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    posted a message on Inventory Bags Explained
    And I'm not sure wether I like it or not. I still love the tetris way but see why it has huge flaws, aswell. I'll guess the bag system will be just fine!
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    posted a message on Blizzard Posts New Diablo-Themed Fanart
    Quote from "Atrumentis" »
    Blizzard has just uploaded four new pieces of Diablo fanart! The first artwork is by our very own member, Yngvar. Congratulations!

    Check them out!

    I think they are great! Who's up for submitting some more artwork to add to the collection? I know I am.

    Thanks Dauroth for noticing the update first.

    You know that there is a newsdrought when fanart is "frontpage news"
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    posted a message on Impressive Diablo Cosplay!
    How wrong is it to think this is.... very sexy? :P
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    posted a message on Patch 1.13: Larger Inventory for Diablo II
    Haha cool if this gets implented. This will have greatest effect on DUELING, though, not on muling/mfing. you'll still have to mule. But in terms of good mannered duels you can now weild many different setups. I know BVC-players will find this change most extraordinary, aswell as hybrid-assassins. this opens up for some new builds, even!
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    posted a message on Blizzcon '09
    Quote from "Dauroth" »
    Maybe we will see something from the second act! I'm waiting for that like - forever!

    yes this... definitely, even over a second class announcement ^^ I mean classes I will be happy with, next act is a biiiig questionmark atm ^^
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    posted a message on About The Patch
    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    Yeah but after ALL these years, why really bother updating d2 unless it has SOMETHING to do with D3 in one way or another.

    My thoughts exactly.. I was abit sceptic about this patch/reset and all, but would prolly participate @ ladder reset. but this is great news for me! Definitely intresting...

    It seems to me maybe they've got some kind of an mission from the d3 staff to tie the story up with upcoming d3 some way, to get us extra thrilled about d3?

    however, this maybe means that we will have a ladder reset which actually will be playable without bein ruined with dupes @ first 2 weeks, because if it is a good patch they better fix the massdupes from shops, cause we all know they do know about them, but prolly never had a reason to care for them... till now

    edit: HMMM, actually, if I'm allowed to be crazy and make a wild guess, maybe we'll finally get use of the SoH's? They did have a crew working on d3 way back but which got scrapped afaik/iirc? I mean maybe when they invented the SoH's maybe they had plans for storyline tie-up with diablo3, but as the diablo3 got heavily delayed since they totally scrapped the first attempt maybe that's why we never had any use for those standard of heroes.
    wild guess, but who knows ;D it's fun to speculate
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    posted a message on What Bill Roper Thinks About Diablo 3.
    Quote from "mockery" »
    Bill Roper, the ex-vice president of Blizzard North, recently gave an interview to VideoGamer about his thoughts on Diablo 3. Here's what he had to say:

    I guess it's not too surprising that Roper wouldn't have the most complimentary things to say about the upcoming game, and I definitely disagree with his thoughts on it not really "ringing with Diablo". Having played the game at BlizzCon, I can say that it doesn't just ring Diablo... it screams it. It's the Diablo I was hoping for all these years, and the whole idea of starting in a somewhat lighter area and descending into darkness rather than just having the game begin in the depths of hell (ie: where do you go from there?) seems perfect to me. We've only seen a tiny bit of Diablo 3 so far, and sometimes it's easy for people to lose sight of that.

    So what are your thoughts on the interview with Roper?

    Nice defensive mode you go as soon as someone, this time with credibility, critizise and discuss the art direction.

    facts are up there, there are a slight difference between the art styles of d1+d2 and d3, I Kinda like it though :) Could've been a little more gothic (that doesn't mean darker!)

    So for all of you who said "OMG IT'S NOT CHANGED, IT'S STILL GRITTY n00BeMoS"
    you got served.

    Quote from "dunhac82" »
    QFT totally agree here. Man, this is going to open up that can of worms again; I can just feel it. Well at least it will give everyone something to do till D3's release.

    I think he's just jealous and bitter as Daemaro pointed out. I wish I coulda been there to play it, but I totally trust your opinion of the game Mockery.

    D3 will rock and Roper will eat chud

    come on, abit respect for the man who you have to thank for the epic game you love so much? ridiculous, he's still Bill Roper man.
    And sure, who wouldn't be abit bitter after the way that blizz threw Blizzard North out and after missing out on what most likely is gonna be the most epic game to date.

    Quote from "mockery" »
    All I have to say is this:


    If that doesn't "ring" like Diablo, I don't know what does.

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    posted a message on Tell Blizzard Your #1 Diablo II Patch Note.
    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    Man, what to choose.. Shared stash vs. more quests vs. enigma fix vs. duping/botting fix.. Those are the most important imo.

    duping botting fix, hands down. come on shared stash is an avoidable problem, dupers/botters KILLS this fucking game. Totally do.

