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    Good points, guys. Great discussion.

    To add a bit:

    • Progress orbs should indeed be removed. Killing an elite pack should be progress in itself.
    • Yellow packs should be viewed as something welcome, not something to be skipped. I've read on arguments stating that "yellows are inefficient, so just skip or bring them along".
    • Map generation, while including some degree of randomness, should not be counter-intuitive. A player should know where the exit (or exits--the multiple exit idea is pretty sweet) is.
    • Simple number bumping creates bigger problems down the line. As RG HP numbers increase, the amount of time needed to kill it evidently increases. However, the time limit does not. As the amount of time needed to kill the RG increases, the player is left with less time to accumulate progress. Sometimes, getting the RG to spawn with 2 minutes to spare isnt even enough to ensure a GR clear, especially at the higher GRs.
    • In connection to the previous point, the decreasing amount of time needed to achieve 100% progress/GR spawn (as GR levels increase) becomes increasingly influenced by the supposed "random" factors of designated map, mob type and density. In a theoretical situation wherein a player has reached a point wherein he will take 5 minutes to kill the RG, then he should hit the random jackpot to ensure that GR spawn is achieved in 10 minutes or less.
    • On a side note, the scaling of mob HP in the GRs is ridiculous in its own right. When did a mob with 1.5B HP become something to consider as an "inefficient" target? That alone shows that player DPS and stats will plateau far earlier than GR mob HPs. It will reach a point wherein it becomes theoretically impossible to clear a GR.
    • The trial system is terribly flawed. A player should be able to consistently get the same level rift keystone (or give or take a level) if he were to perform trials in succession; however, the swing ranges from two levels below to two levels higher.
    • The trial system can be somehow "fixed" by creating a resource sink wherein a player can spend resources to "craft" a keystone corresponding to a set range of values, with the costs increasing as the keystone level also increases. It can be a better alternative to repeatedly doing trials.
    • On the topic of allowable GR ranges, a "+1" to the highest completed GR is an acceptable upper limit, because that is, evidently, the next challenge that the solo player is to clear. GR level 1 is evidently the lowest limit that should be in place.
    • For parties, the average (rounded down) of corresponding party size is a good way to deal with the spread. Averaging can deal with instances with values relatively close to each other. However, there are issues with outliers, such as when a player has not participated in a party of a particular size. For example, a good player may have cleared GR 40 solo but has not played in 3 player GRs--but his party members have cleared 35 each--would a GR of 23 be acceptable?
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    Here's something that I hope makes sense.

    My first set of ideas comes from mechanics already in the game.

    • A set of gems that allow your character to gain two randomly paired elite affixes (except molten maybe since Fire Walkers already exist and you have to die to really maximize it). So, we could have a gem that reads "Chance on hit to summon arcane sentries and desecration puddles that deals 80% weapon damage. You cannot have more than three of each at any time." You could have thunderstorm + plagued or poison enchanted + frozen. Just returning a little love back to elite packs.
    • Keeping in with that theme, the legendary combination gem would randomly form fire chains with players who have the legendary gem equipped as well. It doesnt have to be exactly the same combination, of course.
    • Also, making the "shielding" affix accessible to players. It may read "Chance on hit to be randomly surrounded by a shield that makes you invulnerable for 5 seconds. This effect cannot be triggered more than once every 45 seconds."

    Here are some other ideas:

    • It can also be whimsical. "Shrines summon a pack of goblins. Opening a chest releases a pack of goblins. Destroying a wreckable object has a chance to spawn a goblin."
    • It can be sort of a death wish. "Shrines summon a stronger version of act bosses." So why use Nemesis Bracers?
    • It can be some form of protection. "Upon receiving fatal damage, you immediately cast town portal and revive in town. This effect can only be used once every 5 minutes." or "The cooldown of potions and consumables is reduced by 75%". I'm sure our HC players would like some additional protection.
    • It may provide additional class-specific damage. "Activating Wrath of the Berserker also causes your Ancients to activate Wrath of the Berserker" or "You may have one additional Gargantuan. All your Gargantuans are always enraged." or "Activating Archon summons 4 Mirror Images that are also in Archon mode and deal 60% of your weapon damage."
    • It may create hordes. "You now summon three additional Ancients" or "The number of Sentries is doubled, and you place two Sentries instead of one" or "The number of Fetishes you can have is increased by 50%." or "You may have one additional Mystic Ally. Mystic Ally gains the effect of all runes." or "All your followers fight by your side (Perma-Asheara effect probably).
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    @Blayreau: Oh, so thats why. Cool, didnt know that. Thanks for sharing.
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    Current build is:

    • Electrocute: Surge of Power
    • Arcane Torrent: Cascade
    • Archon: Improved Archon
    • Familiar: Icicle
    • Magic Weapon: Ignite
    • Energy Armor: Prismatic Armor
    • Blur
    • Elemental Exposure
    • Temporal Flux
    • Unwavering Will

    95% of the time, I play solo.

    I picked up a Shard of Hate that I run along with this build, which helps when I have to use Electrocute. The proc on the Shard for charged bolt comes in handy. I havent seen the Familiar proc Freezing Skull though.

    I use a Trag'oul Coils with 55 second cooldown reduction, which comes in handy for getting Archon back up especially when trying out bosses who have healing wells nearby (I'm looking at you, Adria). Might just change the rune to Pure Power just to maximize the reset.

    I have four pieces (helm, chest, amulet and source), but I decided to go with a Ring of Royal Grandeur so that I could swap out the Tal Rasha source for a 10/7/9 Triumvirate.

    Now, I have a couple of questions, hopefully I get them answered.

    1. Does "+XX% to elemental damage" buff the meteor of that element? If so, then can we assume that the 2 piece bonus (or Triumvirate or bonuses from other equipment) stack as well? I'm second-guessing my decision to go with a different source, but it would be nice to get some advice on the matter.

    2. As mentioned earlier, I run with a Shard of Hate, would a cold armor (or cold black hole) proc its effect? Would it also work for lightning armors (or lightning black holes)? The only effects I see on my screen are Charged Bolt for my Electrocute.

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    Quote from Seifa

    I'm a big fan of legendaries affixes that changes the behaviour of skills, like the Instant Bolas quiver or the Buriza and i hope they will make Legendary gems that way....
    Personally, thats how I hope they would progress with "Legendary Gems".

    The quickest and simplest way is not to introduce another socket "type" or "something to kept in inventory", but another type of socketable item.

    While it may be desirable just to stack DPS, obtaining materials that "when combined with an existing gem, provide some additional legendary-type(s) of effect" could be potentially game-changing.

    For example, "Chance to cast frost nova on hit or point of impact" would be quite interesting for weapon-type gems. Or something like the effect of Fulminator, but on a bow.

    Introducing a plethora of these "combine with gem to get effect" types of things would be far better than searching for specific types of gems, because sooner or later you will have bits and pieces of things that you found (like making do with what you have). Should it become a "specific item" hunt, then definitely RNG is going to castrate some people (myself included--I havent picked up anything good in two weeks).
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    Well, this is my best item and it took me a long time to actually fix, but hopefully it makes the grade.

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