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    Looks awesome ^^ I've never been a big fan of the design on diabloprogress or d3ladder so to finally see one where its simple and has fast response its nice. Would be nice to see clan tag infront of player names btw specially for the 2-4man ranks its nice to see where the group is from.

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    http://www.zeroempathy.net/thread/149/patch-speedy-jade-survival-instinct - you may not have all the gear but the idea is the same either way.
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    Quote from CarlosGamez
    The reason he said Aughild's bracers is because he will be using chest to, set > Reapers Wraps + random chest.

    I think the guide is good but if is a biginners guide you should say what the abbreviations mean.

    Im not that new in the game and sometimes im like "WTF xpto means?". XD
    Yeah you're right - In the post itself I tried to only use the whole word like "Critical Hit Damage" instead of just "CD%" and so on. But if you come across something I forgot or just think there's something I should add then please post and ill add it to the post :) I will add the abbreviations to the stat section so maybe that will help alittle aswell.
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    Quote from Savi

    Hmm.. guess it's a good guide for beginner monks. The gearing section can be discussed :) I would for example never start off with farming for a RoRG at lvl 70.

    My tip is to do bounties when leveling from 1-70. As soon as you hit 70, spam rifts and you will get tons of blood shards and more legendarys than trying to get RoRG. Use your blood shards as clarsen wrote.

    Once you can do Torment 1, do Greater Rifts until you get Mirinae gem.

    Farm for RoRG only once you have 3 out 4 Sunwuko pieces.

    For gearing up and doing lower Torments, Reapers Wraps is also a great choice. The plan has 100% drop rate from Malthael even in Adventure Mode so it's super easy to craft it now.
    Yeah the difference between the two methods is really just dependent on how the person choose to level up (or get boosted). My POV was that if have a totally new level 70 monk without anything really then you cant start doing rifts and thus farming bounties becomes the best option, where you really dont have any reason to stop before getting RoRG due to the new drop rates and the amount of rift keys you will need. If you char is totally new and level 1 then spamming bounties and eventually getting the RoRG (say at lvl 63) then that also removes your reason to farm it again untill the step i mention saying "upgrade gear".

    I agree with Reapers Wraps but in the build I would use you dont really use spirit for anything but mantra every few sec and eventually you will need aughild's anyways so I would rather go for the end game piece right away instead and save those crafting mats for rerolling. It's all personal and up to the player ofcause, this is just my way of doing it.

    As for the guide.. I didn't know what to call it but really it's just a write-up for new commers so they don't have to waste time and effort learning everything from scratch. Here they can easily see where to begin, a build to use when leveling, how to gear up for the end game build, usuable end-game builds and incase they need it they can see what the important stats does. Very simple and I would hope it inspires other class players to do the same :)
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    It's written for those who want to start a monk - NOT for the veterans. I found myself in the situation when ever I picked up a new class that I didn't know where to begin, what specc to use, what to prioritise and so on. Its simply made as a "good to know before looking at end game build guides" guide.
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    Hello! I wanted to share my guide on the monk class so that all the new monks out there can get a better start. The guide covers everything that I think is important for starting a new class. To read the always updated and/or see my other guides and d3 tools please head over to l2d3.com.

    The monk is a master of support but with great strength in solo play as well. It can be played with multiple builds and fill out many different roles in a group. Once you are done reading this monk guide, you should know alittle about everything so that you are ready to play the monk class to its best in season 1 of diablo 3.


    Primary stats:

    Dexterity (Dex): Increases the base damage at a 1:1 ratio so having 1000 dexterity gives you 1000% increased damage. Dexterity also increases armor at a 1:1 ratio.
    Vitality (Vit): Increases your health pool by a 1:80 ratio so having 1000 vitality gives you 80000 health.


