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    Update: 18/06/14 - Added Things to know section for TL;DR purposes.
    Update: 14/06/2014 - Rewritten has a Compendium for Sunwuko's Builds

    2.0.6 is here and Sunwuko's got a nice buff! The 4 set has been changed so that the Decoy that is spawned after spending 75 Spirit explodes after 0.5 seconds and it now does 1600% weapon damage as Holy (up from 100%)
    This has been a great change as now we got a rather large aoe holy bomb that props up holy monks and gives us a reason to spend large amounts of spirit.

    Things to Know about the 4 set bonus:

    • It benefits from +Holy skill damage
    • The spirit counter has been fixed - so you can spend 50 spirit with one ability and 25 with another and it will count as 75 spirit to spawn the Decoy. It seems to last indefinitely from when you start/join a game until you leave it.
    • Resource Cost Reduction Affix does effect the spirit count. So if you would spend 5 spirit less on a 75 spirit ability, the counter will only count 70 spirit
    • There is NO internal cooldown
    • The Channeling Pylon in rifts which removes the resource cost of your abilities DOES NOT effect the set bonus. I.e. The set bonus will act is if you are spending spirit even though you are not spending any while under the Pylon effect.
    • The 4 set bonus works while Dual Wielding - in 2.0.5 it did not.
    • The spirit cost removal effect of kekegi's unbreakable will DOES effect the set bonus. I.e. it will not count any spirit being spent while the effect is active.

    Things we still need confirmation on:

    • Unsure if the CDR and RCR shrine effects the spirit counter or not.

    Hi all - this thread is now dedicated to sunwuko builds. Will be linking My own and different people's builds and video where available. Enjoy and keep the discussion going!

    Spirit Focus Build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WPRfSi!XgUV!bcccYZ
    Video: http://youtu.be/gICYUYI3XWM
    Description: This build focuses on spirit generation in order to spend as much spirit as possible to spawn Decoys as well as buff the decoy damage.

    Tempest Rush Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#TcSjPk!bdSU!cZYbcY
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS46hqKxbLQ
    Description: This build is a Holy Variant of the popular fire TR build. It uses Flow of eternity make use of the 2 set bonus and have a nice cooldown on SSS:FO

    EP Build ~ Laws of Seph: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#VfPjYk!YVUd!ZZabcb
    Video (by Glorym): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ5R5PmKVrQ
    Description: A modified EP build to make use of MKG - The extra damage from MKG 4 set helps set off the EP explosions. Laws of Seph gives a nice boost to spirit for spawning decoys when using blinding light.
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    Its not terribly imaginative, but I like it. The dex ->armour buff is good, its 100% STI basically, i doubt we'll need STI anymore, but we'll see how it is redesigned. The OWE change is nice, I've always said its a pain in the arse to find your trifecta items with the correct single resist on it and this fixes it somewhat. Harmony still seems mandatory though so not quite sure how blizzard sees that, unless they buff our other passives.

    Overall effect - Frees up some paragon points that we would put in armour % that we can instead put it life % (or wherever, just feel more flexible) STI/OWE won't feel mandatory to have both, frees up a passive for whatever you want without sacrificing toughness.

    My feeling is that blizz has a plan for monks and they are trickling information and changes out to see how we react and we haven't seen the bigger picture yet.
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    Updated: 6/11/14 - Updated for 2.0.6 - Specfically the Monkey King Set.
    Updated: 22/05/14 - DW build alternative for FoE added
    Updated: 15/05/14 - WoL build added to show off some 2.0.5 changes. Nothing else new sadly.
    Updated: 10/05/14 - Fleshed out group-play section. Rearranged contents and sections for TL;DR purposes. Added group-play video.

    The Path to Divinity - A Holy Monk Guide

    Welcome to your first steps along the Path to Divinity.

    Why Holy? I got bored of lightning, found some holy gear and wanted to try something new and a step apart from the norm.
    Holy monks are somewhat neglected and it is a shame really - Holy has some very powerful skills and I wanted to take advantage of that. The build focuses around Cooldown Reduction to fully take advantage of some of these skills aswell as large bursts of damage to take down packs of elites.

    In this guide I am going to start you off with a non-gear demanding core build that can be developed and changed into a hard hitting high torment build as you gear up - with few changes along the way.
    As is true of any build, playstyle will heavily influence how you use the build and may favour some skill and gear choices over others.

