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    You have to be fairly methodical to beat him consistently. The methods to dodging his various attacks are pretty straight forward, you just have to account for the few RNG factors like the bullet walls, cloud placement, and wing positioning.

    What used to be my downfall fighting him as DH was that I was impatient. I would try to power through his HP and push him through phases, and I would get hit with stuff that was perfectly avoidable. When I slowed down and start paying more attention to the mechanics and less to his HP bar, the fight got a lot easier.

    One tip that might help is that, if you know you can't avoid some of his damage, then think about where your next heal is going to come from. If your potion is on timer, then situate yourself within range of one of the health wells, or stall until he's in a phase where you can outheal his damage via LoH, or kill his adds but leave their HP Orbs on the ground until you need them.
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