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    posted a message on Wand of Woh Fire or Fire?
    Here is a video for the build doing a rift forward on T5. Remember that my gear is not fully optimized for the build yet, due to lack of gold and crystal. And missing some item that would make life easyer. + better craft and rolls.

    When I maded this video, I have not played with the combination for long, but right away, I knew it was my bidding. The mobility, synergy and end game play is good.

    Fire is fine, but Arcane + teleport gives stronger mobility = faster clear. (On same level of gear and paragon)

    (Video FULD HD) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0Kny5SbZBw

    Vs Elites/Afflix:
    Archers + arcane beams at 1+ (after gobling)
    Molten 2.25
    Ghost + Orbiter 3.00
    Mallet Lords at 7.02
    Waller at 15.15
    Rift boss Man Carver at 18.10+

    I Sometimes stream on:
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    posted a message on Wand of Woh Fire or Fire?
    After playing around the whole day, I found that Fuld melee arcane is my bidding. After reading around and finding inspiration I choice these option:
    + Good mobility
    + Good Synergy
    + Strong end game dps
    - Very low drop rolls on items
    - Very gear depending
    - Not the best range dealer
    Probably more pro and cons just want to mention some:
    Doing T5, will do T6 when my item are optimal.
    (Just using build recently, so gear and item rolls not optimal, am piss poor no gold, so would take awhile)
    Profile and Build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Horazon-2576/hero/8987746
    1. Crowd Control: Perm stun with teleport calamity+cosmic strand wormhole+passive illusionist. Black Hole, do what Black Hole does
    2. Damage: Main: Explosive Blast + Arcane Orbit + Support: Teleport + Spectal Blades + BH
    3. Mitigation: Spectal Blades + barrier blades + Energy armor
    4. Very important that you need to balance mitigation so you able to use the passive illusionist to reset the Teleport, so you able to perm stun, if you get too defensive you missing out stun and dmg, too weak you die.
    The better item I get the more offensive I will go. Doing T5 fine.
    Recommended items that I do not have yet:
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    posted a message on Wand of Woh Fire or Fire?
    Am thinking hard i think i go for Arcane:

    Teleport Calamity

    Explosiv blast with unleased

    Magic weapon with Deflecton (Deflection gives many shields from Teleport and the rest of my spells = alot mitigation for T5-6)

    Eenrygy armor - Prismatic armor for mitigation

    Arcane Orb - Arcane orbit

    Black Hole - Event horizon

    Why i decide not to go with meteor and a range option? Becuse i got teleport with wormhole from Cosmic strand. I can spawm teleport alot thats alot aoe dmg. So i understand why blizzard nerfed it from 4 to 3.

    Arcane orbit is much easyer to spam then meteor. + arcane synergy better with teleport that am able to spawm. moonlight ward and BH. And the Focus dmg is better and am able to jump to any target i want to. Fire indeed is good, but kindda hard to use other spells when i spawm teleport alot. So arcane orbit is ideal for telepor stun build imo.
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    My head is spinning after i got the Wand of Woh after Khadala (25k+ used).

    I cannot decide between Fire of Arcane.

    What i do know and want to run with is:
    Teleport with calamity (stun) + Cosmic Strand Source (Wormhole) (Now i know why Blizzard reduced from 4 to 3, nerf to this stun combination)

    Explosive Blast ofc. With Short Fuse (I like burst dmg)

    Magic Weapon with Deflection (For the shield) Spectal Blade with Barrier Blades also good but Range too short/aoe dmg low compared to other spells. If i get Unity, offensive option will be used)
    Flame Blades good dmg boost to fire, but the range option is short. IMO short and range option is need for higher torment.

    Enery Armor with Prismatic armor for mitigation

    What i cannot decide on:
    Black Hole - Event Horizon vs Frost Nova Cold Snap (BH better if i go with arcane due to +ele dmg)

    I was thinking about Wave of Force, but the animation is not good with the rest of my setup. WOF AOE dmg is good, but due to my short range option, i go for meteor. I cannot go with Magic missile because of my teleport stun combination.

    Flames Blades and Bone chill also good combination but lack range option, sacrifies Meteor. But the teleport will move me fast to the target, but still - range.