    Quote from "Kenzai" »
    WTF 1.13 for D2??? Like, LOD??? The sequel to the first one? Where the Necro and such is present?

    Would be good to see some major stuff like it was with 1.10...

    ummmm WAT U SAY?
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    posted a message on Mobs that looks slightly different by Bashiok
    Quote from "Magistrate" »
    Because he has experience to back up his statements. You don't.

    That's a ridicilous answer.
    "he's right because he's right" kinda...

    anyways, thanks for the heads up with the topic, it does look strange indeed. you wish you could have some randomization atleast
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    posted a message on Bestiary Update: The Unburied! Plus, New Concept Art & Screenshots.

    "NEEDS MOAR DARKNZZZ", Anyone? ;)

    On a serious note: great new artwork and bestiary update indeed... unburied seems.. adoreable :)

    That town artwork.. it looks truly horrid and scary, that as a playable area with some real hardcore hellish' kinda screams of terrorized beings, not only human ones ofcourse, would be effing perfect. Bring back the horror of classic diablo please :) I missed that abit in diablo2, sure it was as dark partially, but it just missed that 'it' to make it feel... authentic, fearish..
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    posted a message on Blizzard Announces Theme Park Contest
    Holy shit this gets me riled up nicely :D.
    Did I mention I'm a total freak when it comes to theme-parks? I love them, It's the second best thing after diablo. The atmosphere, the everything, I played roller coaster tycoon1+2 like a mad man, allthough I was 'just a kid' I wasted so many hours on those games... Just had to built them perfect coasters <3 holy shit holy shit :D what if blizzard really made a theme park, woawoawoawoa so many ideas rushing through my head now. Not only are there countless of material for different tracks and attractions, imagine the landscapes you could create with the blizzard lore! WOHA!

    And, as some people already mentioned, blizzard has 'teh dough' to make a theme park, even. I'll definitely look more into this, I quite didn't catch how to compete though, photoshopping and shit? not really my area of work =b. As I said, I'll look into it!
    edit: seems like I can draw it outside of a computer.. nice, I'm in :D

    ...wait, I'm not in.......... omg....

    Quote from "Equinox" »
    I hate how commercialized they're getting...

    Yeah because every communi... Err common sensed person knows that commercialized also mean crap for the people and the fans, and more money in the hands of the 'rich dudes'...
    Seriously: stop whining, commercialized goes hand in hand with great sensations, You can be commercial and still unique! Blizzard is a company...

    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    Who knows. I'm sure it would make money, but they'd probably lose a lot of credibility with their long time fans. But by then, they may not care about the long time fans anymore, but more about the new potential ones.

    Lol get the hell OUT OF HERE.
    What says that these "long time fans" wouldn't dig a theme-park? just because you don't? Do you speak for all the long time fans? come on, I honestly can't understand all this hating just because blizzard games aren't what "make you unique for playing" anymore. Blizzard are that great that people want them, where's the problem?

    Quote from "itsme" »
    hey in the rule they say "Limit one entry per person" so does that mean i cant make it in both side of the paper...? some one help b4 i fuck up b4 i begin

    L O L
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    posted a message on Dev Tracker Notes of Merit
    Quote from "kefka666333abc123" »
    Ya....basically the same as a war in wow....at least how there rage works....should make things a lot more interesting to.....I wonder how pvp will go with barbs having to use autoattack to get ready for there big abilities while wizards and WD's can spam there big shit right off the bat.

    Rather it makes pvp a whole lot deeper and more intresting. Instead of "skill 1+2 spam", where the skills are at being as good as possible with those two skills + aiming for namelock(s) ofcourse, there's a possibility that you now also need to practice some kind of a more advanced tactic.

    Balancing it shouldn't be a problem that isn't solvable
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    posted a message on Care For Some Marshmallow With Your Thousand Pounder?
    I mean the unicorn didn't made me giggle, since it's an old joke, but it's kinda lika a joke between "friends", blizz being one and the fans another... It's kinda epic indeed :D

    and, the chances that we will see a unicorn/rainbow "secret unicorn level" seems pretty high actually. I noticed someone mention this subject...
    If I'm not misstaken the Secret Cow Level was created as a response to some kind of a joke, similiar to this, not the same but you know an internal joke^^
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    posted a message on Diablofans Launches New Community Driven Wiki.
    OK so I made two articles to start hehe :P trickier then it seemed. I still haven't really found out how to properly "re-direct", anyone can tell me?

    Made these:

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    posted a message on Diablofans Launches New Community Driven Wiki.
    I registered an account :) abit sceptic about this on the first glimse, if there's enough members to contribute, but heck, why be sceptic when you can be optimistic? :)

    I will do what I can, my field is diablo the game and ingame stuf, I'm not very oriented with the lore I'd say. I'll start right now actually!

    Also, I wait with excitement for what to come for this site? :o
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