    Core Build: The build linked here is not set in stone, it will change depending on gear and I will highlight some advisable changes. It also assumes you have 40% CDR from Items, Paragon Points & skills. This build is also quite similar to Shinna's Fresh Monk build and you can easily transition from his build to this one.

    Check out Shinna's Fresh 70 Monk build here: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/monk-the-inner-sanctuary/86919-guide-fresh-level70-and-i-dont-have-a-clue-what-to

    1.0 - Build In Action (Gameplay Video)
    1.1 - The build
    1.2 - Group Play
    1.3 - Itemisation
    1.4 - Build Changing Items
    1.5 - Suggested Items
    1.6 - Where is Wave of Light?
    1.7 - Credits

    1.0 - Build In Action (Videos)

    Solo Play (EoP variation): http://youtu.be/3aL8LgHvHzw
    Group Play: http://youtu.be/_CHXJHUQfNg
    DW FoE Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5ewNCHqFFs

    1.0 - The Build


    Skills: Way of the Hundred Fists: Fists of Fury The most powerful spirit generator and holy based too! - WotHF:FoF has the highest single and multi target dps of all the spirit generators.
    Source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11882328396#13

    Inner Sanctuary: Forbidden Palace Reduced damage taken while standing in it and enemies take extra damage. This is the first step in a truly powerful combination for high burst damage. It will allow you to do a large amount of damage to enemies and allow you to survive while doing it. The group potential of this skill is huge and is invaluable to this build in solo play too.

    Cyclone Strike: Soothing Breeze/Implosion Cyclone strike is a fantastic utility skill. It will allow you to suck your enemies into your inner sanctuary where you want them. The second step to the aformentioned power combo. Synergizes incredibly well with strongarm bracers as it counts as Knockback (up to 30% increased damage taken by mobs) and can help you control those pesky ranged mobs.
    The rune you use is up to you, I like both - but tend towards soothing breeze for group play and higher torment levels where I need the extra healing. The heal synergizes well with Guiding Light (especially in group play).

    Breath of Heaven: Blazing Wrath With 40% CDR (20 from passives and 20 from items/paragon points) you will be able to keep the 10% damage buff up at all times. The heal will keep you alive and proc guiding light for even more damage.

    Mantra of Conviction: Overawe/Submission OR Mantra of Retribution: Collateral Damage At lower gear levels, the build is a little light on AoE damage. The submission rune will fill that gap. If you feel your aoe is fine, then I would suggest Overawe for the raw damage. Activate the mantra before doing hard hitting attacks.
    Once you start getting some Holy Skill damage however (even just amulet and bracers is fine), MoR:CD pulls ahead significantly. Provides the highest and most consistent aoe damage for a holy build. More than sweeping wind can. It can lead to hilarious situations with light but fast hitting mobs

    Seven Sided Strike: Fulminating Onslaught Finally, we have the finisher. Let me set the scene. You have placed down your Inner Sanctuary: Forbidden Palace, sucked in mobs with cyclone strike. These mobs now take 30% increased damage (perhaps more if you are rocking strongarm bracers) another 20-24% if you are using MoC (activated) or they are now so closely packed to see the full devastating effect of MoR:CD. You yourself are doing an extra 10-40% damage from BoH + Guiding Light. Then you use SSS:FO - 7 strikes for 977% weapon damage each that has an explosive range 7 yards of the target hit. You can imagine the devastation. Pulling off the combination just right can result in 1 shotting elite packs.

    Passive Skills:

    One with Everything/Seize the Initiative: Standard defense skills for a monk. Most take both, why don't we? Because we want the extra slot for other more useful passives. With the healing we get from BoH and Soothing Breeze rune on cyclone strike, you don't need both. Pick whichever suits your gear best. You'll want to try keep your armour and resistance fairly equal in their damage reduction. Adjust with paragon points where needed.

    Guiding Light/Combination Strike A fantastic passive for this build. Because of the all the healing skills we use, you can see your damage be increased by up to 30% for 10 seconds. This is awesome in group play as it can buff your allies too. BoH will likely only heal those in melee with you, but if you take the soothing breeze rune on cyclone strike, the ranged should get it too. True it won't always be up, but it gives you the damage when you need most - when you take the most damage; typically vs elites. If you do not take enough damage to get consistent use from Guiding Light, swap it out for combination strike.

