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    posted a message on Showcased Build - Ultra tanky, high effective damage, cold and dots. Fast & safe T4 farm, easy T5, do-able T6.
    Just leveled up two WD's over the weekend (multibox) - and actually had quite a few +cold pieces sitting around on my main account from my very brief frozen orb days - glad I kept them! Profile link for "main" account here:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bmf-1293/hero/887659

    Have looked into WD's and saw the pet builds as very popular, but have played w/ some guildies running the spec - and while it does kill things very fast - not the spec for me. DOT's bring back good memories of my affliction lock and shadow priest :).

    Tried this build out - slightly modified (although to be modified again after reading through this thread) and all I can say is that I love it! If only rifts this weekend actually dropped something (so much crap loot....nothing useful - QQQQ but I digress).

    Definitely want to replace my pants, leoric's ring (although I have a nice RoRG on my wiz I could use), gloves, chest, and shoulders. Should be noted my boots I use are on my wiz atm (swap em between the toons - ice climbers). Been trying to get a Quetz helm too, but kadala is a stingy sob (~2,000 shards and like 3 helms total - none being voodoo mask variety). Going to be working in Aughild's set (likely chest/shoulders), and unsure which pants I want to use (may just use the Pox from my wiz).

    Can't get a link to my multibox profile atm, but gear level is a bit lower - but still quite decent.

    For some reason I didn't realize Haunt and Locust Swarm last as long as they do - so I have been ruining some nice snapshot damage from my DOT's - which will make this build all the more fun/efficient. Only been rifting on T3, but definitely plan to step up to T4/T5 within a few days if not sooner. Definitely going to swap out the voodoo - just dislike fears, but can't argue with the huge toughness gains from it. Overall - thanks for the spec - it is quite awesome! Definitely a good break from my Wand of Woh wiz (aka wand of carpal tunnel). Cheers!
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    So arcane got booted out the window....got a Wand of Woh yesterday. Needless to say its back to the ole Mirrorball for mah fire spec. If you enjoy fire - you will love, love, love Wand of Woh. I love arcane, had 4 set Vyr + Shrine gloves....but so long as WoW stays at it is...zero plans of going back.

    Be warned though - should be called "Wand of Carpal Tunnel".....

    Profile should show gear/spec, but basically running:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bmf-1293/hero/887659

    LMB: Magic Missle - Conflag
    RMB: Black Hole - Event Horizon
    1: Teleport - Calamity
    2: Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
    3: Energy Armor - Prismatic Armor
    4: Explosive Blast - Chain Reaction

    Currently been running around just basically teleporting at will, spamming the hell out of EB and then casting MM - Conflag. On Torment 3 - pretty much just letting EB kill trash mobs, casting Black Hole + EB on clumped elites, and filling with MM Conflag as needed. Things utterly melt, and I still need to get EB damage on the OH + Shoulders. The damn Andy's helm ate my entire stockpile of 50 shards to roll an effing socket. Was at like 5 mil per reforge when I finally got one.....(oh and 6k+ shards spent to get one w/ crit and/or socket instead to replace...no dice...f u Kadala).

    Gonna run some T4+ today to test. <3 mirrorball (but really <3 WoW!!!)
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    posted a message on Gold.. the cause of and answer to all of D3's problems!
    Anyone know if gold trade is possible at all between two accounts I own? One is used by me - other is used by my son. Started his account up recently, but he is broke as hell. If it matters - different e-mail addresses for each account (think this is mandatory?)
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    posted a message on [Build] Mirrorball/Archon Fire Wizard *Updated for 2.0.5*
    Quote from Kamswow
    Quote from KrAzyKrAsz

    Kamswow can I ask how many tries it took you to getMirrorball from gambling? I already spent 1500 anddidn'tget any leg source. Is it much much more that Ihave to spend ??
    I got pretty lucky with it. Decent Mirrorball and not too many shards. This Cindercoat on the otherhand...

    Thanks BMF! Hes got some crazy archon gear that I want!
    Still want to get the Vyr Gloves so I can use my Iceclimbers and be an unstoppable killing machine :(. Damn you RNG!

    Links to mah profile if anyone is interested (and Kams not ninjaring your thread...I swear!): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bmf-1293/hero/887659
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    posted a message on [Build] Mirrorball/Archon Fire Wizard *Updated for 2.0.5*
    Good thing you don't have ole one ball like Trogi.....Hooray front page. Warning.... late night stream may contain random chats about Past's many hates.

    If people do catch the stream and see the arcane wizard teleporting around like a madman dropping meteors like it is going out of style....that would be me :). At work so cannot link profile atm, but Kams is a good dude - check out his stream!
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