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    Battletag: Ethreal#1402
    Link to armory profile:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ethreal-1402/hero/19610384
    Preference for softcore (SC) or hardcore (HC): Softcore
    Average time available to play (hours per week): 25-30
    Preferred difficulty level: t2-t4
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    posted a message on Help me out guys, I'm kinda new to WD and I still bad at T2+3
    There are a couple problems with your build.

    Lets starts with the active abilities:

    Without 4 piece Zuni - Fetish army isnt the best skill you can use. You would honestly be better off using Piranhdo do group and stun enemies for survivability.

    Next Burning Dogs - I like dogs but if you are having trouble staying alive i would definitely switch to Life Link - it will help you tremendously.

    Passive Skills - This is where you really need changes

    You need Grave Injustice - It is required for this build and will make wrathful protector come up almost every elite pack.

    You also need Fetish Sycophants - This will spawn fetishes that will last 60 seconds and have a chance to proc off Vampire bats.

    I would replace Jungle Fortitude and Rush Essence with these passives. Mana should never be a problem.

    That is what i see off the top of my head.
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