    Attack Speed (IAS): Increases the amount of times you hit per second.
    Critical Hit Chance (CC%): Increases your chance to land a critical hit. A critical hit is 200% of a normal hit but can also be increased further by critical hit damage.
    Critical Hit Damage (CD%): Increases the damage of your critical hits.
    Area Damage (AD%): 20% chance to also deal (Area Damage %) to nearby enemies.
    Cooldown Reduction (CDR%): Reduces the cooldown timer of your skills. With 50% cooldown reduction, a 60 sec cooldown would become a 30 sec cooldown.
    Elemental damage% (Ele%): Increases the damage of a specific element.
    Elite damage% (Elite%): Increases the damage towards elites and bosses.
    Skill damage (Skill%): Increases the damage of a specific skill. Do not mix this up with “increases by skills”.


    Armor: Reduces all damage taken by %.
    Block: Gives you a chance to block an amount of damage from each attack.
    Dodge: Gives you a chance to completely dodge an attack.
    All Resistance (AR): Reduces damage taken from each specific element.


    Life per Second (LPS): How much life you generate per second.
    Life per Hit (LPH): How much life you get per hit you make. Note that hitting 20 enemies still only counts as 1 hit.
    Life per Kill (LPK): How much life you get after the enemy is dead.
    Life per Spirit Spent (LPSS): How much life you generate per spirit spent. 100 life per spirit spent gives you 5000 health when you use Mantra (50 spirit).


    When leveling a monk you will want to use dual wield weapons with a socket so that you can add a ruby gem and thus increase the weapon damage. On armor you want to stack as much dexterity and vitality as possible as this is the stats that will help you the most at the lower levels.

    The build you should use is pretty simple and works for all scenarios:

    Skill Calculator

    You can swap things around as you like but these skills are all good no matter what stats you got.

    If you end up with high elemental damage then you should also swap skills around to work with that element. When leveling I personally like to get high lightning damage and 30%+ critical hit chance and then I use this build which can also be used for level 70 farming:

    Skill Calculator

    Gearing up:

    When gearing up for any build with any class you want to plan out how to go about it. I will demonstrate how to gear up a holy monk (build can be found below) the most efficient way in my opinion.

    First things first you need to farm rift keys before you can start doing rifts, farm bloodshards and gamble for items at Kadala. You need to get Ring of Royal Grandeur which can be found in an act 1 bounty bag so to increase your chance of getting RoRG quickly you should be repeating act 1 over and over (preferably in a 4 man group).

    When you have the ring and a good stack of rift keys you can start farming normal rifts. Besides the legendaries that drop randomly you will also be getting Bloodshards which you can use at the vendor called Kadala in exchange for gear. Your first priority is to get you set items so gamble for Sunwuko's gloves, shoulder and helm first.

    As you farm rifts and bounties you will stack up some crafting materials and with these you should craft Aughild's bracers and chest as soon as possible and if you haven't found a decent belt you can craft a Fleeting Strap.

    When you got 3 set pieces of the Sunwuko’s set you can start gambling for legs. You want to get a pair of Depth Diggers and next up you should gamble for a pair of Ice Climbers boots.

    At this point you want to try and optimise some pieces for better stats like good secondary resists and high dex / vit rolls.

    Now that you are almost done with the gear you want to start gambling for a Flying Dragon. This weapon makes the difference and is extremely important to the build but again settle with the first one you get and after that gamble for Unity ring if you haven't found any yet. Now your gear is pretty much done and all you need is a Sunwuko's Shines (amulet), Eye of Peshkov (helm) and The Witching Hour (belt) so gamble for these (in order). Once you have all the gear pieces you just need to upgrade your weakest slot and keep on doing so until you got near perfect gear.


    • Farm act 1 bounties for Ring of Royal Grandeur
    • Craft Aughild's bracers and chest
    • Gamble for Sunwuko gloves, shoulders and helm
    • Gamble for Depth Diggers -> Ice Climbers
    • Optimize gear pieces
    • Gamble for Flying Dragon -> Unity
    • Gamble for Sunwuko's amulet -> Eye of Peshkov -> The Witching Hour

    Upgrading Legendary Gems:

    Upgrading your legendary gems can be done pretty fast and the difference it makes is too good to ignore. Pretending that you start at rank 0 and want to get rank 25 in semi good gear you should do the following greater rifts:

    Grift level:

    • 13 (solo trial 16)
    • 16 (solo trial 19)
    • 19 (solo trial 22)
    • 22 (solo trial 25)
    • 25 (solo trial 28)
    • 25 (solo trial 28)
    • 25 (solo trial 28)
    • 25 (solo trial 28)
    • 25 (solo trial 28)

    Monk tips:

    Force stand still (Shift): Get used to using this a lot. It will make you land more hits and for example when on a boss and you use Dashing Strike to move out of the way, your Dash will be more reliable and also it won't make you “untarget” the boss.

