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    Auuugh the Jekangboard is killing me as I have 0 decent holy gear to use other than a really good Andy's, so it's going to be my main shield until I can find a good Lidless. I'm farming the mats to roll a few Aughild's to replace my shoulders/gloves for the set bonus since I don't need Ashera's anymore. I still feel like I'm not doing enough damage but I can kill Ghom on t3 in 15 seconds to 20 seconds on average. I haven't gotten around to it but once the Aughild's is done should I at least try for t5? I feel like I'm going to have a hard time transitioning:


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    Been a "long time" lurker here, and I wanted to actually start giving feedback and providing for the community since I don't see a whole lot going on in the realm of Zakarum. First and foremost I'd like to introduce myself and say hello! I'm starting this thread just as a means to get some feedback from some players who have more time than myself to experience the game as I currently have limited down time to play (School, working as Paramedic, life is pretty hectic right now!). So let's get down to business then shall we? I'll post my D3 and Progress profile in the end of the post. I'll be working on videos in my spare time (if I get ANY at all).

    Through my time playing I was able to accumulate a fair amount of good +Lightning Damage through a string of fortunate events. At the moment I am aiming to replace my Gloves + Bracers + Neck. Since I never seemed to get any good shields at all, I was able to gamble a Jekangboard which is heavily influencing my shift towards a Holy build. I originally had sent all of my +Lightning Gear to my Barb after finding a SoH 2 days prior to its nerf (rofl), and I'm not really sure if I should send it back since this damn shield is in the back of my head screaming at me to roll a Holy build with this shield. With my current build It's pretty easy to run T3 solo and group, but it's starting to have slight problems at T4+. To clarify why I'm here I'd like to ask what should I be aiming for in terms of gear? I am going to Replace the chest and Shoulders with Aughild's and go for Asheara's Gloves to keep the set bonuses with the boots and craft some Reaper's wraps. I'm not sure if this is the optimal path, but by no means am I striving for some type of gear "conformity" or "BiS normilization." Until I'm able to get my hands on a Shaefer's Hammer I feel my self slowly sliding towards a holy build with that shield. Any input is great, productive criticism always welcome.

    D3 Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TheDeFecto-1441/hero/44038936
    D3 Progress: http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/thedefecto-1441/Alister/44038936
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