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    posted a message on Wizard, Tal Rasha & Vyr's. Frozen orb T6 build
    change your weapons ASAP to azurewrath or uthars roar if you want to use cold spells, wrist enchants to cold damage not fire.
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    posted a message on How should I echant this WKL? Please help
    Put your paragon into all resist + armor then life, this will increase your efficiency of loh/spirit spent
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    posted a message on [DH] Patch 2.1 Wishlist
    - Balance the classes, Crus/Barb/Wd's are faster t6 farmers then other classes

    - Fix Monk / Wiz sets

    - Give an alternative to Rifts

    - Balance skills, once again wee see that 90% of the people are using the same builds and using the same element (fire)

    - Improve the Hellfire ring, atm it just sucks, soj/unity+rorg is the only option on higher torments

    - add torment 7
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    posted a message on WD Follower Stats - Best in Slot
    Type of Build: Jade Harvester WD
    Torment Level Played: T6
    Token, Relic, or Focus: Smoking Thurible
    Neck: Rakoff's Glass of Life
    Rings: Unity + Leoric's Signet
    Weapon: Maximus with red gem
    Why this Char and gear helps you: Enchantress has a great debuff, unity for damage reduction/leoric for litte extra exp+ofense, neck for offense and the proc % is great. Maximus for the deamon+chain.
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    posted a message on Get the most out of my Jade DoT build.
    Your build seems ok, though your weapon is not v good (dps doesn't matter, especially your IAS on the TF (TF for a JD wd is a bad choice), try a +% cold skills damage weapon or a ~2450 weapon with +%damage or a great Sunkeeper(BiS)). Additionaly I would do some rerolling, drop cdr for more surv/crit%, also if you like solo play drop SoJ for Unity and change your offhand for the 20 pickup range (thing of the deep or sth like that) this will enable you to do t6 rifts in 8-15 min average depending on monster composiotion/shrines etc. Best merc for a JD wd is the Enchantress with her debuff (stack cdr on her gear).
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    posted a message on Anniversary Buff Here To Stay?
    As a solo player farming t6 rifts I compeltely agree with the fact that 4 person groups give way more legendaries then when playing solo, the balance between solo vs group play is very broken. Diablo 3 is not a MMO, the base desing is a singleplayer game with a bonus of multiplayer, not the other way around, which blizzard sadly forgot.

    From my spreadsheet(143 runs recorded, 96 solo rifts, 47 rifts with 4 man groups):
    A t6 solo rift grants me 1,63 legendaries on average.
    A t6 4 man group rift grants me 2,82 on average. WTF!
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    posted a message on Archon and 2.0.5
    I can see some potential using Archon + fire rune without CDR and Vyr set if you can sustain t6 hits without unity rings, this should be effective while running t6 bounties.

    Combustion : An explosion erupts around you when you transform, dealing 3680% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 15 yards. / Archon abilities deal Fire damage instead of Arcane.(Renamed from Arcane Destruction, damage element now specified)

    So 3880% weapon dmg as fire with +100% fire damage from gear = 7760% if i'm not mistaken how damage works, this should be HUGE!
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    posted a message on Ladder system - should I even bother ?

    Just wanted your opinion on the upcomming ladder system.

    If what Blizzard says, that its goal is to compare and rank yourself with other people, wont it mean that we are comparing outselves to multiboxers and bots which will definetely have BiS gear in a week, and the idea of farming better gear in order to be higher at the ladder is kinda pointless?
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    posted a message on Gear stuck - any upgrades possible ?
    Meteor im my spender in t3-t6 rifts, in t1-t2 i use heat wave because it is just faster (mobs melt after 1 cast)

    And i do not have problem with AP, got bonus Tal Rahsa + passive + cost red from paragons.
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    posted a message on Gear stuck - any upgrades possible ?

    My current items: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/pragnienie-1292/hero/33388460

    Is there an upgrade for me besides withing hour / rerolling legendaries for a perfect version of them?

    Thanks for your output.
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    posted a message on T6 Solo Hellrift Fire Wizard Build (Video)
    Quote from MeatHeadMikhail

    T6 Hellrifting is arguably the 'new COTA'. XP/hour ranges from 1.5 billion on the low end (solo) to probably around 5 billion (geared, organized group).

