to press numpad activate/deactivate all the time (need to deactivate to use Town portal)
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    posted a message on Ancient Saffron Wrap vs Witching Hour
    Actually, Demon Hunter's damage is ressource gated, so the attack speed part of the witching hour only gives you more upfront burst, but not really much more dps. Also the Saffron Wrap has the ressource cost reduction which makes you able to shoot 8.7% more cluster arrows with your hatred.

    So in total, I assume that the sustained dps will be quite the same with both the belts. Witching hour has more upfront burst and saffron wrap more survivability.

    I would stick with the Saffron Wrap
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    posted a message on They changed the +exp formula
    They actually even announced in patch notes that Bonus XP on gear now scales with %Exp.

    The 152507 EXP is easily explained:

    Total Exp = (Base Exp + Bonus Exp)*(1 + %Bonus from Torment + %Bonus from gear) = (8700+141)*(1+16+0,25) = 152507,25
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    posted a message on Why finish rifts after guardian is dead?
    Quote from Autocthon»
    Let's say it's T6 and guardians are dropping ~100 shards on kill. We'll assume you aren't spending those shards on weapons, which means the guardian is 4 legends.

    This means that if you complete the rift in 2 minutes you're getting (2 Minutes of Legends)+4 every run. Working out to a minimum 24 Legends/hour.

    For completing the rift to be "worth" the time the rest of the rift at minimum needs to drop greater than 24 legends/hour, if it takes 6 minutes to complete the rift total then you'll need to have found a minimum of 3 legends during the rift. For a 10 minute rift that's a minimum of 4 Legends.
    100 Blood Shards grant you a CHANCE to get up to 4 legendaries.
    The Chance is 10% if I recall correctly, so actually 100 Blood Shards = 0.4 Legendaries.

    I still think that closing the rift grants you more legs/hour unless you have a really really insanely fast group.
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    posted a message on Pls help with DH M6 2.1.2 weapons
    Quote from Autocthon»

    Quote from Kyparn»

    I'd go for the Arcane Barb. With the high AS on Calamity you will deplete your hatred faster and each attack ought to do less damage due to lower damage range on Calamity. Just my opinion. I found a Calamity today and I don't even think about using it.

    You'll deplete hatred faster but regain it just as much faster. Which should result in a more or less equivalent final DPS in any fight lasting longer than a single hatred bar. Which is most tough fights.

    The question is whether MoD provides +13% DPS.

    Not really, cause most of your hatred regen actually comes from Companion, Healthglobes (Reapers and/or Blood Vengeance) and Preparation-Punishment or Vengeance

    I would go with the Arcane Barb in Solo play and the Calamity in group play
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    posted a message on New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Character slots, Stat caps, Quests, and MUCH more
    Quote from SephirothUK2»
    Regarding the Damage caps. If my math is correct, it will become impossible for DHs to hit the 4.15 breakpoint for sentries outside of gameplay. What I mean is, you will not be able to get to 4.15 on your own stood in town.

    It may be possible to get there from in game buffs, from other classes + Gorgok, but this almost certainly means <100% uptime

    Thats a big nerf to endgame DH building even without the other caps, and has a much more significant effect on primary DH builds than just a cap to AS
    You do realize that the last post on this thread was more than a year ago?
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    posted a message on Barbarian: Whirwind and Rend
    I think if it would be like you suggest, then the description on Skull grasp would say "increases whirlwind damage by 440%" but instead it says "increases whirlwind damage by 440% weapon damage", which leads me to my conclusion.

    Anyway: even if it is like I said, it should still be worth more than a soj dmg wise.

    If you compare 3*349% + 440$ = 1460% to 3x340% = 1020% you get a flat 43.1% increase on all whirlwind damage dealt. And this is on a secondary slot. I doubt that the elite dmg and ele dmg (which use up a primary each) on a soj make up for this.

    Only thing I could imagine to be worth it: take RoRG and use Hexing Pants instead of the Wastes Legs. Could be worth it if you need the ressource cost reduction and utilize other dmg sources than WW aswell.
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    posted a message on Barbarian: Whirwind and Rend
    From my understanding the set + skull grasp should work like:

    340%*3 + 440% = 1460%

    Since skull grasp states to increase whirlwind by 440% weapon damage and not by 440% and they said it would be addditive to the setbonus.

    Since you need Skull Grasp + Unity in solo play, there sadly is no possibility to use hexing pants and as BartekSWT said, you will also need a pride of cassius.

    I should test if it is possible to WW infinitely with BK set + weapon master. If so and if + WW damage from skull grasp and Wastes set affects the WW from BK set, I think this should be the best option for this build.
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    posted a message on Remember the time when..............??..............
    I remember the time when I killed Diablo on Inferno pre-nerf for the first (and only) time with full tank gear Barb and around 7k dps.

    Took me about 30 minutes to bring him down and I needed to skip the clones during shadow phase :D
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    posted a message on Skill Damage Graph Frost/Fire
    Your CA Data seems off.

    According to my calculations it should be:

    1 Target: 14*(550% + 900%) = 20300%

    2 Targets: 2*14*(550% + 900%) = 40600%

    3 Targets: 3*14*(550% + 900%) = 60900%

    4 Targets: 4*14*(550% + 900%) = 81200%

    5 Targets: 5*14*(550% + 900%) = 101500%

    6 Targets: 14*(6*550% + 5*900%) = 109200%

    7 Targets: 14*(7*550% + 5*900%) = 116900%

    8 Targets: 14*(8*550% + 5*900%) = 124600%

    9 Targets: 14*(9*550% + 5*900%) = 132300%

    10 Targets: 14*(10*550% + 5*900%) = 140000%

    Doesn't change anything about Multishot seeming to be the best choise across the board though.
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    posted a message on Kridershot + Marauder's 6pt bonus are a couple made in heaven
    I found a Kridershot recently (after reroll, it is 3% below max dps) and compared it with my Manticore (also good damage roll) on Ghom T6. With Manticore it took around 30 seconds to kill him, while with Krider it took me around 39 seconds (did a few tests each, results were always quite close to each other). The only thing I changed with using Krider is that I swapped out Entangling Shot (the 6 hatred rune) with Ele Arrow (Screaming Skull).

    Results might change a bit when attacking packs of mobs (cause of AoE of Ele Arrow vs ST of Entangling), but I don't think it will make up for the lower damage output in general, so i'd still use a 2H Xbow over a Kridershot anytime.
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    posted a message on Debate: 1h vs 2h with 6 Piece Marauder
    No, exactly the opposite. I am saying that at same +flat damage, +10% dmg is always better than +35% crit dmg
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