    Meteor Shower vs. Star Pact

    Fire vs Arcane
    Fire gives more + Ele dmg. But Arcane gives more synergy with Teleport calamity and black hole.
    I really got an headache over those thoughts. So if you guys could help, coming with opinion and suggestion. Am also broke so i have to farm while i think about what element i want to stick with. and spells.
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    posted a message on [build] Slow Time alternative to Black Hole for Arcane Wizards
    This is a build around Slow Time. I see endgame potential in Slow time instead of Black Hole.
    Gear: The Wand: Gesture of Orpheus (gives arcane damage, so optimal build with Slow time should be around Arcane Wizard) With this wand you dont need Mirror Image up to keep and uptime of 2-3 Slow Time at one giving time.

    Slow Time: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/slow-time
    Skill rune recommended: Point of no return for strong CC and Stretch Time for more dps.

    1. You move less during fights, so you able to stand and dps.

    2. Very good CC vs. Fire chain, hard hitting Boss/mobs, and chain CC several elites at one time.

    3. Better protection then Black Hole in Solo and Party play because Skil rune Point of no return.

    4. Very good vs. Missile damage (Slowing enemy projectiles by 90 %). Very good vs. strong ranged Riff boss!!!

    5. Its good solo and in Group play. You able to make defensive and offensive Skill rune, boosting the party dps or defends.

    3. More protection with Point of no return skill rune if you all alone sourounded with mobs and tons of elites. Because the larger protection then Black Hole. With reduce CD with the Wand of Gesture of Orpheus you can maintain2-3 Slow Time up at one giving time.

    4. Cost no Mana, Shorter cooldown with the Wand: Gesture of Orpheus Then Black Hole CD.

    5. More speed with passive skill Illusionist.

    6. Very strong alternative spell instead Black hole.

    7. Very easy to catch ranged mobs with stun rune = Killing ranged mobs and elites faster.

    8. Reduce melee attack speed by 20 %. Reduce enemy movement speed by 60/80 %.

    9. Last 15 seconds, with and low CD with Wand Gesture of Orpheus. You able to Uptime 2-3 Slow Time.(mostly 2 with low cooldown reduction)

    1. You do Little less dps, because you could take another dps spell like Black hole/Familiar with sparkling and proc fire meteor from Tal Rasha set bonus.

    2. Does not stun/slow gobs.

    5. Does not stop charging mobs.

    6. Slower then Teleport with wormhole.

    Video vs. fire chain1080p: Showing and old video vs firechain. (I have Archon for burst dmg now, and my build is long term focus).
    Torment 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz-4FxDSAe8
    If this was T6 and was attacked by fire Chain i would easy CC it with Slow Time and Kill it Off. Black hole got too long CD and only last 2 seconds. I can Perm Stun the Fire chain Elites with Point of no return with endgame Gear.

    Remember the point of this thread is, to show why i recommend Slow Time instead of Black hole, but here is my thoughts and long term build.

    The advantage of my longterm buid is that i do not have much vitality and Life % on my gear, therefore am able to get more dmg stats on my gear = more dps. I should be able to get enough Vitality abd Life % from Paragon points. And The resist and armor on my gear + life on hit and life regen from gear/paragon/deflection and Slow time + passives, gives enough endgame mitigation.

    My Profile: Build is Long Term Slow Time/Arcane Wizard: I focus on Crit damage, Crit chance, Resist All, Armor, Intellect on my Gear. I need Tal Rasha set bonus to dps effective in Torment 4-6. And Paragon 650. Because i focus on getting Missile damage on Legs, Waist. Wave of force on Source and Feet, head. So i need high pragon for Vitality and Life %. With strong Resist all and armor on gear. I will get stronger Health pool and stronger Deflection from Magic Weapon.
    The reason why i am not to have much Vitality on Items is so i can stack more dps stats and skill dmg. Since you can have as much Vitality from Paragon as you want. Tal Rasha Meteors should give me enough damage to farm T4-5 effective. And when i reach 600-650 Paragon, the damage and improved items/gear should make me farm T6 effective.

    Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Horazon-2576/hero/8987746

    Optimal stats for my long term build: Optimal long term stats: Ring of royal Grandeur: Intellect, Crit damage, Crit chance, Attack speed (Resist all). Ring: Stone of Jordan: 30 % damage to elite, Crit damage, 20 % Arcane increased skill damage, Intellect/Crit chance. Neck: Attack speed, Crit damage, Arcane skill damage and crit chance. Source: Inttellect, crit chance, Critical hit grants 4 arcane power/Wave of force/reduce skill cd. Wand: 20 % arcane damage, High damage roll, intellect/Attack speed/damage vs elite, crit damage sockets.

