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    posted a message on [HC/Season] The best clan in the world is recruiting! [Tribut]

    G'day fellas! It may or may not have come to your attention that we, Tribut(e), are the best clan in the world. It's not just a tribute, you got to believe. And we wish you were here. To be part of the world's best clan. At this very moment, our clan has only very few members. Well. This gotta change.

    What can you expect from the best clan in the world?

    - Better fun

    - Better drops

    - Better teamplay

    - Better friendship and fraternity

    - World's best leader

    - World's best officers

    - Become the world's best member

    - Did I mention the fun part?

    Of course the best clan in the world does have some requirements before you can actually join this noble club:

    - Be witty

    - Be funny

    - Play @EU servers and at least be part of the season. We focus on HC but SC is also welcome (since you're not Hardcore unless you live hardcore)

    - Either speak English or German so we can communicate in a proper way

    - No beggars (we do boost once you RIP but it's a privilege, not a right) - No egoists (sharing loot for good is elementary because we want to maximise groupplay)

    Did we catch your attention? Then contact us. And soon, you shall be too a part of "The Worlds Best Clan [Tribut]".

    Sincerely, Drakhgard#2621

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    posted a message on Torment 7 & 8

    Bring in an all-new difficulty, let's say "Insanity".

    - It is way harder than Torment 6 (comparable to ~GR35) and every single area in the game has not only it's usual mobs but also randomly other mobs (comparable to A5 Nightmare+Hell like in Diablo2).

    - Champions/Elites have a fifth random-affix which is Insanity-Only, alongside with the four other usual random affixes. The insanity-only affixes tend to be even more dangerous by bringing in stuff like restistance to specific elements (needs to be tested ofc).

    - The loot is ofc more rewarding and many stuff like Keywarden drops etc are guaranteed. Maybe a bigger chance for Ancient Legendaries.

    - Instead of pushing mobs to a higher limit, all player characters experience some minor restrictions. Like reduced restistances or reduced damage done (something in an area of 5-10%)

    - Ofc all greater rifts starting at GR35 obtain the same rules as Insanity difficulty.

    - A new gem tier. Recipe is only obtainable in Insanity.

    - Maybe no usual Rifting in Insanity and no Bounties. Instead there will be "epic quests", comparable to bounties but with more tasks to fulfill. At the end of each "epic quest" is an endboss with bloodshards, random caches and stuff.

    - Some other neat stuff to provide somewhat of an endgame. If many players have successfully farmed Insanity there could possibly be "Insanity II" or whatever

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    posted a message on Roland's set viable at last?

    I'll definately check this out on PTR. I was super-excited when I've read about the changes AND the upcoming Shield Bracers. This might transform the crusader into a single target dps monster.

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    posted a message on Set items drop rate To low
    The only solution which doesn't make the drop-system too ridiculous would be to put legendaries into several tiers. Difficulty affects the tiers of legs which might drop. Like Blackthornes and Crap is Tier1, High-End Class Sets are Tier 3. Tier1 drops until Master, Tier3 starts dropping on Torment1.
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    posted a message on What would you like to see on the elemental re-balance for crusaders?
    Here are my thoughts on re-balancing the elements (beginning with wrath-generators):


    Roar: Fire's just okay.

    Celerity: Should move to lightning.

    Rebirth: Move to holy.

    Retaliate: Stay at physical.

    Fury: Maybe ice?


    Electrify: Okay.

    Carve: Move to holy.

    Crush: Fire's okay.

    Zeal: Move to physical.

    Guard: Move to ice.


    Shatter: Move to ice.

    Shackle: Move to lightning.

    Surge: Move to fire.

    Reaping: Move to physical

    Shared fate: Holy's okay.


    Burst: Lightning's fine.

    Crack: Move to ice.

    Hammer of Pursuit: Holy's fine.

    Sword of Justice: Move to physical

    Holy bolt: Holy's fine.
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    posted a message on Horadric Caches Legendary Drop Rates
      • Horadric Caches Opened: 35
      • Number of Legendaries: 0

    I guess I had really bad luck, eh?
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    posted a message on 2-handers are underwhelming? I think so.
    Well I think the 20% damage bonus for Two-handers as passive slot might be not good enough, but I've made the experience that when I found a near decent twohander and compare it with a decent onehander, there surely is a difference. But I think another problem - when it comes to pick Onehanders over Twohanders - is the fact, that most of the Twohanders just don't have decent Procs or extras. Okay we got that sword with that throwing axe, dealing nice damage. And we got that 'demonic explosion' sword (Scourge was it name, aight?). But most of the procs are just not that good like TF proc or Odyns Son proc.

    There needs to be a solution to make 2 handers attractive for all potential classes but leave them as good as they are for crusaders. And I think this can only be realized thru passive skills. (tho i admit the idea of 2 sockets for 2handers). AND one must have: Give the legendary 2h Staffs some nice procs. They are shitty atm.
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    posted a message on 2-handers are underwhelming? I think so.
    I think a simple solution for all us guys who are hungering to use a 2 hander is:

    - Give classes like Barbarian a passive skill which just increases the dmg while wielding 2handers by 15~20%.
    (and for wizards so 2h staffs are viable)

    I know you'll have to consume a passive slot. But with this solution you don't need to rework the 2handers (so they won't get more op for crusader). Just rework any useless passive.
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    posted a message on Next Expansion Speculation
    My wild guesses on the next (and hopefully NOT last) expansion:

    New class: Bard (INT based) (why: remember the Bard in Diablo Hellfire? we also had the Monk and the Barbarian back then...)

    New Act: Act 6 will be split up in 3 pieces: We're going to see Duncraig and Kingsport, followed by Skovos Islands and finally we're going to be in the burning hells again (Chaos Sanctuary, anyone?) Another wild guess would be the Jungle (maybe the home of the WD)

    New feature: Never-ending Dungeon; with random quests, challenges and bosses inside. Once you die, you'll have to start again at the very beginning. (group play highly recommended)

    We will probably face some of the Evils again. Maybe first boss is Andariel + Duriel as a pair, a corrupted Tyrael (corrupted by the Souls of Belial and Azmodan) and finally "The Evil Trinity" - all three brothers at once, but weakened. They manage to escape tho and we gotta face them in the next expansion.
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