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    posted a message on Φ Log in problems...
    ok before something happens to me and i am unable to log back in, heres my story.... i have ben having the same issue for months now... i have just used a proxy and i was able to log in. your stories have been identical to mine. i would log in get the message and it would redirect me, but nothing would have actually happened. for those of you with this problem and know for a fact its not your anivirus and such try a proxy.

    if you cant log in check your;
    -Username is correct
    -password is correct

    and make sure you fill in the tick box for remembering you.

    and if that doesnt work try changing your computer's IP address, or try a proxy.
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    posted a message on while we wait for D3 why dont we give this a try.
    yes you have to subscribe, but this is going to put WoW out of bussiness and what is blizz going to do next? perhaps D3 or something else. trust me once you reach level 60 you reallize how boring WoW is. i have 3. then again this was just an idea.
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    posted a message on while we wait for D3 why dont we give this a try.
    There is a new MMORPG coming out called Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

    this, being the next generation of MMO, over time will conquer WoW and EQ and SB. thsi is going to be the next best thing in the genre, so i propose playing on there and getting used to our fellow servants of silver (SICK).... see how we play and such..... until blizz releases D3.... the game is very guild oriented and will be a great way to unite our guild... to see whos serious and whos not... vistit http://www.vanguardsoh.com to get more details about the game. let me know if you like the idea.

    Open beta testing is released on the 15 of january of this year i do believe, and you have to ge ta preorder to play... i already have my copy....

    remember that this will be a way to pass the time WHILE we WAIT fo D3. give me your thoughts my fellow brethren.
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    posted a message on Xfire accounts
    i am indeed glad to hear that Elfen has heard my cry for a way to spread our gospel throughout the land. If you wish to add me i am under my alias MadaEel. I hope to see my brethren in the future.
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    posted a message on The doctrine of the Order of the Silver Inferno Crusading Knights
    My name to you is Opus Dei the head Zealot and a member of the Executive Counsel (and to be Adressed as such),to evil i am Deacon, to the enemies of SICK as the Silencer, and to those who have heard of my deeds only know me as Croatoan, due to the word i left behind carved in a tree when i massacred the whole village of Rhonke (yes this is a true american history look up croatoan on google) and removed all traces of them ever being there for they performed such deeds of evil. i am not of Adam and Eve nor any other race to ever walk the earth but rather one to which i know not myself. there is only one who knows my true name and i have sworn a life bond to him and to him alone. since then i have gone into deep study of the word of God and that of thoose of my earth master. i have long since then, over 500 years, been the keeper of the scrolls and head zealot i am paladin, priest, cleric. that is all you need to know unless i deem it otherwise
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    posted a message on Real Life Skills
    I would choose the Pally's skill of conversion. Just smack someone and all of a sudden they'll fight the forces evil.
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    posted a message on Silversurfnstudism (old )
    Apostole Silver i have returned from my sabatical, but while on my sabatical i had a prophetic vision.

    this vision showed me that there was a lone man whose name was obscured but he guild name shown above all, and it read SICK. at the time this mde no sense to me. another man appeared with the same guild name, and he bowed before the first man, showing servitude. then a four other men emerged from the shadows i recognized one of them to be myself, and we also bowed before the two men. All of a sudden a great light revealed a huge army bowing before these 6 men. As this army bowed they recieved the name SICK.

    alll of a suden the ground started to shake and ripped open. then another army from the depths of hell emerged i read 5 differant guild names amongtheir ranks.their numbers far out numbered ours. yet as i looked upon our army i saw no fear, but saw smiles as if they were expecting this horde of evil.
    There was and epic battle and we emerged victorious with few casualties, whom wich were being raised by a man in a robe wich was i. Cast upon the ground was the other armies, completely ahnililated. As the army of SICK looked around they all turned and faced that first man. the first man had in his hands the heads of the 5 armies. All the men cheered and saluted this man, and among the army the second man took his spot to the right of the first man, and then me and the other four men took our spots in front of these men on lower ground.

    you see silver the name SICK had no meanning to me until i returned and found our decison of a guild name.

    Siver, you were that first man, and our guild was mightier than that of 5 of hell's most powerful.

    Elfen you were the second man, second only to our Apostole Silver.

    four men along with I were next; Kingpin, Maestro, Darkjay,and ThatDude. as your council.
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    posted a message on Sexy Info
    That day will be he most glorious of days!
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    posted a message on D3.com D2/D3 Guild Sign up Sheet
    I have returned from my sabatical and will most graciously sit upon your council my Apostole Silver, and my comander Elfen.