    Exalted Soul Pulling off the cyclone strike/mantra activation/SSS combo can be spirit demanding - exalted soul gives you both the spirit pool required to make the build run smoothly and gives bonus spirit regen - which is always nice.

    Beacon of Ytar Provides 20% CDR.

    Bonus Skill: Dashing Strike: Quicksilver I adore this skill and it broke my heart to exclude it from the build. It will save your life more than you know. I didn't include it in the build because I couldn't really find space for it to be perfectly honest. If you want to be more mobile go ahead and use this skill. I'm not confident in telling you which skill to sacrifice for Dashing Strike. As of this moment I would say BoH but I keep changing my mind on this matter. I'll cop out and say it depends on playstyle and personal preference :)

    Extra gear notes: This starting build works best while dual wielding.

    1.2 - Group play:

    This is the current group play build I use with the Eye of Peshkov - I'll also discuss alternatives if you lack EoP.


    The main changes is swapping exalted soul for Unity and using Mantra of Retribution: Transgression.

    Unity has obvious benefits in group play, the choice of transgression on MoR is to supplement the Unity change. First off - without exalted soul you feel a bit spirit starved, the answer is more attack speed to get more spirit generation from your WotHF. Secondly, transgression is a HUGE dps buff to your group. 10% IAS for all allies is no joke. Conviction is also good for group play but then you will not get the Unity damage bonus.

    A more minor change is to highly advise the Soothing Breeze rune for Cyclone Strike. Between BoH and CS heals you will be buffing yourself and also your groups dps everytime you heal them since we are using the Guiding Light passive. Not to mention that you are healing your group!

    The rest of the skills stay the same as outlined in the core build (subject to gear). Inner Sanctuary is great as the dmg reduciton and extra damage dealt benefits the entire party, cyclone strike groups the mobs together for everyone to blast down. SSS:FO will take down elite health VERY quickly and speed the disaptching of said elites.

    If you don't have EoP - BoH: Blazing wrath is still a good option. You could use Exploding palm: The flesh is weak instead, but my own testing has shown it to be too spirit demanding in this build.

    Overall this Holy Monk build is VERY powerful - you not only do decent damage yourself but provide invaluable utility to the group. I would go so far as to say that this is one of the best monk builds for group play.

    Here's a Video of group play: http://youtu.be/_CHXJHUQfNg

    1.3 - Itemization:

    As much as I would like to just give you a picture that shows you how to gear - it is not that simple since the build changes a bit depending on your gear.

    In general you will want to prioritize Dex, crit chance and crit damage. Getting the min requirement of 20% CDR from items/paragon points is a complex process as your raw CDR is not the same as your actual CDR.
    Use this CDR calculator to help you in this regard - http://bannedofgamers.com/index.php?cdr/

    At the same time though you will want to buff your Seven Sided Strike. This can be gotten on shoulders and chest. But you also want CDR on the shoulders. My suggestion is that if you can get 40% CDR without the shoulders, then do it. More CDR is ofcourse useful for the build. You can also supplement your CDR from paragon points. CDR is also available from the set bonus from The Captain's Trimmings.

    Getting SSS skill damage on shoulders and/or chest is very important as it is an additional multiplier to your damage.
    Quick Example on 'The extra multiplier' say you have a skill that does 100% weapon damage and already have +20% damage from some item and you have the choice to either increase that damage by 10% or get an additional multiplier of 10%. What you are essentially choosing between is this:

    100 * 1.2 = 120% weapon damage
    100 * 1.1 * 1.1 = 121% weapon damage

    So you get more out of an extra multiplier rather than adding to an existing multiplier.

    Holy skill damage is obviously important for the build. You can get it easily on any bracer or amulet.
    Holy skill is also uniquely available on select legendaries.

    1.4 - Build Changing Items:

    Eye of Peshkov - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/eye-of-peshkov
    This item will really make this build shine and I will argue will give you the largest dps increase over any other. 38%-50% CDR on BoH is the key here. With 40% CDR + a decent roll on the helm CDR for BoH - we can get BoH down to a 5 second cooldown. Switch the rune to Circle of Scorn and suddenly you have a nice heal on a 5 second cooldown that also does 505% weapon damage as Holy with no spirit cost - too good to be true, no? We will lose the 10% damage boost from Blazing Light but the damage the skill does more than makes up for it. The kill speed increases dramatically with this item. You'll move from cyclone striking groups of mobs and stopping to dps them for bit to just CS them and hitting them with BoH and then moving on.
    Skills to change:
    BoH: Blazing Light ---> BoH: Circle of Scorn.

