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    I decided to check up on Diablo's trademark, and I noticed something I new.
    It seems the trademark was "Published for opposition in early 2007, February 13th to be exact.

    This means that any competition to the name Diablo now has a chance to oppose the trademark for whatever reason.

    WOW was released a year after the name was published for opposition, but that doesn't seem to be the case for Diablo 3.

    If there is no successful opposition it will become an official registered trademark and finally ready to be put for sale.

    For a refresher, this trademark includes rights for a movie title: "ENTERTAINMENT IN THE NATURE OF AN ONGOING TELEVISION PROGRAM IN THE FIELD OF CHARACTERS AND PLOTS BASED ON A VIDEO GAME; AND PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION OF MOTION PICTURES"; BUT it doesn't look like it will be titled "DIABLO II: SALVATION" as that trademark is now DEAD.

    Read: DEAD, like Starcraft: Ghost! LOL (yes, that is officially dead Abandonment Date December 4, 2005)

    I would also like to confirm Blizzard's plans on producing in-game communication software. Perhaps you head of this, but Battlechat - "Virtual network telecommunications services, namely, providing an interface for the electronic transmission of messages and data including voice, text, and message transmission" was filed at the USPTO on January 11, 2008
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    Here is the source: http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=16626

    Amd this is their source (lol): http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html;jsessionid=BC8F0682596A98B2FE1E8A8EA381AC0D?topicId=3168513730&sid=1&pageNo=1


    Edit: Well... calling it Diablo 3 is speculation because of the focus on the term 'unannounced title.'

    For conversation's sake, what is a "Title" anyway?
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    This is not a shameless plug for Tabula Rasa, but I did buy myself a subscription and was playing it the other day when I heard another user complaining about the fact that Gods and Heroes was postponed and that it would have been a MMO.

    Seconds later, many other users were following up with that player and it seemed as if Gods and Heroes was quite a big deal in the MMO community.

    I know you all do not respect it as much as they do, but it does seem to be more of a Diablo style release than Hellgate: London.

    If and when I find confirmation (or if any of you do) I will be sure to post it soon.
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    Proof that Blizzard keeps secrets

    I know it is starcraft, but reguardless... there is no way they start a game from scratch and complete it within two years.

    Not looking good for the '07 projection of D3 thou.

    Update! Here's a link to the original source article which DOES mention another Diablo 3 sequel as well. While it's still looking like D3 won't come out this year, this is a nice sign that they're not done with the series by any means.
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    MMORPG Debate

    Quote from "Kotaku »
    Which is good news for those of us who think that [I]Starcraft[/I] should stay an RTS and [I]Diablo 3[/I'] couldn't make the MMOG jump without a serious degradation of the simple frenetic clicky-click mayhem that makes it such a delight.
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