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    posted a message on Primals not dropping for me, is anyone else experiencing this?

    although i cant disprove that it is a bug. my anecdotal evidence of it being RNG is that my friend and i both completed our gr70 at about the same Paragon (250's) and are both 650+ i have received 2 primal, and he 0.

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    posted a message on Necro skills
    Quote from Selador84»

    Lets not spread misinformation please. The Necromancer doesn't have any poison skills or abilities. One might argue however, that Blight is the same as poison, but that just isn't the case. Poison inherently has DOT affects, while Blight doesn't.

    I don't believe this was spreading any information at all.. he was stating that, like most classes, Necro will have skills that have the damage element of "physical, poison and frost". this falls in line with items like CoE, which cycle through your class elements. in all likelihood, they will have poison based runes that DO add a DoT effect or a ailment of some kind similar to other poison skills.
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    posted a message on Sick of fishing for that perfect grif.

    Yea I'm right there with ya, so sick of working hard to be the best. I should totally just be the best already.

    Although I do agree that time spent in this game should be a huge factor. I don't think that it should be as based on entering a rift and seeing, in about 10 seconds, that its not going to work and leaving.
    Blizzard does know that the mobs and tile set is a HUGE factor in GR pushing, they have tried to fix it. but still there are some mobs that have to low of time impact or are just way to tough to kill.
    the request i would make isn't to lessen the importance of time spent, but to move it from leaving and joining, to trying to push higher till its gear/skill and not mapset that stop you.

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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Demon Hunter)

    not really sure if the +1 disc is worth going for 12


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    posted a message on This game has far too many movement impairing effects
    Quote from JavierVerdugo»

    Death countdown could be fixed very easily:

    Instead of wait 30 sec to resurrect, penalize adding 30 sec to the timer.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding you, this would only work in solo. as dying in a 4 person match should definitely not penalize the people still alive.

    on topic:

    I think the best fix would be a very quickly fading diminishing returns so chain CC cant be done. something like: first cc 100% effective, second 65%, third 25%, after third CC you are immune for 1 second. giving you time to react and move out of any cc.

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    posted a message on A bit confused on Offense Paragon Points Spendage

    for M6 DH, a large part of you damage is coming from the Companion/preparation combo. CDR helps get this to happen more. for the most part, you shouldn't worry about it beyond a diamond in helm and a few items (preferred Shoulder/glove combo is how most get it).

    but as far as paragon, i would actually spend whatever it takes to get CHD and CC close to 1:10 (1% crit per 10% critdamage) and then max out CDR. either way, its not going be game changing, but may speed up grift clear time by a few seconds.

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    posted a message on Stuck at GR 32 and need some advice

    are you dying or just not clearing fast enough?

    Also, CDR isnt really that great now that FC has two charges, i prefer other stats. also i dont know if your profile is old, but "Weapon Throw" on pants should be rerolled as well as HoTA on boots for speed.

    I also dont think unity is all that important if your clear speed is high enough, most times I opt for a rorg to use my magefists (I roll fire, and they rolled amazingly), but alot of barbs use Bul-Kathos.

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    posted a message on Firebird 101: Solo Wizard Greater Rifts
    Quote from Manel171»

    3) Can you, or someone in the forum can help me to improve my girlfriend wiz build? With furnace she never get crit higher than 70m from firebird dots, and with serpent spark it's worse, just 40/50m.... what she can do to increase the dmg?

    4) Is halo of arlyse a good choice for group play?

    Her profile:


    To improve damage i would: get new ammy with Fire, Crit Chance, CHD, socket (put bane of the trapped in socket, it has its own Damage multiplier). then get a RoRG/SoJ combo for group play. with freed slot try and get a decent cindercoat/Magefist. Then swap out ice armor for a energy armor (pinpoint if survival isnt an issue, force armor for higher grifts and survivability issues). swap frost nova for Black Hole - spell steal.

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    posted a message on We need a new difficulty to farm

    i honestly wish torment level was forever scaling as well. but sadly that would just mean that GR55 clearing streamer is now farming torment 10 and getting 12 furnaces a week, and im sitting here with my none.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls.

    While i have not played console version, i have played PC from launch (taking breaks as most people have). Yes, the game was mediocre at launch. people had expectations it really couldn't fulfill. Yes, the original release is VERY linear.

    But seriously, since patch 2.0, this game has blown past all the original issues. Now, if you were to get in a time machine, and travel back to July of 2000 to play original Diablo 2, you would realize the game was at BEST mediocre and honestly had so many issues that it really didn't reach its stride until LOD came out summer of 2001 (depending on the class you played). now that was about a whole year of kinda boring, kinda crappy game-play.

    On the topic of rifts. they are possibly the best thing i have ever seen added to a game since battle.net.

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    posted a message on GR 50+ 4 player boss Instant kill

    I personally view this as more of a Gimmick than an Exploit.

    either way, the issue seems to be caught and fixed.

    Demon Hunter

    • Fixed an issue where Marked for Death (Grim Reaper) would spread the effect of Sever's on-kill affix (3/11
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    posted a message on Diablo is evolving into diablo
    Quote from Hans

    Diablo II Expansion did not really add that much to the core game. It just opened up a few more options such as runes and jewels and hireling enhancements. I believe most of those were in development when the original game was being made but decided to keep it for the expansion since it might not have been ready for the original game. The original Vanilla disk does contain quite a bit of assets that were used in the expansion.
    I strongly disagree. Vanilla Diablo 2 was subpar. it was quite dull until http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/beta/patchchanges.shtml patch 1.10 was when synergies were introduced and the game really took off.

    I feel like this expansion has breathed the same life into D3, but I don't think that was done by bringing the d2 aspects in. it was done by introducing new systems like %elemental damage.
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    posted a message on Horadric Caches Legendary Drop Rates
    doesn't torment level of the cache matter?
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    posted a message on 1.7b Exp/Hr 100% legit, not autoclickers etc
    I'm actually conflicted... as I was one of those people who wedged paper into "W" in morrowind/Oblivion with sneak on, walking into a wall for hoursand hours while I slept.

    But I also don't feel this game needs to be nerfed any further based off the abuses of the few who cant just play it normally.
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    posted a message on 1H Crusader viability
    funny how everyone leaves http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/sledge-of-athskeleng out of two handers.

    5 primary's and is quite acceptable (granted you are "stuck" with move speed or life on hit. but I don't mind either of those). granted after the %elemental works as intended on weapon damage it will likely perform below +holy/Lightning

    Edit: forgot my on topic portion...
    I have a pretty decent rolled http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/skycutter that I am keeping for when they fix the %elemental bug. going to try swapping heavenly strength for holy cause. should be getting a pretty good chunk of bonus then.
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