    Video of Eye of Peshkov variation: http://youtu.be/3aL8LgHvHzw

    Sunwuko's Charms (Monkey Kings Garb 4 set): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/sunwukos-crown
    If you can get the 4 set bonus of this set - well then you have ascended to the next level. The damage increase is absolutely staggering and game changing. Almost the entire build will change and there are endless variations. I've created a seperate thread dedicated to Sunwuko Holy Builds found here: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/monk-the-inner-sanctuary/89298-the-monkey-kings-wrath-sunwukos-4-set-builds-2-0-6

    Skycutter + Gezaniku - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/skycutter / http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/genzaniku
    This one is more down to playstyle and is only worthwhile in solo play. Switch out BoH with an elemental ally - Air if you have a lot of holy skill damage, fire otherwise. Then switch out guiding light for unity. Now in solo play you will have 2 pernament allies effected by your mantra giving you 10% bonus damage (and 5% to them) + an additional 5% everytime the weapon affix procs, summoning an additional ally. This way you can take full advantage of unity while in solo play. Do note you will need to use MoR:CD as MoC doesnt affect allies and so you will not get the unity bonus damage.
    Skills to Change:
    Guiding Light ---> Unity
    BoH ---> Fire/Air Ally

    1.5 - Suggested Items:

    Strongarm Bracers - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/strongarm-bracers
    Easy enough to get crit and holy skill damage on these badboys. The reason we want them is for the affix. up to 30% increased damage taken by enemies that have been knocked back. Cyclone strike counts as a knockback and so we will gain a lot of extra damage from using these.

    Skycutter - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/skycutter
    The only weapon with +holy skill damage on it. Can go up to +20% Holy skill damage. Nuff said.
    There is no other +holy skill damage weapon sadly. So for dual wielding I would suggest a weapon with a nice damage affix to go alongside your Skycutter. Something like Thunderfury or Fulminator. Check out the diablo game guide for other possibilities.

    Hallowed Barricade - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/hallowed-barricade


    Lidless wall - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/lidless-wall
    If you want to try out higher torment levels, or do some of the easier bounties on a torment level your not comfortable with, pick one of these. Extra holy skill damage on both. Shields are also a good source of crit chance (up to 10%). I currently run torment 4 with the build, but pop on a shield to do the easier torment 6 bounties when I need to farm gold.

    Holy Beacon - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/holy-beacon Spirit regen, holy damage, holy skill damage. Well now, this seems very nice. Probably the best amulet in terms of raw damage for the build. However you might favour an immunity amulet over this for survival. Trust your gut when making the call. Update: I got one of these recently and it doesn't roll the way the game guide indicates - its kinda bad actually. Get a normal amulet and roll holy skill damage on it.

    Stone of Jordan - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/stone-of-jordan
    A ring that can have 20% holy skill damage, and a huge amount of damage against elites! Need i say more?

    1.6 - Where's Wave of Light?

    Wave of Light is now here since 2.0.5 - After some testing I made a somewhat viable WoL build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#UPjeSi!XYUh!babbYZ

    The concept of the build is to spam WoL with high spirit regeneration. This means high attack speed, spirit generation through air ally, SW: inner storm & ofcourse, dual wielding.

    The build itself preforms decently, however I wouldn't take out over the core build above, its just here as an option. The new WoL is still a more expensive LTK with no special effects. The good runes for WoL have been relegated to other elemental types. Here's a video showing some gameplay and some of my thoughts on the changes: http://youtu.be/WWVFtz73gb0

    1.7 - Credit where credit is due

    A huge thanks to the monk community on Diablo Fans for all the great feedback and suggestions when this guide was still a work in progress. This Holy guide has really been a community effort - thank you all.
    Special thanks to Netherfrost, his lightning monk guide inspired me to write a guide of my own. Thanks to Shinna1989 too for the great advice he's given and invaluable information he has provided.
    Major changes were made to the original build from suggestions by Rjin, Rathgood, Occultic, Arwl and more generally by pretty much everyone else who posted in the thread :)
    On a side note: Some of you may have noticed I have a youtube channel i'm trying to get off the ground. I'll take this opportunity to shamelessly promote it!

