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    While I agree with the "meh" appreciation, v2.0 is just beyond worse.

    Intent is to provide back the "Oh Shit!" feeling when something really good dropped, at the beginning of the game and in other Diablo games.

    v2.0, as openly expressed by hundreds of people, gives no feeling of advancement at all

    2-3 Greater rifts in a 2k char is too low, but it is something to aim for.

    Power creep is not something to fear of. It would be better if they wanted to provide a new gameplay system, but you know they've had the runes option there since ever, and they just don't want to do it. So, if power creep is the only thing we can get, at least is better than nothing.

    About botting, it's no longer the issue it once was. And it shouldn't be preventing players from receiving new stuff.

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    Quote from Autocthon»

    Game doesn't need pointless power creep to be made more playable by the competitive crowd. It needs more competing options, less power gap, and ways to distinguish player ability that don't involve grinding up the stat ladder.
    Nearly 100% of what gets a player on the top leaderboards is pure stat. The only bit of differentiation between players at the top by the end of a season is how lucky they were fishing for rifts. Power creep doesn't make knowledge of the game any more important, nor does it make time investment any more rewarding. It's just same shit different numbers.

    If you want the game to hold the attention of streamers add something like PoE map system (which let a player progress through challenges). Add a balanced competitive mode (whole point of challenge rifts). Add more competing options and wildly crazy items. Don't just tack another zero onto the end of stat values and say "Now your time matters more".

    Strongly disagree. Of course mainstat has a point in overall performance, as it should; but you said that nearly 100% of what brings a player to the leaderboards is stat / gear.
    That is 100% wrong, and any player in the top 100 on any leaderboard will verify it. Player performance is the highest factor, by far.
    Honestly, my personal opinion is that your points sound quite like an excuse for someone who wants the game to be completely casual. LoL- HOTA mode on.
    Log in and be able to compete in equal playground with someone who has gotten 4k paragon while you made it to paragon 600 in your 2-hours a week schedule. Not gonna happen in D3. It never happened in D2 either , or any ARPG for what it takes.
    Clearly I want an ARPG where progress and time invested do matter, while your approach sounds like a MOBA-shooter type of game.
    Competition does matter. But so does playing incentive. And power creep IS an incentive.

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    Quote from Pepmatic

    What are you considering endless? the legendary-ancient step? The paragon system?
    Game is stagnating, that is very hard to argue against.
    Seasonal rewards aren't enough to keep the interest. And plenty of players (myself included) have recently finished their maximum stash tabs allowance, even after missing 1 or 2 seasons.
    No matter that you like it or not, game needs to provide incentives to those who spend more time on it; this ain't a Call of Duty game - We don't need or want to be clones of each other with same stats; if you wanna compete, just play enough to compete. Big names always manage to make great results with lower paragon.
    The intent of reducing power-creep has been one of the reasons for the streamers to leave for greener pastures. They want a game where knowing about the game and investing time has real benefits. And , nowadays, streamers-elite players-competition are a big point of attracting new players to a game.
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    Quote from Tagger»

    They got the patch, because of the filesize of the console patch. The PC filesize is (as always) going to be nowhere near the console size and doesn't need that much time to get sorted. Besides; it's MS and Sony that control when patches get sent to the end-user (on console - if that wasn't obvious) - not the developer/publisher. They need to get sent through certification from MS/Sony.

    'Blizzard always finds a way to fuck with us' - really?
    I'm sure that was their first though - Obviously has to be - Can't possibly be anything else.

    Season 9 starts on Friday - if you can't wait until then (at most), then you've got some serious issues in your life.
    I'd hate to be anyone in your family, telling you that they have a gift for you or something, that you'd be getting within any given timeframe - guessing you might explode within minutes of getting that info.

    Just relax and do something else. No need to get all fired up over something that is guaranteed to be out within 2 days (They 100% won't set the patch to go live, after a season starts - that's a 'no-go' for Blizzard).

