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    posted a message on Diablo 3 ROS Awfull FPS on solid laptop

    I will be honest with you to be really kind..

    That pc is super shit, literally super shit.. 1.8ghz AMD quad-core = Unplayable processor for most games.

    Graphic card : Literally super outdated..

    If you want a good pc you can build a cheap i5 "K" version,

    GTX 970 4gig, and you are basicly set with a new motherboard.

    By the way your friend is a super lier, you need a MSI gaming laptop for atleast 1k euro te be stable 60 fps with Medium / high settings on diablo 3 :P

    You should not trust this person when it comes to pc.. Do your research on your own and dont trust friends for shit when it comes to computers :P

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    posted a message on Looking for a solid group! Or building a group.


    i'm a hota barb, 660+ paragon good gear..

    "Idolen#2771" 24 years old, have a good mic.

    I am from sweden.

    Only want to play with people that uses microphone and please no dumpster mic :/

    So what i am searching for is people that want to push together..

    Farming levels, try to push the ladder as hard as possible..

    Healer monk is needed, hota barb, EP monk that can switch over to hota if needed for higher grifts.

    EXP Gear is not required if you don't have, that we can always get together as a group.

    "Not searching for people that wake up late and play all night, thats not my thing."

    Looking for people that likes to get up early in the morning.

    "Not intereseed on waiting on people either, like 2-5 hours a day for people doing stuff,

    If you have stuff to do every day you are not what i search for"

    REQ: - Able to play all day.

    - 20+ Years.

    - Not afraid to talk.

    - Not afraid to give any pointers on how to improve as a group.

    - Calm and relaxed, have some humour that always helps.

    - Must have atleast paragon 600+

    Be teamplayers and patient, no whining on other group members, instead learn from each other.

    That's all for me, and i hope i can find 3 people that are interessed.

    /Idolen - Happy Grifting!

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    posted a message on FREESPEEDBOOST

    Hello everyone

    I have made an community that is called "FREESPEEDBOOST" And a clan called the same, "FSB"

    Anyone that would want a new character boosted fast or help with grinding gear to a new character,

    only you need to do is to visit this community and whisper me!

    Online communitys-


    i'm the leader in the community "Idolen" or Idolen#2771

    So anyone need help, feel free to ask! :)

    Have a nice day all!

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    posted a message on Kanai's cube problem..

    Oh thanks man! I totally missed that!

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    posted a message on Kanai's cube problem..


    I just got the cube, and the problem is i can't put any items into the 3 slots..

    Even if the item is supported by the legendary list in the cube..

    Anyone having the same problem or the solution to this problem ?

    Cheers !

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    posted a message on New Hardcore rift farming community EU

    I have created a new community on hardcore "EU" where you can find people to make rift games with..

    So the purpose of this community is to only find players to rift with in HC, Normal - torment.

    If you are interessed in this you should search it up!

    HC Rift farming "English brittish" Category : Hardcore

    I hope i will see a lot of you guys in there :D Cheeeerios!
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