    Check out my channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Siarzone



    Below this line is the original concept, kept it so some of the thread responses still make sense :)

    Holy Build: Implosion

    Disclaimer: This build is very much a work in progress. I'm looking for feedback to help improve the build. Concept: I was getting bored of lightning to be perfectly honest. I wanted to try something different and I happened upon some holy gear and got to work attempting a holy build.
    After much tinkering, I settled on this build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#UTXfRk!bXVg!bcaZca

    The idea is to essentially destroy everything in a short burst of damage. Coupled with high Cooldown Reduction.
    This is achieved by a combination of skills and dps boosts.

    Video: http://youtu.be/9YsPvw7PbKI

    Gameplay: Inner Sanctuary: Forbidden Palace is cast first, providing damage mitigation and making enemies take an additional 30% damage.
    Then Cyclone Strike: Implosion to suck in all the enemies to the forbidden place and to proc the bonus damage from strongarm bracers followed by a quick activation of Mantra of Conviction:Overawe so they take an additional 24% damage
    And then, Seven sided Strike: Fulminating Onslaught for overwhelming damage.

    The combo is great, but I felt like something was missing to keep the pacing up, but at the same time I didn't have enough spirit for another spirit spender. Then I found Eye of Peshkov and suddenly I had a large damage AND heal spell from Breath of Heaven: Circle of Scorn on a 5 second cooldown! In my current gear this thing crits for about 10 million. (my gear is average).

    For Passives I went for combination strike, STI, exalted soul and Beacon of Ytar.
    The reason OWE isnt there is simply because of how my gear rolled. With STI i was getting an extra 2.5k armour while OWE was only giving me an extra 100 resistance. By all means take OWE if its a better fit for your gear. why didnt i take both? Well since I use a shield with holy damage i felt like i didn't need both, freeing up a passive slot for combination strike for extra damage. I may pick it up again in the future on higher torment levels.

    Suggested Items: Eye of Peshkov - provides 38-50% CDR on Breath of Heaven, making it a viable damage spell.
    Skycutter + Lidless wall/Hallowed barricade - Provides extra holy skill damage and shields are capable of a huge amount of crit and toughness

    a theoretical alternative i was thinkign of was to get the monkey kings 2 set bonus and the flow of eternity for 20% extra damage while using combat staffs and a huge amount of CDR on SSS. I havnt got them yet so I havn't been able to test.

    Strongarm Bracers - the extra dmg from knockback is invaluable to this build. Get them. With holy skill %

    Other than these items, just go for +Holy on amulet and look for as much CDR/Crit/Crit Damage as possible aswell as keeping your toughhness at a comfortable level for your difficulty level.

    When I get more gold/resources i'm planning on getting the 2 set from Captain's and 3 set from aughilds. I'm also farming for a Ring of Royal Grandeur so that I can get the Aughilds 3 set with just 2 items.

    In terms of + skill damage, I want to get Seven Sided Strike on my chest so I can keep the CDR on my shoulders while getting the extra multiplier. I don't have it at the moment as I don't have a suitable chest peice with the right affix roll.

    Alternative Skills: I'm a bit split about which mantra to use. I've gone with MoC:O for now as it seems to work well, but my eye keeps going back to MoR with the Collateral Damage rune. It seems really good, but i can't really track is performance during combat very well.

    Lacking Peshkov's I wouldn't suggest using breath of heaven, but finding an alternative skill to fill the space is rather challenging. If you can think of anything let me know. But for the time being, this build requires Peshkov's IMO.
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    Update 19/04: DW added + video

    The Scorpion's Sting


    This is a Lightning Build aimed at easing you into higher levels of torment. The build centers around the damage and CC capabilities of Lashing Tail Kick: Scorpion Sting (LTK:SS).

    This build is based off a previous build I made (Found here: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/monk-the-inner-sanctuary/83769-epiphany-lightning-monk-build). So why a new thread you ask? Since then I've learned a lot and fine-tuned the build and realized that I took a lot of knowledge for granted in the original guide. Hence this guide will strive to be more detailed and expand further on my choices for the build.

