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    Look at those new passives.

    Look at all the buffs.

    Stop complaining over a nerf to a mandatory build.
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    4 WP/s on 2h flail afaik.
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    Finally got a fate of the fell with a socket. Worst DPS ever and area damage stat. Had to roll WP/S so it's stuck at 2500 dps.
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    http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/vapen-2915/Turalyon/38454810 is my profile.

    No, I haven't. I'm currently running the 6p bonus, haven't had any luck with the legs.
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    I've been lurking the Crusader forums since launch, giving me an opportunity to explore the different builds posted, as well as trying different approaches to different elements. I have, however, noticed a lack of physical builds (correct me if I'm wrong) and I'd like to share the one I'm currently running. I'm melting through T3 like a truck, but haven't really tried it above. I might give it a go though, but the build is mainly for fun, and the fact that it hits like a freaking truck.

    I apologize in advance if I've forgotten something and if the post is sloppy, but I just got home from the university and I'm kinda tired.

    The build

    Just a little heads up, it is dependant on the 6 set Crusader bonus.

    Akarat's Champion - Rally

    This one is quite self explanatory. Once you have the 6 set bonus, this rune is very powerful. Especially when lined up with Bombardment, Judgement and Iron Skin.

    Phalanx - Shield Charge

    I tried this one and Stampede for Phalanx. The Stampede is quite lackluster in the sense of constantly knocking everything back, which renders the skill nothing but annoying.

    Judgement - Resolved

    If you lack crit, go for it. If not, dont. I had some bad luck on my rolls, so I lack some crit.

    Provoke - Hit Me/anything that floats your goat

    For those rare moments when there are enemies alive and you lack Wrath.

    Iron Skin - Explosive Skin/Falling Sword - Rise Brothers/Flurry

    I prefer Iron Skin, and the explosive skin rune gives a little extra burst. Falling Sword is lacking, but it's considerable going for it. Lacking in the sense of channeling-time as well as wrath-cost.

    Bombardment - Impactful Bombardment


    Passives:Lord Commander and Heavenly Strength are both mandatory for this build, for obvious reasons. The two remaining are a bit of a nitpick, really. I'm running wrathful and divine fortress due to lack of toughness from my stupid rolls on my set.


    As previously stated, the 6p is required in order to run w/o a wrath builder. For my other slots I'm using +physical damage wherever possible and I'd prefer having +bomb damage on chest+shoulders (I believe?). However, due to unlucky rolls, I'm running w/o +bomb damage. Get +Phalanx damage on boots (at the very least), and head if you have a good roll on it. Dont forget to have at least some cooldown reduction rolls.

    Weapons: Baleful Remnant/Mortal Drama. The former spawns tons of adds, each critting for some 6m on average (for me, at least). Mandatory: roll wrath per sec on shield or flail.

    Optimal would be 5 set pieces (e.g. head, gloves, legs, boots and chest) and 2 pieces of Aughild's (shoulders/bracers) to get the + elite damage. A stone of jordan with physical damage as well as crit damage (obviously). Neck with physical damage, the set reduce required thingy ring from A1 bounties.


    I'm popping everything at all times, melting through every elite pack with ease. First and foremost, pop champion (almost 100 % uptime on it), judgement, bombardment and spam phalanx. I usually pop everything because Rally will reset it anyway.
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    The steed feels quite obsolete at the moment, imo.. It's a wasted skill slot.
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    Feels like blessed hammer is unbeatable at the moment, even with the FoH buff yesterday. Trying FoH with some 85 % + lightning damage and 1m damage as well as solid toughness (around 10m, depends on which head I use), but it feels kinda lackluster compared to the spamable blessed hammer.

    I'd love for someone to prove me wrong though, since FoH is more fun and more versatile as well as some sort of skill involved with setting up the lightning stuff properly.
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