    Toughness: You get armor from dexterity so reaching 80% reduction should come easily. In order to get high all resist you can try and get secondary resistances on your gear. Using the Harmony passive will take 40% of each secondary resist and make it all resist (200 fire res gives you 80 all resist). This way you can achieve 800+ all resist rather easily.

    Speed farming: Using Dashing Strike | Way of the Fallen star and Mantra of Conviction | Annihilation gives you insane movement speed alone. Combine that with Epiphany | Any rune to give you even more dashes.


    Quin69’s Holy Monk

    Item dependence:

    A damage oriented build that works great in both solo and group play.

    The most reliable, fast and easy end game build for monks right now. This build basically have you spamming mantra and sweeping wind in order to spawn decoys that deal millions of damage.

    Dashing Lightning Monk

    Item dependence:

    Movement and positioning is key with this build. Works in both solo and group.

    A speed build that changes the way you play a monk. Deals a lot of damage but takes some getting used to. The build shines at lower torment where you can 1 shot monsters and thus keep up the insane speed.

    Lightning Monk

    Item dependence:

    Facetanking, High damage and a lot of procs. Works in both solo and group.

    The build focuses on throwing a lot of punches to proc your cyclones and weapon affixes. There are so many variations to this build and it can be used with close to no gear as well as with very specific items to truly make it shine. Great beginner monk build.

    Freezing Cold Monk

    Item dependence:

    Frozen monsters doesn't hurt and this build takes advantage of that. Used in both solo and group.

    Even though this build is dependant on 1 single item in the game it still deserves a spot. You will be pulling monsters in while at the same time freeze them so that you can proc your 10000% weapon damage on them. If you are lucky enough to find Rimeheart then you should definitely try out this build.

    Quin69’s Support Monk

    Item dependence:

    Full support monk with almost total invulnerability but at the cost of all your damage. Only for group play!

    This guy knows his monk and again he has come up with a great monk build. This build is a very popular choice when it comes to running Greater Rifts at 35+ in a party. You will be the one gathering up packs of monsters while your party kills them off. Besides that you will also be buffing your groups damage with more than 100% to make up for the low damage you deal on your own.

    Useful Links:

    Guides, stats and discussions:

    Some recommended monk streams:


    Thanks for reading and hope you found something useful in here. Be sure to check out all my guides, posts and tools at l2d3.com. This whole guide is based on personal experience and research. If you know of something better or more optimised than what I have posted then please share in the comment section.
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    Now I dont have any problem "spamming" my keys so doing it without any macro's.

    Before when I didn't have flying dragon and I was using innas set, I had to hit my mantra pretty hard to spend all that spirit so I bound my mouse 5 key (side og mouse) to mantra aswell as my standard 4 key on the keyboard. Helped me half my spam and safe my hand!

    Without innas I simply have sweeping on mouse 2 and I dont find a need to "SPAM" my keys anymore. Also mantra have a 70-75ms delay so it actually dosent help to spam it.

    span>Just bound breath and mantra on the same key on my Nostromo, no auto hotkey nothing.
    ^ good idea
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    It depends on what class and spec you run.. People who skip does that because it takes them too long to kill compared to the time they spend "inactive". You need to run a lot of runs a keep track of what works for you in regards to what monsters you kill and what you skip, if you can skip any at all.

    Look at Grifts as a boss you need to defeat. It may take you several attempts so have a few keys ready for the same level so that you dont have to restart from scratch every time. Accept that some Grifts just sucks in terms of monster density, type and elite affixes - skip (leave game) and try again.