    As is true of any build, you can chop and change certain abilities dependent on intended use/difficulty. This is primarily a 2H build but can be adapted to DW. I will cover this and more in this guide.


    • 1.0 - Video - Tl;DR version & Demonstration
    • 1.1 - The Build1.2 - Itemization
    • 1.3 - Spirit Generation & You
    • 1.4 - Attack speed & Pacing
    • 1.5 - Gameplay
    • 1.6 - Alternative Skills
    • 1.7 - Dual-Wielding

    1.0 - Video TL;DR version of the guide, here I will briefly explain the build and demonstrate it on Torment 3
    Dual Wield vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA5LsOBb8Uw

    1.1 - The Build Link to Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WdPZSQ!UdXY!bbaYcZ

    Active Skills
    Crippling Wave: Rising Tide So right off the bat we aren't using a lightning based spirit generator. Why? Crippling wave is a wide aoe attack. Hitting an entire group of mobs will result in many crits (handle it) resulting in many whirlwinds from Sweeping Wind: Cyclone. Additionally, the rune generates a bonus 4 spirit on critical hit per critically hit target. More on spirit generation in section 1.3.

    Dashing Strike: Quicksilver When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Aside from the obvious mobility bonus, Dashing Strike will save your life more than any other skill. Use of this skill ranges from speeding through levels, repositioning for more effective LTK hits, reposition out of dangerous elite monster affixes and healing. Yes, healing. The tactic is to avoid using health globes if you don't need them. Keep an eye where they drop and when you need the healing, dashing strike to it quickly and get back into combat.

    Lashing Tail Kick: Scorpion Sting The namesake of this build, provides fantastic damage output as well as CC through the 85% chance to stun for 1.5 seconds. Lightning Damage. Apply liberally in any situation. ???. Profit.

    Epiphany: Desert Shroud This is your elite killer and should not be used for anything but elites. With some spirit supplementation, this will allow you to spam LTK for almost complete stun-lock. Desert Shroud will keep you alive through most monster affixes to maxmise LTK output on groups of elites. Additionally makes you immune to immobilizing effects.

    Sweeping Wind: Cyclone The staple AoE skill for any lightning monk build. Benefits greatly from crit %. Lightning Damage.

    Mantra of Healing: Circular Breathing Mostly chosen for the rune for spirit regen. The health regeneration supplements your healing and activating the mantra can save your life or buy you precious seconds to pop a health potion or make your escape. More on spirit regeneration in section 1.3

    Passive Skills One with Everything - Great resistance
    Seize the Initiative - Armour from Dex
    Transcendence - Healing per spirit spent
    The Guardian's Path - 35% increased Spirit Generation while using a 2hander (more on this in 1.3)

    Paragon Points Movement speed is invaluable in any class/spec. So go for Movement speed until 25%. Remember that Paragon MS is treated the same as item MS when reaching the movement speed bonus cap. After 25% Chuck the rest into Dex.
    Resistance=Armour % Choose whichever is lowest in dmg mitigation, more on this in the next section.
    Crit > Crit Damage unless your crit damage is appallingly low then get Crit Damage > Crit %
    LoH > Resource Cost Reduction.

    1.2 - Itemization Here is a rule of thumb picture detailing affixes to look out for on each equipment slot. Personal preference (PP) just means choose what you feel is best for you with your current gear (if you have a choice). As with anything, this isn't strict. Choose what is best for you gear.


    • PP = Personal Preference
    • C% = Crit Chance*
    • CD = Crit Damage*
    • DR = Damage Reduction (Armour or resistances)*
    • Vit = Vitality
    • Dex = Dexterity
    • CW = Cripping Wave Damage
    • SW = Sweeping Wind Damage
    • LTNG = Lightning Skill %
    • S = Sockets *Gem resistance in Armour, Crit damage in weapon
    • LTK = Lashing Tail Kick Damage
    • *See section below

    Image shamelessly stolen and edited from MannerCookies Crusader Guide.

    Schaefer's Hammer http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/schaefers-hammer
    This weapon is without a doubt the best weapon for this build. The only 2hander that increases lightning skill damage. The affix is also amazing. It effectively has twice the strength of Sweeping Wind and is active 90% of the time and can crit (while sweeping wind can't). my own testing shows only about 1 second without it being up. Maybe i'm just lucky but I found two of these bad boys on my first day playing RoS. The first generously donated by Malthael on my first kill of him.