    1)I / We don't really care about the reasons why consoles are getting it first. It is completely fucked up.
    And it is the last screwing on a huge list of fuck-ups by blizzard to the Diablo playerbase.
    We are angry at this point, more than annoyed or upset. That's the mood that they have provoked on me, and plenty of other users in this forum and the official diablo forums.
    2) Who told you I cannot wait until friday? Moreover, why do you feel like you can tell me to wait or not? there's no need of more Blizzard White knights in this forum. Go peel your knees somewhere else please; we are pissed off, and rightfully angry. Where have you been on the last 2 years of crap¿?

    3) Your "blizzard 100% won't do X cause no-go" is another statement based on nothing. Why don't you stop trying to excuse them on every fuck up?
    At this point if you are a diablo fan, and you are not angry, there's something seriously wrong with you. I can't undertand you fanbois.
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    posted a message on 2.4.3 patch tomorrow? (3 Jan)

    Apparently the patch is already live on xbox.

    Blizzard always finds a way to fuck with us.

    Now, consoles getting the patchbefore PC.

    Fuck them all. I hope they all get fired. They are making fun of us.

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    posted a message on Factors that killed D3
    Quote from hksin11186»

    Beyond xpacs and the incoming class options there isn't any post-initial purchase revenue anyway, so I'm not really sure what the size of the current playerbase has to do with anything. A lot of people very well may have played D2 at the frequency you describe. I'd also bet a lot of people took breaks when they got bored.

    It's fine. It happens. It's a sheer fact of human psychology that the same stimuli fail to produce the same results over long periods. No reason to tilt at windmills.

    So true. But another fact of human psychology is that we show flock behaviors. If there are people at a bar, we wanna go in, just because "there are a lot of folks there". Exactly the same fact happen when translated to games. We play what most people play, cause most people can't be wrong.
    Implications of this are clear regarding the amount of money brought to the game (directly through game sales; and indirectly trough non-monetary assets like advertising or market-shares) and the interest of the publisher in adding content to the game.

    Quote from Skelos_bg»

    End game build diversity is the clear winner - number 1 problem as voted by the fans. Let's see if Blizzard manages to do this one right in their next aRPG projects.

    I expect a big Blizzcon 2017 announcement - a new game, maybe WarCraft 4, maybe a completely new project. Whatever it is, let's wish Blizzard and Diablo a successful 2017. And let's hope they make an in-depth analysis with all the things that went wrong with Diablo 3. Happy new year to DiabloFans also - stay the best as always!

    I feel like we are a crowd at the door of a cake shop. The products we have been given for the last two years were repulsive, disgusting, a terrible aftertaste. But we are still begging them to give us something....anything, cause we remember how good that cake was 20 years ago.
    We are willing to throw them our money. I think and feel that we REALLY are. That's a incredibly good business situation for them.
    But they don't give us anything. Why should they? There's Hearthstone with 10 devs making 5 times as much money. That's what they want, after all.

    Quote from Demonmonger»

    Once the Necro pack launches, these things need to happen, or the Necro pack sadly will be a flop. But I hope Blizzard understands that their next title is not going to sell by name alone like D3 did. It is going to take a lot of trust rebuilding. The community is torn regarding this game, many are just burnt out, but when you have sales of 32 million copies, and peak periods of only 30,000 players logged into a NA server, you clearly have an issue.

    This is the first time I see you not blindly praising Blizzard. It's a big step for you!
    Progress comes from dissatisfaction more often that not.

    One fact I would like to bring to this discussion is the huge value drop of ACTI shares on the last 3 months.

    Since Blizzcon, pretty much.
    There are a lot of factors more involved(absolutely!) but a 15% decline is huge beyond belief and heads have been cut in most firms for much less.
    There was never a Blizzcon so dull:

    No new expansion or new game on anything? (Ignoring HS...2 people can design 50 new cards, for god's sake)
    Gamer reactions have been overwhelmingly negative ( as expected) and Blizzard games sales have declined massively, possibly as a reaction to it.

    I can't believe they didn't foresee this. If they have a plan, better be a good one, cause their shareholders aren't exactly happy with them.

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    Quote from hksin11186»

    It's fine. It's a Diablo game. We all knew what we were getting into when we started. It's okay to step away from a thing when you're not having fun. Cancel that: it's healthy to do exactly that. If you're not enjoying yourself leave some feedback then go do something else.

    Easy peasy.