    In this video I explain the build and gear options for a Meteor Fire Wizard to solo clear Torment 6 Hellrifts efficiently. The Smoldering Core staff with its 100% taunt on non-elite monsters is the perfect weapon for this style of XP farming. I also talk about some caveats specific to Hellrifting, how to get to level 2, what doesn't affect the XP, and when to bail.

    Let me know what you guys think!

    From my experience (Wiz ~1500 world Elemental Elite dps, 800 Europe) this run is not worth it if you have a t6 group.

    If you can focus on rifts and your group is able to clear a T6 rift in under ~5-7 min it is way better to just farm rifts. Not only you will get way more legendaries which equals to more possible upgrades for your character, more gems and the overall exp/h is very close (though bourns set + red gem in helm + other stuff like leorics ring/cain's set help a LOT!). Moreover, this run gets very boring after 10+ try in a row because you are repeating the same content over and over again.

    Gold wise however, this place is a sweet spot, especially for characters who need gold (combining gems costs a lot at first).
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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rate - different mechanics (hours and hours of testing)
    If I remember correctly, there was a blue post 1 year ago confirming that your leg chance increases over time, and resets itself when you get one. Moreover, its pure probability. For instance, a white mob has 0.01% chance to drop a legendary, so on average killing 10000 white mobs should yield you a legendary, this in turn is influenced by your difficulty/mf and luck(rng) and perhaps the type of the white mob (bigger mobs with more hp might have a better chance to drop a legendary).
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    posted a message on Gold.. the cause of and answer to all of D3's problems!
    Quote from xxxrob

    I thought I was quite clever in my preparation for ROS.. before the AH closed I bought 100,000,000 worth of gold and thought I would be set, what with bounties and rifts I expected it to be rolling in.

    But it really isn't.. I play probably a couple of hours a night after work and I am constantly losing money. Granted I like to tinker, I pull gems out and try things and I reroll most of my items too.. but I am now sitting at 40,000,000 in the space of a month! What worries me is once that gold runs out (and it will) I am forced to grind gold if I want to continue enjoying the game and all of it's features (namely that bloody Mystic!).

    I think some ways to improve the situation might be..

    * Make the gold return on bounties significantly higher

    * Increase the sell amount you get when vendoring (I currently alternate 1 full inventory of salvaging and 1 selling)

    * Remove or at least significantly reduce the gold cost of removing gems! My thinking is we've already paid through the nose to get the bloody things made, why charge another 750,000 or whatever to have them removed, particularly painful when all you want to do is experiment!

    ** The only way I would see it fair to leave the cost for removing gems in, would be the tooltip factors in/out the gems in the sockets when you are trying to compare items.

    What do you guys think? Are gold costs still too high or am I just spending too quickly?
    The removal of the AH made this game anti p2w, no more i'll buy perfect gear and will be the best barb/monk etc there can be.

    I had around 20 mil gold when RoS came out, haven't really suffered much from the lack of gold. Lack of class specific gems = yes, souls yes, gold is easy to farm, and currently I am ranked ~1100 on Elite Elemental DPS.

    One thing I would change is the removal of blood shards when the ladder system will come out (then we will all start at 0 gold and lvl 1 characters without any gear/paragon) and then replace blood shards with gold.
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    posted a message on adventure mode is dead, thx blizzard!
    I have to agree, once I found the act 1 ring I am not doing bounties because the % leg drop sucks, and I am doing rifts only which get irritating because I would like to do more content of the game without sacrificing the % leg drop.
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    posted a message on [Guide] Tal Set + CrowdControl Solo T6 Build (No Unity)
    Quote from Shadz

    It's a cool idea and good guide.

    My question really is, what is considered doable? Being able to efficiently farm T6 is more than unlikely. You can get a lot of toughness and low damage and use a kiting build to kill stuff on T6 if that is your thing. What is the most efficient torment level to farm is the biggest question. Sure, one can do T6 but it won't be efficient.
    How long does it take to kill an elite pack using this build? What are your chances of death when multiple packs are engaged? Ranged mobs that are out of range and shooting you and you cannot frost nova or black hole them?
    On average I am able to kill an elite within 20 seconds, sometimes more depenting on their affixes and type of monster (ghosts suck) - shield/extra hp, and you have to learn kiting with a metoer build or it wont be as good. And yes, you are in big trouble when facing 2 elite packs.
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