    You want to find your own playstyle and not copy that one guy on youtube. Kiting may work for him but not for you so yeah.. learn what works for you and also dont feel like you have to use those exact skills that some guide tells you to use. Dunno what class you play but monks typicly use agility mantra because nr 1 on leaderboard does that when time of need may be more fitting to what you need and so on.

    Hope it makes sense and GL :)
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    Lightning monk is by far easier getting started with and they also scale insanely well with gear. I also use a lightning monk due to the same reasons as you and when looking at the GR Leaderboards you would think the 2 hand holy build is the only way to go if you wan't to compete but don't you worry! I easily solo T4 at the moment and there is still a lot of missing pieces in my gear. Once you get Odyn's + SoH > TF with some decent rolls plus semi-good armor and jewels then T6 will become a breaze.

    My hero: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nesslow-2668/hero/47307639

    I am writing guides, tips and tricks and about my season progress on l2d3.com - Once i've written about my lightning build and gear I will let you know!
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    Hey guys!

    I see a lot of threads asking for a dmg calc so wanted to share mine: http://l2d3.com/calculator/

    You can easily play around with stats to see what is most efficient to reroll and so on. You can also find a list of legendary items (not updated fully) but all the bounty and most torment only legs are there. I hope you find it useful and any ideas towards improving it are welcome :)

    Enjoy season 1 !
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    Updated with a new build variation that you should try out.



    Mirror Image (Dublicates):They will cast the skills that you are using, giving you a lot more frost nova spam.
    Frost Nova (Shatter):When an enemy dies that is still frosted or chilled, it will cast another frost nova. Can result in an almost endless chain reaction.

    This build is extremely good if you are alittle squishy or playing in a group on higher torments. Even on low torment it is very fun to use and you should atleast give it a try. Combining the build with a Winterflurry also helps but is in no way a must.

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    Had some time to work on the new calculator and a lot of progress have been made but still far to go.. The main idea is to make it so that you type in your battletag and it will import the stats. I can't go into too much detail just yet but I will try and keep you updated on the process.

    I might release a bit of it first and then add to it over time but we'll see.. Hope you guys enjoy the current calculator and i'm happy to see the amount of people who use it! that just makes me more motivated to get the new version released.

    Happy hunting!
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    Quote from Foil_Vampire

    Here is my build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Harry-6850/hero/36130192

    Any suggestions welcome. I'm trying to find a better belt and reenchant my zodiac to crit damage. Reason for missle damage on pants at the moment is because I use glacial spike as my main in torment 2+ , its pretty brutal with mirror ball
    There's nothing wrong with getting magic missile% or attack speed for this build for as long as you can survive. You should reroll your obsidian ring to CD% instead of atk speed. Attack speed on gloves to vitality and vitality on orb to Arcane Orb damage. Try and get a belt with more toughness aswell. You can craft one with atk speed affix or try and gamble for a witching hour. These changes should be made at once tho so you don't gimp yourself but once done you should be able to farm T3 rather easily.

    Passives: Prodigy, cold blooded, astral presence, glass canon. Just try it out for a few runs and see how it goes.

    I also suggest you use black hole: absolute zero instead of archon. Much more control and much more overall damage.
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    Quote from lechium06

    Hi, great calculator, but manually inputting all those numbers seemed kind of annoying, so I wrote a simple Tampermonkey userscript that loads all necessary data from the D3 API.

    For those who know what to do with it, you can test it out here:http://pastebin.com/VKqkZ5qg

    @clarsen90have you considered implementing something like this in your calc? After all, the API supports JSONP..
    Yes I am currently working on it but I got so much stuff going on that I havnt had the time. Before the version you seen now it wasn't really nessasary to have it but now that it's evolving it's starting to look like a good idea (:

    I made the input that takes your btag and gets the API page but then I were hit by "IRL" work.. If anyone would care to help getting it done, it would be awesome! but let me know by PM as I will do it later anyways.

    Thanks for the link Zakaru aswell ^^ should help some people out idd.

    Oh and note to people from US. You must go to line 29 and changehttp://eu.battle.net/api/d3/ to http://us.....
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