    What were we getting into?
    Lots of people have played d2 daily for years . It was never meant to be a casual-only fest.
    The fact that people have to step away from it is the main reason for its terrible current status. No playerbase - no revenue nor dev team - dead game.
    This is not a Steam game. This is the last iteration of a 20 years-old amazing franchise.
    The fact that you enjoy your "casual" playing, does not mean that the rest of us enjoy it. And thing is, casuals aren't exactly willing to spend bucks on the franchise. While others might.

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    And what if we don't wanna take a break?

    So you are casual. You play each season for a week and stop for 4 months. Great, if it works for you.

    But what happens to those of us that want to keep playing?? Why are we being forced to do as you say? Are we telling you how you should play?

    You can tell that a game is DEAD AS FUCK when "game switchers" advise "dedicated players" to take a break. /facepalm

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    This thread is turning into a casual / hardcore contest.

    For those saying that the game has no subscription, etc....the problem is that we want to pay. Ridiculous, ain't it?

    Well, a lot of people I've talked with and myself would be more than willing to pay for an expansion, a subscription, anything NEW. But blizzard has decided that they would be good with bringing nothing new in 1 year, and then take another year in rehashing some skills and animations from d2.

    In the end, it all turns out that you can either be a white knight (we know who is in this forum) , a casual / game switcher or a hardcore /dedicated /focused player. For those that belong in the third section, there's nothing left in d3.

    This is no Steam game. For us, Diablo is one of the most important gaming IPs ever. And, even acknowledging that the opinion of those who got to the franchise in 2015 is as important as ours, we care about it more deeply. It is sad and frustrating.

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    Even considering that saying this can bring a lot of flaming to me, no trading killed it completely.

    Granted, it made RMT flourish. But it was core for the diablo experience. Claiming that the horrible itemization or the drop rate were due to the AH is plainly lying or buying their crap. Fortunately, most diablo fans readers are mature enough to see through that crap.

    I happened to enjoy it. Now that we are swimming in brown and green rays when playing, does it make your experience more enjoyable? Not mine.

    And we should consider that most of the ones left here are those who didn't like trading. The ones that did, or most of us, switched games when decisions were taken; because trading was that important to us.

    Apart from that, the unbearable slowness of development is a main reason for me, which isn't covered in your options.

    Who is gonna play a game when you know that nothing new -or worth that adjective- is coming in a year?

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    If they can prove they have a solid model for future money (DLC), Blizz will invest money in it. Since the AH closed, they haven't had that, so Blizz hasn't been as willing to front the money so to speak, to continue development. When it comes to fronting money, blizz is going to look at ROI. They will, however, reinvest money made by an IP into that IP if it will help them keep market share in the ARPG space.

    Some of that hypothetical money is cost recoup for the work invested in producing the content. The time for art, animation, etc. Some of that will go into money swimming pools of some execs beach house, and some will get reinvested into games. I'm sure that they allocate some amount of money to the project that made the money, but I can't say how much. Blizzard as a company has just realized that the old model of Title, Expansion, Expansion, is mostly gone. Without true content delivered between those major releases, players get bored and move on. The gaming market is just super saturated. This (and the micro transaction set up in China) is blizzard seeing what model works best for an ARPG.

    Finally, while tuning skills and coefficients isn't content (and my logic never followed there at all), creating art, animations, etc for an additional class or a new zone/tileset is. The playerbase has been asking for a Necro for forever, so it makes the most sense to add it as a class first, if the idea is to prove to execs that Diablo can make them money. Just because it's a class from D2 doesn't change the the design process (it may even make it harder, since they have to compare to existing expectations) , they still have to do all of the work building character models, animating skills. That is content.

    Again, if you don't want to buy the character pack, that's fine. I'll buy it because I actually suspect it'll be rather cheap (like sub $20) and it'll entertain me. I think that including consoles with D3 and removing the AH ended up being too much for the team. They lost their revenue stream (which increases their chances of getting stuff from management) and added a road block that makes patching more difficult (they have to submit things to PSN like 3 weeks before a patch launch, and have a second, slightly different environment to consider with every change)

    That's why I think they will try to extend D3s life with character packs etc until they are close to releasing whatever the announced project is.

