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    Sooo, I see that right. You are upset because of a design choice from over a Year ago? (At least that guy in the Video, and the way he Complains is utter Bullshit in my Opinion, "Uh, I cant choose my Rune based on Damage Output, I have to choose on Elemental Damage and/or Auxillery Effect")

    Because your theorycrafting was based on wrong numbers?

    I understand its frustrating if you dont know the workings/what affects what. Thats my main issue with D3 also, because you cant really grasp minor Changes. (No Logging of Damage/second and stuff)

    But, honestly? The reason for that design Choice sounds allright. There wouldn´t be any more "real" choice with the additional Damage beeing dealt.

    The difference is, you now dont slect per Damage, rather per auxilary Effect.

    Or the Elemental Damage you whish to do.

    Also, if you are that much about min and maxing. The "Choice" is always an Illusion. Because there is always a Single best thing to do. #

    But to be Honest. I would love to not always feel like I have to trade of Tons of Damage for an Awesome Auxillery Effect.

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    Well, to be fair. I have also downloaded the Patch in the EU already. Its not hard, you just need to switch to US and hit Update. But you cant play on EU side then.

    We get the Patch probably tomorrow :/

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    You should also fair enough to see that people are hype about different things. I think the Necromancer could be Amazing.

    I dont like the Setting of the WitchDoctor for example, but I would like a Pet Class.

    Also, I really Really love the Idea behind the Anniversary Event.

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