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    Uhm, actually there is a reward past chapter 4, which is extra stash space from getting Conqueror. Mind you, it's still super easy, but at least it's not completed in one day for a normal/casual player (statistically speaking).

    I think we should have more goals, but the startup with the free set right now is a good idea. It's terribly boring having to grind your first set from yellows each new season, I'd rather have a quick set like now in S5, and then have more things to do.

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    posted a message on 90% all Resist with best in slot gear and getting crushed on still.
    Easily explained: 900+ AR is nice, but you have NO ARMOR. The paragon points aren't enough to keep you up unless you have a solid base, since it's a % increase. You may be sitting around 72-75 reduction from AR, but you are miles behind on armor. No wonders you die.
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    Simply put: you need more CC/CD. Get a socket on each weapon and put emeralds on them. Helm, gloves, bracers, amulet and both rings can and SHOULD have critical chance on them. If they don't, enchant them. Of all this list, only your bracers are fine.
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