    *Buffing LTK Since LTK is your main attack in this build you want to buff it as much as possible. You can get increased LTK damage on Boots and helm rares easily enough. After that you have to look for Lightning Skill Damage. Lightning Skill Damage is easily available on Amulets and Bracer rares and are exclusively available on Eye of the Storm (Helm), Schaefer's Hammer (Wep), Thunder God's Vigor (Belt), Stone of Jordan (Ring 1) Wyrdward (Ring 2)

    * On crit% and crit damage Generally you will want to go for crit. However you need to balance this against your crit damage %. 50% crit chance with 0% crit damage isnt too useful. I have no stat weights to give you, you'll have to go for what feels better. At the moment I'm unhappy if I'm below 35% crit so I treat that as the threshold for crit before i start stacking crit damage. I feel they start to balance out equally around 50% crit 500% crit damage.

    * On Damage mitigation/Toughness You want to try, where possible, to keep your armour and resistance fairly level with each other. Now monks tend to have far more mitigation from resistance than they do from armour. But this can be controlled in your paragon points, shifting points from resistance to armour % where necessary.
    You will want to aim for about 70-80% dmg mitigation from armour and the same from resistance, with about 350-400k HP.

    1.3 - Spirit Generation & You So the big question I always get asked is why spirit generation? Because Maths! The goal for this build is to be able to spam LTK with epiphany up and have room to activate your mantra when in a tough spot. All this while not emptying your spirit pool. LTK cost 30 spirit to cast. Epiphany grants 20 spirit/second, circular breathing gives 3spirit/second. With the guardians path you end up with 23*1.35 = 31.05 Spirit per second. "But Siar!" I hear you say "That is only per second, you may be casting faster than that!". You are absolutely right. And that is the primary reason for this being a 2hander build. I will go over this in the next section.

    But first, the other goal of this build was for it to not rely entirely on epiphany. The rising tide rune on crippling wave with the guardians path will make sure you have enough spirit to be liberal with your LTK casts when you are killing normal mobs or epiphany is on cooldown. In my opinion there are some really great elite killing builds out there but they are subject to lining up cooldowns which isn't always going to happen. So I really wanted to make sure this build can hold its own without relying too much on cooldowns. Additionally, while there is spirit generation on items, I don't want to rely on them either as we have more important affixes to look for without trying to also get spirit generation. Let's be realistic here folks.

    1.4 - Attack Speed & Pacing The ideal attack speed for this build is 1.2-1.3 attacks per second. The reason is that you want to make sure you are getting the stun off from your LTK:SS but without emptying your spirit pool during epiphany, i.e. pace yourself and sustain the stun and dps. The stun lasts for 1.5 seconds with an 85% chance to stun. 1.5*0.85 = 1.275 LTK per second for optimal CC. This does mean that you are dumping 38.25 spirit per second with 31.05 spirit regen. However with a spirit pool of 150 you should last 18 seconds and epiphany is only 15 seconds, in realistic combat situation you will cast less than 1.275 LTK per second, leaving room to activate your mantra if needed. Now I know a lot of people are going to disagree on me with this concept of pacing. But it works, check out the video, try out the build yourself!

    1.5 - Gameplay The video best shows the gameplay of this build in action. But for the sake of completeness let me write it here.
    Dashing strike to get around and into the middle of enemies, also used for healing, repositioning, getting out of aoe and hunting down dangerous ranged mobs/treasure goblins.
    Once in a group, sweeping wind, LTK away ??? Profit. If elites, pop epiphany.

    1.6 - Alternative Skills This build is designed for higher levels of torment and assumes you will play somewhat tactically. If however you want to just have fun smashing things on a lower difficulty then there are a few options for you.

    Cyclone Strike - Eye of the Storm - Swapped with Dashing Strike. Lightning Damage based attack. Sucks in mobs which you can then LTK to smithereens. The reason this isn't in the primary build is that I find that dashing strike gives you the mobility to survive just about anything while cyclone strike, while also nice, will not help you survive and in fact will likely trap you between mobs you'd rather not be with (Fire chains etc) on lower difficult, however, this is not an issue and you can kill mobs faster. Great for group play

    Epiphany - Inner Fire If the level you are playing at you don't worry about survivability, then this rune is for you! Inner Fire, while not lightning damage, will add a tonne of burst damage to your epiphany killing streaks. Using it in combination with LTK will provide fire damage that will hit every available target on your screen. THE ENTIRE SCREEN. Sturdy Barrels included.

