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    scythe of the cycle boosts only secondary skills:

    As for using 2hand or 1hand+offhand, I am not sure how exactly damage formula goes, but you need to take into consideration that +dmg on offfhand adds on to weapon damage:

    red = damage per second (calculation of average damage * attack speed)

    blue = actual weapon damage, this is base for all calculations of skills and multipliers that use %WEAPON DAMAGE

    So if you take a look on this example items:

    You get something like this:

    without any other multipliers (main stat, gems, other attack speed multipliers etc).

    So, you get more damage using 2h, but you loose good deal of stats (area damage, crit chance, +skill, int/vit).

    As for trang weapon, most of builds are using it for second part (red part under) of it's legendary property:

    The Cursed Scythe rune for Grim Scythe now has a 100% chance to apply a curse and you deal 150–200% increased damage to cursed enemies.

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    Should work, although i prefer toss variant more, 6 RK / IK

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    I am sleepy as hell at the moment, but by looking at your character, this looks like an improvement. I'd say run 50s untill you pump your gems to 50, and then try slowly to go higher. Of course, ancient weapon would be good, but that is not up to you, it's up to game whether it will drop it or not :)

    And one more thing, if you are confident and are doing 50s with ease, you could swap out Vile Ward for Nemesis Bracers, it speeds up rifting quite a lot.

    But that of course depends on your play style and what suits you the best :)

    Diablo is grind fest that requires a lot of time invested:

    - You need to farm up your gear

    - You need to farm up materials and keys

    - You need to level up gems you will use

    - You need to level up gems that you will spend for Augments

    This can eat up a lot of time, and having a group helps a lot (especially if you have someone with who you can talk on skype or teamspeak while doing it). It becomes tedious at some point. For me it's usualy arround paragon ~800 and when I finish Season Journey, because of other things in life that require attendance, like work and sleep and family time :)

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    Main problem with builds is that their sales line ("GR90+!" and so on) doesn't say that you most probably need to be 1000+ paragon, and to have entire ancient gear augmented, and to have gems that are 80+ level :)

    You can check builds and items of people that achieved leaderboards by pressing in game Shift+L, and then selecting Hero Details. That might give you some idea on what works and what not.

    For you, you need ancient weapons first, that should boost your damage for ~5 tiers of GR, and then to start working on toughness.

    I can recommend Charge/Boulder toss build, which I am using now, and I'm having easy time in GR65 (without any augments and partialy ancient gear)

    This is my barbie: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ch1zra-1866/hero/2002889

    Other builds that rock hard are pure charge and fire based Might of the Earth, so take a look into those builds and just keep farming.

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    If you want Furnace, you need character level 31, to reduce the number of possible outcomes from upgrading rare to legendary (you exclude only Schaefer's and Athskeleng but who cares, pool of 4 is better than pool of 6).

    This season I tried ~50 upgrades on my lvl70 char and got pretty frustrated due to fails.

    Then I made new char, and first 2h mace I upgraded from rare to legendary was The Furnace. Crappy one, but it doesn't matter, I needed it only for cube.

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