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    While Act I and II had their flaws, Act III and IV were just absolutely atrocities. The two main reasons being Azmodan and Diablo.

    "I don't neeeeed my siegeweapons to destroooooy youuuuuu"

    "Oh you destroyed my Heeeellrift, but it doesn't matter, because I have another Heeeeeeeeeeellriiiiift"

    Saturday morning cartoonvillains is not good writing... Really, just stop them from talking and taunting you constantly. Also, Diablo with boobs was still fucking stupid.

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    FoT is a fucking horrible skill.

    If you are serious about your Lightning Monk, Deadly Reach: Scattered Blows is the ONLY viable Spirit generator. Its AoE dmg, both in the form of the spell itself, and the ridiculously increased SW tornado procrate, shits so hard on FoT (any rune) that it's not even funny.

    If your argument for using FoT over DR:SB is that it does more single target, newsflash, single target dmg doesn't matter for shit. The only time you should ever be killing single mobs, is when you are killing the Rift Guardian. If you really want to do good single target, going for a Fire based build is better anyway.

    Seriously, get rid of FoT. There is even a thread on the d3 forum with ppl making "yo mommas so fat" jokes, using the phrase "FoT is so bad..." instead.
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    Not sure about Shard of Hate vs Odyn's Son as your OH wep. Heard really good things about both, but dont have any of them for testing.

    Rings are obviously Royal Ring of Grandeour and a 20% +Light SoJ.

    Inna's setbonuses are underwhelming imo, I would rather have 2 Aughild's pieces than Inna's.

    I'm at 100% +Light dmg on my monk atm, without Odyn's Son or Thousand Storms 4set, just can't wait to get a TF to smash shit up.
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    As much as I would prefer Rifts to the 1# place to get loot, t6 Core runs just smokes everything else out of the water when it comes to Legendaries per hour.

    I have been doing nothing but Core runs on Torment 6 for the past two days. I am averaging around 4legs per hour, with worst "no legendary streak" being 1h 30min, and my best being 8 in one hour (a friend of mine got 11 in one hour as his best).
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    My Monk is sitting at 100% +Lightning dmg atm, yet to see any of good Lightning weps though.

    BiS weps in order of OPness: Thunderfury > Odyn's Son > Shard of Hate/Fulminator > Won Kim Lauh.
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