    Increased skill dmg: Wave of force on Feet, Source and head(optional). Missile damage on Legs, Waist.

    I dont want to explain in detail, but the advance player should be able to understand what am thinking, hopefully.
    Paragon 400: Core: Movement speed so you get a total of 25 % in your character detail, Then intellect/vitaly depending on how much vitaly you got. Keep pool around 250k to 300k. Offense: Max out attack speed and Crit damage. Defense: 20-25 % Armor, 200 resist all and rest in life regen. Adjust round so you get and overall balance, armor, resist, life regen. Ultility: Max out area damage = more dps/burst = faster clear. rest on life on hit.
    Paragon 600: Core/more vit and intellect and arcane power depen on your current stats. Offense: More crit damage, defense: more life %, Utility: Ressource cost reduction:
    Paragon 700-800: Max out the stats pointed out in paragon 600.

    Important items for endgame: Ring of royal Grandeur, 2x pieces Captain Crimson Feet, Legs. Tal Rasha Chest, Head, Belt. Mirrorball Source. Moonlight Ward/alternative neck optional. Aughild set Shoulders and wrist. Wand Gesture of Orpheus.

    Spells choiced explained:
    Magic Missile With rune: Missile Seeker: Long range, and kiting in situational fights. Good gobling killer. And very strong/fast endgame Riff Boss and range killer. You do not need to aim much.

    Wave of Force with rune: Arcane Attunement: The damage seems low for many for T6. But i see alot endgame in this spell. The reason is Synergy and its larger Area damage. You do alot more area damage because the skill cover a larger area then ex. meteor. Wave of Force with very high endgamge gear should clear trash mobs easy with Tal Rasha set bonus Meteor. The larger area will hit many mobs and reach bigger area of the Slow Time spell.

    Magic Weapon with rune Deflection: Gives 10 % ekstra damage. Deflection if you got high Resist all and armor + Life on hit and Life regen + high attack speed (more shields). Gives good endgame protection. The 8253 heath does not seems much to many. But remember the more stats you got of the mentioned, the stronger its gets. Deflection gives you life on hit and life regen to kick in and heal you to fuld HP.

    Slow Time with rune Point of no return (3 second stun enter/leave)and Streath time (10 % Attack speed): Read the reason above.
    Energy armor with rune: Prismatic Armor: Gives stronger mitigation and deflection shield. Because the higher armor and resist all.

    Archon with rune Pure Power: Archon is for burst dmg on rift boss and faster clearing. Archon is very strong vs. many elites and mobs. The more mobs you kill at one time the more dps you get. The reason why i do not stack much CD reduction is because in my end game calculation for T6 i should be able to kill mobs fast enough without archon. Archon is chosen because is makes me farm faster.

    Mandatory passive: Audacity: The 15 % increased damage to enemy in 15 yd range is good when you in Archon mode. Also you very close to most.

    Blur: Makes defelction stronger and more mitigation.

    Unwavering Will: More mitigation and damage when in archon and standing inside your slowtime and dps.

    4th passive optional: Illusionist for more speed and Cooldown reduction. Podigy for faster Arcane Power, Glass canon/elemental exposurefor more dps, Unstavle Anomaly for more survivebility.

    Remember my build is very gear dependent and very long term focus, with an Paragon level of 600-650+. And this thread is solely to highlights the advantage of Slow Time. I will stream from 25th April on http://da.twitch.tv/horazon99 .
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    posted a message on Enchantress Belial Torment 1 Thunderfury+Moonlight Ward
    Yes i knew that, but if i did not move, the mobs did not take dmg på moonlight ward neckless :D
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    posted a message on Enchantress Belial Torment 1 Thunderfury+Moonlight Ward
    Showing some follower dps. Enchantress took 1 HP bar in 2 min from Belial,
    so it would take her 8 min to finish him off.

    Getting good gear for your follower can really boost your dps alot in ROS.

    Notice am moving near enchantress so the mobs can get hit by moonlight neckless.


    When i get my new isp i will stream on http://da.twitch.tv/horazon99
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    posted a message on Streaming Frozen Wizard Saturday and feedback my youtube videos
    Dear Diablo players,

    I'll start soon my stream channel: http://www.twitch.tv/horazon99 Focusing on Wizard Frozen Orb Specc. starting to stream from Saturday hopefully Torment 3-4.

    I also made YouTube's video. The quality is not good due to bad connection, so can not upload large files.

    It would be cool if the bother to go in and see some of the videos and give some feedback. Does not have a microphone pt.

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