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    Always the same 2-4 lamers doing this shit on stream. I wish I worked at Blizzard, flat out permabans would be going out.
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    Sorry but I disagree, Mr. Day spearheaded loot 2.0 and honestly, it wasn't nearly what was promised. You need to take the fan glasses off, you can go back and look for his posts about his vision of 2.0 loot and how he talked about how the game must move away from:

    Stacking Crit hit chance, Crit Hit damage, fixing loot to not be auto salvaged before the item is ID'ed were all stuff he planned to address with loot 2.0.

    All three of these still happen on a regular basis. Itemization is only marginally better than what it was in Vanilla, this is fact.

    Wyatt Cheng has been out of touch since day one, it is clear to see that he plays a much different Diablo 3 than the players do. I would even throw Don Vu's name into the hat as well as being out of touch.

    Maybe calling these guys out is what is needed, nobody is saying these guys aren't talented game designers, what is being said is they're grossly out of touch.
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    This is probably going to come off very harsh but I just feel the need to rant about Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is a good game but its not managed very well. Some might wonder what I mean by that, well, it is a good game, it plays well but its hampered by severe incompetence by the dev's. This game reminds me of Final Fantasy XI back in 2004-2005, another good game for its time but out of touch dev's prevented the game from ascending to greatness.

    I'm going to speculate on a lot here, so take it with a grain of salt.

    I believe the reason why the dev's are so out of touch, Wyatt Cheng in particular, is because the dev's don't play the game past Torment I and II. Every nerf and buff to skills has been done under the veneer of "Diversity." The higher a player climbs in torment, the more diversity begins to shrink from both items and skill choices. What I find truly fascinating is the amount of "Double Think" displayed by the dev's when these topics of "diversity" arises. If you only play on Torment I and II, you'll find "diversity" everywhere, if you play on Torment V and VI, you'll find very little "diversity." All of the balance problems from both itemization and skill choices all center around the fact that mob damage and hp scaling is extremely bad in this game.

    Why is this?

    Well, it is the only difficulty Blizzard knows regarding D3. The more hp and damage mobs have, the more "diversity" shrinks, the current game is all about getting to x or y DPS number and getting x or y toughness number, very little strategy is involved. You can either burn the mobs down before they kill you or you're in the wrong difficulty level. There is no additional effects added to elite affixes that are only present in higher torments. There is nothing different about higher torments other than hyper inflated damage and hp numbers with higher gold/exp/magic find/gold find rewards.

    If the dev's consistently played D3 on higher torments, they would quickly realize its the HP and Damage scaling as the only difficulty being at the root of the problems of game balance.

    Another major problem with this dev team is they simply don't understand "The middleground." Items are either good or extremely bad and the same could be said about the constant nerfs. I often refer to the scalpel vs sledge hammer analogy, a scalpel is a very precise tool to make small, precise incisions. A hammer is a tool to smash things, what do we see in D3? We see hammers instead of scalpels when it comes to nerfs.

    One playstyle on x or y character is absolutely fine in one patch and completely gutted beyond uselessness by the next patch. This has lead many players to hoard items because of the balance musical chair syndrome of blizzard. Players have no idea if their playstyle is going to be viable between each and every patch. What was once salvaged in the past becomes the futures biggest regret in D3.

    You might enjoy pew pewing mobs with a lightning build. You might spend 2 months collecting the perfect gear to make your lightning build T6 viable only to have Blizzard come in and say, surprise, this rune is now fire.

    You might find an incredibly rare item only to have Blizzard come in and say, surprise, the item is out of line with our development ideas and as a result, the items become instant soul fodder. To add further insult to injury the dev's couldn't come up with an interesting, build changing idea to keep said items relevant and interesting to match their rarity.

    I don't have any hope in this dev team, which is a shame because the game they created is a good game, it is just managed horribly. The flaws seem to be so obvious to the players but so oblivious to the dev's. Two years later, we're still having conservations about why 2h weapons need more work. Two years later, we're still right where we started with game balance, only difference is that the goal posts were moved for certain classes. Two years later, we still have critical hit damage and critical hit chance being stacked on every item, even when it was a design goal to move away from this with RoS. Two years later, we still have a game where difficulty is conflated to more damage, more hp, which is even expressed worse in Greater Rifts.

    TL:DR: Good game, managed by fools.
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