    In adition i will accept the role of healer when the game does come out.
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    posted a message on The real reason behind school.
    small town teachers just must hate us, i too come from a small twon
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    posted a message on The real reason behind school.
    yup another bumper sticker quote somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot.
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    posted a message on The real reason behind school.
    me i am a Very bright kid, but because of this i am put in harder classes and i am graded harder in the normal classes. Now heres the hypocarcy of it. i have a lower GPA than Mr. Donny Do Nuttin'. also on my rport cards my teachers always put "not living up to full potential" how the heck they Know my potential ,maybe this is it!. Oh then the teachers also grade easier on girls, because they have two extra talents then men (o) (o). i witnessed it today. girl knelt down with a low cut shirt and the teacher sat there and changed her grades jsut because she ask, and because he had a good view.
    if you think you are dumb and had it bad in school try being smart!

    then on the issue on being in sports... i am a Varsity wrestler and i just got 4 in regionals as a sophmore and my coach thinks i can get to state next year. so what does he do he now puches me harder than the rest of the guys on the team and well does it make me better, probably, but it makes me look i get punished by him. oh also if i do a move wrong guess who gets singled out.

    on the topic of popularity its all a matter of how active you are in school, because the more active you are the more you are seen, and the more you are seen the more you are seen the more you are known, and you get picked in the first place because the teachers like you.

    to have a good time in high school you have to become a suck up, kiss well because of my christian ethics i wont finish that.

    also they think that learning from books is a good thing, but then agian it has been said many times before in our history you learn better by experiences, i agree that we shold all have to learn to read and write well, but he rest is useless, i also highly agree with the times of old where you became a apprientace as a 15 yr old and you learn from someone who knows and lives by what he does every day, what better way to get a job?

    but insted we are taugth oh, if you dont like your job you can ge ta new one, but this also brings the BS of college diplomas. SMART PEOPLE are idiots, and a college degrees are a joke!.my cousin has a diploma in Tech. but he got a job as a highly paid supervisor......in a construction company, and he has no experiance in this field and he is in charge of people how have been there all their lives!

    i read a bumper sticker another day and it read.... "at least the war on the middle class is going well."

    its becoming an american tradition to have the stupid people in charge like perz Bush. its either your are a master or slave and the only differance "intelligence omitted" is a little piece of paper!

    ~become a monk, live for god and be happy~
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    posted a message on Diablo Quiz, Test Your knowledge

    Diablo II
    1. What is the name of the Rogue who stands in the entrance to the Cold Plains? Flavie
    2. What happened to the Sorcerer and Rogue from Diablo? Tal Rasha and Blood Raven....AKA Evil took over them
    3. The Countess once bathed in the blood of how many virgins? 13?
    4. Wirt’s body has all that gold for what reason? hes a greedy little sinner!
    5. What is the name of the narrator in the movies? that one dude.
    6. Who is Jehred Cain? Deckard Cains EVIL TWIN!!!
    7. What did Lycander call Horazon’s Journal? pretty interesting... he liked the pictures
    8. What was Natalya’s Task in act 3? to recieve christ
    9. How many Council member are there? 666
    10. True or Flase, Jamella and Halbu can be talked to about quests? False
    11. What is the name of Izual’s Weapon, and what weapon type is it? Axe
    12. Who hand is seen destroying the soulstones in the last movie? Tyreal

    Diablo II: LOD
    1. What is the name of the unique monster that was removed from the game? ........
    2. Some of the classes had some of their skills altered in the expansion which class did not? Amazon?
    3. Is the Barbarian’s skill whirlwind more powerful in the original or in the expansion? Original
    4. What was the minimum number of barbarians were you required to save? 10
    5. What was the name of the person you had to rescue in act 5, and what was the name of the unique monster guarding them? that one girl and the YETI
    6. What were the names of the levels inside Nihlathak’s temple? Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3...
    7. What do Evil Urns do? explode
    8. How can you tell which is the correct baal? watch what one the other people online attack
    9. How many waves of minions did Baal send at you in the throne of destruction? 13
    10. True or False, The barbarian ancients must all be defeated in one go without going back to town or the reset? true
    11. Why did Tyrael destroy the worldstone? yes...
    12. True or False, In act 5 it is possible to fight enemies from previous acts? true

    sorry guys i havent played forever and i never have played D1
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    posted a message on The Picture Thread
    yeah man we are all beastly that is why we play diablo, and apostle silver is the strongest out of all of us because well you know.
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    posted a message on Would you like Diablo 3 to be in 3D like the recent Warcraft games?
    yes that sounds just about right
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