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    Let's be realistic here though. Is botting the problem with being competitive on the leaderboards or is the real issue one of available time? The argument about botting seems to be that it provides no-brainer access to better gear and longer play sessions. However this idea about using a parser seems to contradict the notion that a bot is playing even remotely as efficiently as a player is. If the bot takes 8 hours to do what the player could accomplish in one, then how much of an advantage are we actually looking at?

    Second, I have to challenge the idea that botting is providing an unfair advantage in terms of gear. Now, while this is purely anecdotal, I'll use the following example to illustrate the broader point that this game and pushing leaderboards isn't about gear. At the point when Alkaizer was holding rank 1 on the solo barbarian leaderboard at 75, every piece of gear he had was equal to what I was wearing, or worse. Yet there he was, 15 GR levels higher than I had gone with identical or better gear and the exact same build.

    To the best of my knowledge--and I doubt anyone is going to jump forward to correct me for obvious reasons--a bot isn't going to fish high level Greater Rifts for you. Watch streams of the rank 1 players in the mid 70's right now. They spend hours doing nothing but checking the first map, and sometimes running to the second map, in a rift and evaluating mob types. You and I don't have time to do that because we're not paid to stream or we have other responsibilities that require our time. Should we expect others to limit their play time based upon our own availability? Will I be subject to the same restrictions if there's a player that can't play for more than three hours a week?

    The only valid complaints I can imagine, that go beyond scapegoating and making excuses for your own lack of ability or time, is that: 1) botting can pump a bunch of paragon levels on to an account. The only problem is that I also think that's an inflated concern. I can't imagine that running a bot, regardless of for how long, will net you as much xp per hour as a 4 man group running three xp zepplins over the course of an hour or two. And 2) a bot can farm a bunch of GR keys so you don't have to. Ok, I guess? If you're pushing rank 1 on GR's, how long can it possibly take you to clear 20 or 30 nephalem rifts? I run 90 second nephs on average in T7-8 games on a speed barb. Don't have a speed barb or a WD? How is that some random botter's fault and not your own?

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    So, as the thread title implies I'm wondering about adjustments to graphics settings that might make rend more visible. I've seen barb streams and youtube videos of barbarians like Alkaizer running the 6pc IK 2pc Wastes rend barb into the mid 70 range of greater rifts. What I notice is that their rend shows up as a very bright red, making it pretty obvious when it's on a mob. On the other hand, my rends are a very dark red that blends in to almost every map tile, making my rend application very inefficient because I basically have to guess at what I've already applied the skill to.

    I've messed around quite a bit with in game settings, including changing from fullscreen (windowed) to fullscreen and toying with gamma etc. Nothing seems to improve the dark red / maroon shade, which is really inconvenient. I think my clears would benefit an awful lot from knowing which mobs have my most important skill applied.

    Wondering if anyone has had the same experience and if you've found a fix.


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