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    posted a message on If you could play as any monster in the game, what would you be?
    I'd be one of those succubus-type flying demon ladies from Act V.

    I'd spend my whole life doing ill deeds...only to be slain by some great hero, and cry out in ecstasy: "Aaaaahhhhh!"
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    I'm so tired of keeping my mouth shut, I just thought I'd spew my nonsensical crap all over this forum for you to enjoy.

    You see, my problem is with the current art and gameplay direction of Diablo 2.

    When I first played the game, my reaction was pure joy. As I got a little more time to move around in the environments, though, I began to notice some things that I really do not enjoy. I know we all love Blizzard very much, but they are human just like the rest of us, and they are bound to make mistakes too.

    Listed below are some of my ideas that I think Blizzard should change while there is still a chance.

    The environments are too bright. Remember D1? Everything was black and red and brown? Go back to that. In fact, go back to that and DARKEN IT AGAIN. My character should be barely (if at all) visible, I shouldn't be able to know there are monsters around until I hear them beating their fists (or weapons, or talons) against my shields and armor.

    Gold doesn't take up enough space. I want to be so overwhelmed by my wealth that my inventory simply cannot hold it all. I want the town to glimmer with the piles of my gold that overflow from my pockets. For best effect, let's try one gold piece per inventory slot.

    Too many potions. In fact, let's get rid of potions altogether. If we want to regain health, we'd either have to drink the life force from the veins of our slain enemies, or hope there's a well nearby.

    Too cartoony. You may think it looks just like D1 but better graphically, but you are WRONG Blizzard. The fact remains that you're starting to make it look an awful lot like Warcraft 3. I want no respite from the burning demons of hell. Everything should look like something out of the deepest pits of my nightmares. From the smallest imps to the biggest boss, I want to shit my pants at least 50 times per hour while playing this game.

    Too many numbers. I don't want to have to whip out a calculator every time I play Diablo 2. Just let me guess how much chance-to-block or life-steal something has. It'll make the game more interesting and exciting.

    Too many terms to remember. I don't care about DoT, IAS, Stamina, Vitality, or any of that. Just have "Damage", "Health", "Mana", and "Experience".

    Too many skills. Really, who has the time to write down every possible skill set one character could come up with? Just have two skills that we pump up the whole game. One would be "hit", our normal attack, and the other would be "badass demon-killer", our mana-heavy skill that we would use to clear a room or just look cool.

    In conclusion, if you could go ahead and take care of these things, I'm sure Diablo 2 will be a huge success. But if you don't do anything, I'm sure you'll alienate your whole fanbase and wont sell over 500,000 copies. And that's being generous.

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