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    I have started collecting farming data on Goblins, in order to better track down Rainbow Goblins. Over the last 10 days I have run 32 different maps 10 times each, doing full clears until I find a goblin or run out of places to look. I'm posting my results to help people decide which maps to run, but keep in mind that clear times are the important thing, and we are all going to have different clear times.

    I chose maps that I've heard people talk about in goblin farming communities, Both good and bad.

    Act 1:

    1. Festering Woods - 11/100 (1 Rainbow Goblin)

    2. Cathedral 1 - 31/100 (1 Rainbow Goblin)

    3. Leoric's Passage - 30/100

    4. Cathedral 2 - 14/100

    5. Cathedral 3 - 16/100

    6. Cathedral 4 - 21/100

    7. Royal Crypts - 17/100

    8. Southern Highlands - 9/100

    9. Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1 - 25/100

    10. Cave of the Moon Clan Level 2 - 29/100 (2 Rainbow Goblins)

    11. Northern Highlands - 48/100

    12. Leoric's Hunting Ground - 26/100

    13. Fields of Misery - 0/100

    Act 2:

    14. Howling Plateau - 36/100 (1 Rainbow Goblin)

    15. Stinging Winds - 21/100

    16. Ancient Waterways West Level 1 - 13/100 (1 Rainbow Goblin)

    17. Ancient Waterways West Level 2 - 19/100

    18. Ancient Waterways East Level 1 - 16/100

    19. Ancient Waterways East Level 2 - 17/100 (1 Rainbow Goblin)

    20. Dahlgur Oasis - 0/100

    Act 3:

    21. The Battlefields - 18/100

    22. The Fields of Slaughter (Bridge of Korsikk Waypoint) - 17/100

    23. Rakkis Crossing - 29/100

    24. Underbridge - 16/100 (1 Rainbow Goblin)

    25. Tower of the Damned Level 1 - 39/100

    26. Tower of the Damned Level 2 - 27/100

    27. Heart of the Damned - 11/100

    28. Core of Arreat - 33/100

    29. Stonefort - 17/100

    Act 4:

    30. Gardens of Hope Level 1 - 31/100

    31. Gardens of Hope Level 2 - 13/100

    Act 5:

    32. Pandemonium Fortress Level 1* - 46/100 (1 Rainbow Goblin)

    *Pandemonium Fortress Level 1 had 23 Goblin Encounters, for a total of 46 Goblins. This level contains 0 or 2 Goblins.

    Total Rainbow Goblin Encounters = 9

    Total Goblin Encounters = 651

    Please feel free to test out maps and post results as well, 100 is a fairly small sample size and I'd love for more people to collect goblin data.

    The next step in the process of determining which routes to take, or which single map to run, would come down to clear times. Clear times are basically from Clicking "Start Game" until the next time you can click "Start Game." Loading in AND out is part of clear times and has a huge impact on single map runs! I'd love to start posting average times of different class' farming setups to help people pick a class and route... but that will be a project for the future.

    TL;DR -

    Goblins are most common on these individual maps: Tower of the Damned, Core of Arreat, Gardens of Hope Level 1, Cathedral Level 1, Leoric's Passage, Northern Highlands, and Pandemonium Level 1.

    Goblins are also fairly common in these multi-level maps: Ancient Waterways, Rakkis Crossing + Underbridge, Cave of the Moon Clan.

    The frequency of encountering goblins does matter, but only when balanced with clear times.

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    Alright so I just pieced together some really random gear, no thought behind this or any testing to see what works better... so be gentle if something is stupid, I'm merely excited to inform people that you can build your crusader around thorns and actually DO stuff (Probably only works solo, even left my follower in town)

    First, with all the gear and passives below I managed to do Torment 4 Act 1 Bounties. I completed all 5 bounties *Note: You will not get cursed chest/shrine events completed, but you can still complete the bounty* including killing the Skeleton king *Only hits like 3 times a minute! Rage!* I died to the keywarden in the fields of misery once, killed him the next time around and had no other trouble throughout. All total this endeavor took about 40 minutes, ~15 of which was just killing the skeleton king!


    • Helm: Crown of the Invoker
    • Shoulders: Burden of the Invoker
    • Chest: Blackthorne's Surcoat
    • Gloves: Pride of the Invoker
    • Bracers: Sanguinary Vambraces
    • Belt: Harrington Waistguard (Had no other belt)
    • Ring 1: Ring of Royal Grandeur
    • Ring 2: Random rare ring with thorns damage
    • Pants: Blackthorne's Jousting Mail
    • Boots: Random boots (DIdn't have a pair of Blackthornes that would work, but I would suggest using them!!!)
    • Shield: Vo'toyias Spiker
    • Weapon: Hack
    As you can see, my gear choices weren't all perfect... and a lot of the gear I had rolled REALLY BAD, so you can do this even with bad gear, but you did need just about every piece listed. There's a few items that will really shine here, Countess Julia's Cameo, Blackthorne's Boots (as mentioned), and various other things such as Ice Climbers and other items to prevent damage are highly recommended, but I was too lazy to go get them off alts and test. I had a lot of primary slots on gear wasted on silly things that didn't help thorns at all, so with PERFECT gear I imagine I can do much better.

    Skills + Passives

    • Smite: Shatter *Trying to get multiple small hits to proc bracers + rally!*
    • Fist of the Heavens: Fissure *Same strategy as above*
    • Iron Skin: Reflective Skin *Duh?*
    • Provoke: Charged Up *Forgot to see if rune worked for thorns, but if it does it's amazing - if not then it still works to proc Rally*
    • Akarat's Champion: Rally *Permanent Iron Skin + Provoke, CDR would help this build!*
    • Judgement: Resolved *Thorns can't crit, merely trying to do some kind of damage when things won't hit me... sure there is a better choice!*

    • Iron Maiden *Duh?*
    • Wrathful *Healing*
    • Hold Your Ground *Because why not*
    • Renewal *Healing*
    My sheet stats:

    • Damage: 179,573
    • Toughness: 17,685,152
    • Healing: 12,662
    • Thorns: 35,785.49 *Str: 6947*
    • CDR: 27.12%
    • Globe Bonus: 28,473
    • HP: 714,628
    • All Resist: 1186+
    Average thorns damage:

    • 650,000 *No buffs*
    • 1.2 million *200% buff!*
    • 2.4 million *200% buff x2*
    • 10.5 million *??? ... Maybe bracers? Math no make sense here, but I was getting 10 million hits --They also looked like crits, but given my damage and skill set nothing else would hit that hard!*
    **SORRY FOR MULTI-POST! Internet issues tonight.**
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