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    posted a message on how is blizz planning to face inferno diff in the future
    I believe they will do something similar to the refurbished old raids and dungeons in wow. They will grant those who finished the lvl 60 inferno feats; achievements labeled labeled lvl 60 and make new achievements for the refurbished lvl 70 inferno.

    The items acquired from the previous version will probably help the leveling progress and new improved versions of the gear will drop in new inferno.
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    posted a message on Guild Name & Motto survey
    Since it seems like silver is the symbol of this group and the symbol/meaning that drives everything too I accepted theese:
    1.Wolfs---We only live for Silver
    2.Band of The Hawk (BOTH)
    3.Silver Crusaders Of Religous Notary: (SCORN) or maybe Crusaders Of Religous Notary (CORN)
    4.The Silver Legion (TSL)
    5.Silver Inferno Crusading Knights (SICK)

    1."Gold Sux, Silver owns."
    2."I see dead people."
    3."Surrender or die... forget the surrender."
    4.'In the name of god the impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation amen'
    5."Aquiris quodcumque rapis - You aquire what you reap (or take by force)" (Riddick's chronicles anyone?)
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    posted a message on which is the best comp game
    Black & White 2 rocks!
    the heroes series
    Battlefield 2 and special forces
    Diablo 2 LoD
    red alert series and C&C Generals
    best games ever
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    posted a message on Silversurfnstudism (old )
    aren't you taking this "Silversurfnstud" thingy a bit too far?
    i aprecciate your creativity of making peeps follow rules, but what about them others?
    arent other members as much worth as Silversurfnstud?
    (no offense silver) just to make a point you know...
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    posted a message on Favorite scaaarrryyy! movies ever!
    the colorfull aliens with T vs on their bellys, they always smile... i cant bare it anymore arrgghh...

    seriously jeepers creepers are just hillarious :P

    anyway somebody seen "Below"?
    that one is creepy...
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    posted a message on Introduction forum
    well, hey ya peep's, I'm new here as you see, so feel free to welcome me...
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    posted a message on New Char Ideas Quik
    That would just ruin the epic feeling, it would be another of those shoot em up games... that would be really boring... shoot 'em up mixed with "the sims" lol
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