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    posted a message on Has anyone found a use for energy twister?
    It makes an excellent substitute for toilet paper.
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    posted a message on Eventual Frenzy Barb, New to D2, Need some help please
    Quote from Vaqxine

    @Asyn Sorry, I'm really new to the game. What's a runeword o.o Is it a bunch of Runes stringed together to make armor/weapons? Or do you add them to armor/weapons o.o I'll start saving my rubies (If i am lucky enough for them to drop...) and spare junk jewels. Also for the gloves and boots, are the names Magic Gloves/Magic Belt or is that the kind of description you get underneath the name of the belt. Sorry just trying to understand :x. Is any merc from Act2 Offensive? I'm using a Cold merc from Normal act 3 just for the frozen attack he does

    Also what is Plugy. Sorry for so many questions, but I appreciate the help guys

    Yeah that's basically what a runeword is, a set of runes placed into an armor or weapon in a specific order. Check out the Wiki for some examples.

    As for the crafting, the names won't say "magic gloves" or "magic belt" it will be the names of the items in blue like: Vampirebone Gloves or Mithril Coil before you identify it. It doesn't matter what the prefix or suffix is, just put the item, p-ruby, jewel and the appropriate rune in the cube and go.

    Act 2 Mercenaries come in 3 flavors, Defensive, Offensive and Combat which is stated in the description. The Hell and Normal versions provide the same auras while the nightmare one is different. Full description here: http://www.diablowiki.com/Hirelings_(Diablo_II)

    Happy to help.

    *edit - just realized hans already answered...
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    I would be in favor of it if it is done right. "Skeleton archers have a 10% increased chance of dropping a bow". Maybe even tie it in to the achievements somehow.
    This way if you are looking for a bow or another class of item you have some idea of where to look. Elite and rare items should still all be random.
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    posted a message on The Wait is Over -- PTR Patch 1.13
    At Last it's finally here!!! It's not much but it's SOMETHING new to do. :D

    Nice, increased HR drop rates...but by how much?

    Quote from "Psyxix" »
    The only thing that intrigues me is the orange items... ? what are they?

    I think rarer items in the game are now orange, like HR's etc, so they are easier to spot in the piles of garbage

    I'm leaving work now...
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    In your plot how does the meteor work into the bosses? It seems like it would be in ACt 1 since it's hitting the cathedral and we know that Act 1 looks like the dungeon under tritram.

    Who would you have leading the army at the Arreat crater?
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