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    posted a message on Overall Diablo series units sold?
    If we are talk about whole franchise, then unofficial numbers would be around ~15-20 mil. (by this i mean sales of diablo, diablo 2, and expansion) this is some where close in my opinion, not that big a deal, because after all this franchise more then 12 years old, and many players have more then one pair of key sets, but still looks nice.
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    posted a message on I don't enjoy D2 anymore :(
    I don't feel that way.
    I feel sad because so much people left game, because of that blizzard was so cold to support game, because of that blizzard was so "hurry" to concentrate attention on Diablo III development, because of that most of my in game mates leave it, long time ago.
    I just.. feel sad..

    I still playing the game, i found the way to make it fun. Gambling is answer to all question.
    No matter craft, torch'es or magic find it is. It is what i still found good in this game.
    I like to complete some sets of keys, then make some organ sets after, and get some Hell fire out.

    But i must say that things which make me take breaks (some time long) from game is bots, dupes, shops etc. All this staff make my gambling not so important.
    I will never understood why blizzard let all those vampires get profit from their game.
    So i hope that next part of the game will get good support as they give to Wow (i'm never play this game, i try'ed it twice trial, then se, its boring to me, i don't like it).
    Just hope.

    p.s. also the game seems much easier for me time to time, but this is because of d2jsp i guess, which make some parts of game really easy. You always can sell some staff there and get some staff what you need, so game become some sort off Monopoly in Sanctuary setting.
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    posted a message on Message from Jay, Skill Runes and Choices, Changes, Login Issues, EU PayPal, Item Customization
    Quote from Jack in the box

    I know the blues really like the changes to the rune system, but what about the beta testers. Unfortunately, my internet doesn't reload fast enough for me to win a beta key, but do the testers feel the same way about the new changes? Just curious.
    I'd really don't understood all whining about changes to the rune system.
    It is really not too important to me, how and in what way i will make skills of character looks different, they make that system you'll get customization of character. Why want more?
    Anyhow game itself feel good. I'd really fan of old d & d2, i do not love some changes to d2 they've made (such as remove iron maiden from mages, or changes for some rare items affixes and suffixes) but i really feel it, i feel Diablo Spirit in this game (D3).
    Even i have tryed only beta trough, it is The Diablo Game.
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    posted a message on There is hope for keys
    Who doesn't know that diablo 3 exist yet?


    Really who? I'm register here from 2007 i'd really enjoy this portal. Read it alot.
    But really, why does they do such strong ad company this is going trough 2008.. Why why why. ~~ I'm mad.

    Don't what this stupid beta keys giveaway. Dot.

    I want option to buy collector edition in my region.
    I want option to not use paypal only in my region.
    I want the game.

    So fuck this ad and make game, i can sit quite and wait but this stupid ad managers make me raging alot.

    You get 1-3 mil copys sold easy blizzard, and i don't know about others but i will buy any expansion. E'm i wrong?
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Followers System Unveiled
    I smell "The Beta"..

    Mercenary looks cool. I’d like it. But really, the beta is coming soon, as well!?! =)
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    posted a message on New Site & Software Issues
    Quote from Jetrall

    The old system was not good. It was bad. This system seems a little crazy right now, but that's because it is new. It will get better quickly. We need to fix the problems and adjust the style, but it will be fine soon. :)
    I hope so. :rolleyes:

    But anyway it seems like crazy right now, sorry. O_O
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    posted a message on New Site & Software Issues
    What did happen here? Why you change good old system? And what the hell are doing? What "this" Curse are giving to diablofans.com? I do not understand why You do all this staff. I has a problem with Log on.

    Oh, that like a nightmare. =(

    May be I really do not understand? Crazy.. O_O
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    posted a message on Rollbacks
    It's really ruined the game. May be Blizzard want to make d3 as wow, with payment by month? And that why they didn?t make good support on free battle.net? =/
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    posted a message on Crafting in Diablo III
    The Set Crafting would be nice. What i mean.

    For example: in d2 exist quest when you need to kill traitor Nihalak, after you recive bonus from Anya, you can when quest is over Get Your Name On items what you could wish.

    I think that will be great if besides your name, the item was reciving the Set Part, and when you complete the quest on all difficults you complete you Herous Set or something. Of course when you make that set, it must have a probability to get a useful suffix or prefix or whatever.

    But how to do this in the Game Dev Lab, i do not know. :/
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    posted a message on Female Monk Update
    So much waiting, and only this. :/

    P.s. The russian language at the official site, the very nice to me. But the translate from english time to time not exactly.. Epic, yes epic.

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    posted a message on New Forum Feature: Experience the Experience
    In waiting of Diablo 3 we can do anything. Thank you all for the more and more freatures at diablofans. Good job.
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    posted a message on A DiabloFans Wishlist
    Quote from name="Archangel Tyrael" »
    Well, i know there is no point in wishing this, but, oh well, its Christmas so... I wish for necromancer class to be introduced in Diablo 3 in 2010. hehe :)


    'get cold'..

    But more then any of the Fantasy Wish, i want that the Diablo 3 will have the one of the most powerfull system of against of the any of f88888g bots/hacks/dupes etc.

    But there is just a wish..


    Happy New Year 8)
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    posted a message on Diablo III Coming in "Next Few Years"
    That just a financial expect of Thomas Tippl, Activision Blizzard chief financial officer.
    He said not that the release date of Diablo 3 is 2011 year, he said about the support of the Sc2 and WoW:Ccc at 2010, and the when they expect they $$$.

    There is just Blizzard Lineup Driver Growth (not a Blizzrd Release Game Panel, the same as plan, not an order).

    This say nothing, but that mean (IMHO) just stop pick to us (Blizzard think) and we work in quiet setting, and do not bother us (blizzard think) and we make game as we want and you get a perfect (in the blizzard fun opinition ofc :thumbsup:) game as well.

    Ohh. That in my VerY humble opinition, and I want be right. Can I? Other way, i just can cry.

    Sorry for rage.
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    posted a message on Climbing the Ladder
    I just hope, that Blizzard make something new :rolleyes:, and will surprise all of us. And of course make something more then they do with a cheaters and third-party programs :(.
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