    Mantra of Conviction - Overawe/Annihilation Whether you want to destroy your enemies or speed through, one of these runes is suited for you! While we will miss the spirit generation and healing from mantra of healing, if you don't have a worry about healing and were lucky enough to get a spirit generating item of 3+ while getting all the other affixes you want, then hey you are set! The MS bonus of annihilation is fantastic for speed runs and group play, overawe if you really want to see those big numbers. Good for group play

    Passive Skills Entirely dependent on how confident you are with your toughness at your level of play. I would advise keeping OWE but STI can be replaced with either combination strike or Mythic Rhythm for extra damage. If your healing is comfortable too, then transcendence can be replaced with either two of the above mentioned. Unity is great for group play as well.

    1.7 - Dual Wielding Hey guys. Sorry it took so long to get the dual wield build sorted.

    First off I have to apologize. My dual wield build has changed significantly which is why it took so long to get to this part.
    The end result is that the build is completely different to what I had originally envisioned. Although retains some of the main tenants outlined in this guide for being a lightning monk. As such I'll keep the description short.

    The Build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#bZdSiP!iYUX!bYbcZa


    The Build: Deadly Reach: Scattered Blows This spirit generator incorporates the only lightning rune of deadly reach, however, only on the third attack. But there is method to the madness. DR:SB has high attack rate and great aoe damage a swell as knockback that can be taken advantage of with a pair of strongarm bracers. It also boasts an 84% cyclone generation rate from crits, the highest of the lightning spirit generators.
    Dashing Strike: Quicksilver When the tough... uh nvm, I've retained this skill from the original build. It provides the fast paced feeling a lightning monk requires and will save your life more than you know. Some folks dont see the point in an extra charge, but when you are dodging between arcane sentry's, whilst trying to get your hits in, you will thank the gods for the extra charge.
    Epiphany: Desert Shroud Large defence bonus combined with insane spirit regeneration to lock down your foes with your main spirit spend (LTK) aswell as to spend a large amount of spirit to heal yourself (transcendence)
    Lashing Tail Kick: Scorpion Sting Retained from the original build, provides great survivability against elites by keeping them locked down. Out of epiphany, combine with mythic rhythm for those multi-millionaire crits. Lightning Damage.
    Sweeping Wind: Cyclone Although not much damage by itself, the cyclone procs can prove deadly. A single cyclone can crit for more than you can imagine (i'm getting upwards of 470k crits) now imagine 10 of these bad boys active at the same time. You can thank DR:SB for that.
    Mantra of Retribution: Transgression Mainly taken for the rune. 10% increased Attack speed is no joke. The reason for taking this skill is that in gearing I want to focus on lightning damage, crit, crit damage and LTK damage. There just isn't room for much IAS in that demanding lineup! So transgression + Paragon points provides IAS for you. IAS means more spirit generation which means more LTK which means more spirit spent which means more healing from spirit spent. It also means butload more cyclone procs from SW:C

    Passives: One with everything Seize the Initiative Transcendence
    Mythic Rhythm/Unity Mythic Rhythm deserves some elaboration however. Mythic Rhythm provides 40% increased damage on your next spirit spender after 3 hits from your spirit generator. The benefits are obvious for LTK. But did you know it works for sweeping wind too? Indeed! While playing I wondered why I bothered with sweeping wind when it does minimal damage and the cyclones only critted for 250-300k. Then I used mythic rythm and woah, those cyclone crits became deadly, clocking out at half a million (in my current gear).

    Itemization: Itemization is the same as mentioned above, except you are looking for lightning DW weapons. Shard of Hate, Thunderfury, Fulminator, WKL, Odyn son - just to name a few.
    Gameplay: Three hits from DR, activate SW. Watch the pretty cyclones. LTK with Mythic Rythm, if elite mobs appear, pop epiphany and spam LTK. you will not be able to sustain the spammage so when you run out of spirit during epiphany, alternate the LTK to lineup with mythic rythm until you have full spirit again. I'm in the process of making a video to showoff the gameplay.
    Posted in: Monk: The Inner Sanctuary
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