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    Ehh, I don't want to Necro, but the other sets don't seem as fun to me.
    So, Bones of Rathma it is, I suppose.

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    All of this is looking really nice, can't wait to play Necro~
    Female looks pretty awesome.

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    Quote from Talyn_Rahl»

    They're saying all the right things with regards to the Necro...

    It's no longer a case of "Will I play Necro?" or even "HOW will I play Necro?" It's not a question of "Which set do I want to try out first?"

    Pet set, Blood Set and Melee set all sound appealing, hope they live up to the hype!

    2.6 is Season 11, so for me, it's which Necro set are they going to show off first. What are they going to make as the easy grab? Also depends on what other sets are for show. I failed before, but now I'm using the seasons to get a 70 of each class and the set that looks the most fun to me.

    Hopefully the right people get into the beta as well, so we get some very nice, detailed guides about the sets and skills.

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    So, decision time. Zunimassa's Haunt or Inna's Mantra?
    With how the season journey goes, which would be easier to go for as a solo Diabloer?
    I might actually do better this time, instead of going from Level 35 Crusader to Season 9 Journey Complete in 3 days (not total playtime, obviously). Running around in Torment to do Keywardens and Malthael was bearable as a Crusader, because you can take the hits and the thorns kills the enemies; but as a Monk or WD, doesn't seem as simple.

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    Hey, if Necromancer and these two other areas close the book on D3 for them to work on D4, I think I'm fine with that.
    Though I really see it hard for them to top D3, and everyone (and they already do it) will put it under the PoE scrutiny eye.
    If shares anything similar, it'll be hated and called a rip off; if it doesn't live to those standards, it'll be hated and not even touched; pretty much lose lose.
    Change the setting and it really won't be Diablo, so you can change the genre... but to what? It was THE dungeon crawler for years.

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    2.5.0 PTR? That pretty much means this is the Season 10 patch, right...? Which will eventually include two new areas and the Necromancer, or hell, even just Necromancer.

    Primal Ancient seems kind of cool, new thing for people who need the best gear to grind for. The armory system is a nice addition, as is the crafting mat storage. Frees up an extra... three-ish slots for a few things. Public games based on Greater Rift completion will smooth things out, probably, and the removal/combining of bonus chests is a nice touch. Used to worry about which area I had to do first because of the bonus.

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    I would like a second expansion pack, but I feel like it isn't likely.
    Maybe we get surprised at BlizzCon. That would be cool.

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