    I agree with all the points you touch in here.
    What I am afraid, as previously stated, is that supporting this kind of content has the opposite effect to what we fans would like.
    If we pay for the Necro DLC, that means we like that sort of product-business model.
    But, what about the share of the playerbase that wants a different type of product? Let's call it a real expansion, with an adequate price and new content ? Should we support the dev team when we don't like the approach Blizz is taking? That's a hard call.
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    Quote from Demonmonger»

    THe other portion of the no-win is people like you, not getting what they want, then looking to blame.

    Be a freaking adult and move on! Once the game adds content that you want, play it, if they do not, play something else. Stop complaining about it trying to stir a pot. Thats immature.

    Follow your own advise. There had been lots of people in this forum who have asked you to stop posting your crap.
    In every thread you appear, you seem to insult whoever doesn't share your opinion.

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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    So, we should blame Activision Blizzard , but not the Dev Team. They do as much as they can.

    That could be true. But let's see how this works out: (made-up numbers)

    Necro DLC. (1 class-2 stash - a pet.) 20-25 $.

    2 million people buy it. totalling 40-50 million $.

    Is it gonna be the Dev team who is gonna receive it for, as you told, using the resources to work at a better pace?

    Or is it gonna be Activision Blizzard getting the cash, who ,then, is gonna invest this money in OW and WOW because their Return of Investment is better?

    See what I did here? If we don't protest with our wallets, we are accepting the situation. Or even prolonging it, making it harder to solve.

    Abut NO CONTENT hyperbole: Yeah, no content is an exaggeration. But reusing old skills, adapting d2 old models and animations to d3..., there's nothing NEW in here. Reused aint new. Content , following your logic, would be changing all skill coefficients; rendering old builds useless, creating new ones. Reusing.

    What I call content is NEW CONTENT. And in over a year , there's been none.

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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    They absolutely are in a no-win situation, because they
    don't make the final decisions. The develop within constraints given to
    them by people who care about money, and many of the fan base don't
    understand the fundamental difference between working for Blizzard and
    working for Crate or GGG.

    As much as I agree with certain parts of your comments, and I can relate to that and emphasize with the devs, this have a different conclusion.
    Due to D3 being multi-plattform, and Blizz-made, we normal PC users of the game won't be receiving content at all, or if ever, in a really slow pace.
    Is that what you are implying? I had thought that Blizz had tenfold, or a hundred fold or more the money that the Small companies have. Therefore, they can and should invest in their games with as much dedicated staff as necessary, am I wrong? Shouldn't that offset the "big company" bureaucracy?
    Things doesn't make sense, when we consider that the d3 team is pretty small right now. That seems to be a consensus, tbh. And when a good dev shows interest or simply excels (see John Yang), he is "transferred" or promoted to the important part. Namely Wow.
    No way, mate. And we, as a playerbase, should accept that and deal with it?
    You can do what you want, of course. I will vote with my wallet, since that is their only language nowadays.

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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    True. Some people will be happy with whatever is fed to them. Others will feel entitled to more, not because they have paid for it, but because they LOVE the franchise and would love to see new heights. Even if paying more was necesary.

    Demon, the Dev team is not in a no win situation. My personal opinion is that they are misguided. That's the only way I can understand Nev (love her, she really has a passion) answering "Rekt" to people asking for new content in the game, after giving NO NEW content at all.

    They want WIN? Seriously, not that hard. A small as fuck act 6. Insert the Necro with stitches in there. Put in some class, skills and sets balance (like it was given for free in 2.4) , and you have yourself 3.0. All is shiny as fuck for another couple of years.

    But the key to that is content. Not reused, new content. Not reused, new classes. NEW .

    This is important to remark: content is what makes a game playable and re-playable. Sets tuning and overall class balance is important, but imho secondary to "having something new to do", or in a words that Blizzard could appreciate more, "have some kind of competition".

    And, as talked to exhaustion, D3 core flaws with the infinite paragon and the level 120 ++ gems create an unending playing field, and a new player will never ever be able to compete with a paragon 3000 with all gems 100+. That is a Loss-Loss situation. No new blood in greater rift competition--->prOs leave (see Quin). But the new blood cannot compete due to paragon and gems.

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