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    posted a message on Since the flavor of the month is officially Witch Doctor now...

    Here's a guide on how to build one for Torment 1 from nothing:


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    posted a message on Is T6 possible with lightning?

    Right now I run a pure lightning build, and have had some success progressing up to about T4. Going forward however I'm not sure I'll be able to carry this momentum into the higher difficulties due mostly to low base damage.

    Right now it seems like Arcane and of course fire are the only ways to go if you want to put T6 on farm.

    Lets take a look at my core Lightning abilities:

    Electrocute - I take Forked Lightning rune for the increased AOE which gives me about 182 weapon damage to clustered packs. Compare this to something like Magic Missle with Conflag with say Wand Of Woe or Mirrorball and you have a much higher DPS signature spell. Granted, Fire Wizards don't have the CC we do with a Passive like paralysis and or a Wyrdward ring for stun lock. Something to consider.

    Meteor - My primary mana dump. With the Lightning Bind rune I get yet more CC due to my high crit chance (50%). 5 second roots are always good for survivability.

    Magic Weapon - Raw damage with the Force Weapon rune.

    Familiar - More damage with Sparkflint.

    Storm Armor - Passive damage which can really add up on single targets. I take Shocking Aspect for a bit more AOE and bonus damage.

    Hydra - I love this ability and couldn't imagine having any fun as a Wizard without it. The damage output is surprisingly decent and I double ith with my Serpent Sparker wand. I got a bad roll on damage, but I can't let it go because dual hydra lol.

    For passives as I mentioned before I take Paralysis for the stun, Audacity for bonus damage when mobs are in tight, Unwavering Will because the idea is to be a stationary "Lightning Turret", and Dominance for tankiness.

    Let me know what you guys think. I'm FAR from done gearwise but I'm loving the build at the moment. Its very fun, but I'm concerned about its longevity into the later difficulties.

    I also run a live stream on Twitch if anyone wants to drop by and critique in person:


    Thanks for reading!

    - MSTV

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    Mandolin. Fresh 70. Just started gearing her today:

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