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    Quote from Mostrup

    Gosh, why are all PvP'ers feeling so buttfucked atm? Stop whining for god sake! You don't know what plans Blizzard has with the PvP, yet you already cry like babies. WAIT TILL THE FUCKING PVP PATCH IS RELEASED - then you can start whatever it is you're doing.

    I see myself as a PvM myself, HOWEVER I will of course play a whole bunch of PvP aswell. Just wanted to make that clear.

    I can't stop comparing PvP'ers to MW3 players with all of this whining, over and over. If you don't like the game, simply don't buy it. Go back to WoW, or develop your own fucking game.

    Cheers lads.
    Typical butthurt ignorant PvM player. Adds absolutely nothing to the conversation beyond his tears.

    Also everything we are asking for we had in Diablo 2, not WoW. Just proves how ignorant you kids are. Funny too, this is a great example of why hostile button and PK were perfect for Diablo, it was a great way to shut little kids like you guys up. When you are all safe and protected by daddy Blizzard you guys get big mouths, as soon as that goes away you guys curl up in a ball and piss yourselves.

    I think you nailed pretty much everything we really want Omega. If we want ranks and ladders we will make them ourselves like in Diablo 2.
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    Quote from Conax

    DUNCAN99: "small amount of people" rofl, how come D2 survived this long? Not to kill mephisto, diablo or baal one more time thats for sure. Also, there wouldnt be nerfs in PvE because the PvP and PvE skills are separate and they can adjust things specifically to PvP without nerfing PvE. The fun in a nonrated arena wont last long, it will get boring and repetetive when there is no specific goal. A part of the fun in PvP is to climb rankings, get achievements, get braging rights about your rank/rating etc. Also, you're wrong about Diablo 3 not being competetive when it comes to gear. Its a competetive nature there aswell even though its not competetive in a tournament kind of way. People will compare gear with others and start braging about your awsome gear once you've collected the gear you want and thats competetive in its own way.

    If the nonrated arena came with more rewards then just cool banners, achievements etc it would be alot more fun. For example: The higher "rank" you get in PvP even though its not visible, the cooler you can look through vanity items. That would make the arena alot more rewarding because eventually you can stand out from the rest if you get high rank enough to get that last PvP vanity item to look awsome. Having just a banner to brag about aint that cool.
    I agree with you on a lot of your points, however to say that nonrated arena won't last long but praise Diablo 2 for surviving so long on nonranked pvp just seems all sorts of contradiction. The PvP community will do what we always have done and that is make our rules, make our ladders, and take control of the PvP. We don't require and honestly I don't want Blizzard to intervene with this process, this is what makes a community shine. We don't have to worry about Blizzard making radical changes because some new comers don't quite understand all of the mechanics and how to be good at PvP.
    I am sure Capcom when they made Street Fighter had the idea that it would be a global phenomenon and a huge tournament game...not. The community makes the game in the long run, the developer pretty much just gives us the tools to do what we want. If the community deems that Diablo 3 become an esport or a hardcore PvP game then it will happen, we won't get help from Blizzard but who cares? As far as I am concerned from listening to interviews, the Diablo team isn't even good at Diablo, they struggle with PvM and couldn't hang with PvP, those arn't the people I want sticking their nose in the communities business.
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    I feel barbarian will be the top if anyone is. He has so many options in this one its ridiculous. He has faster speed, critical, chain grab, slow opponent, leap. He should have no problem catching a wizard and breaking their face.
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    From Kotaku: Link
    Only so many days left in August!
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    Quote from _Gnipahellir_

    Another topic about RMAH, I'm surprised if anyone is going to read this, but here I go.
    I wanted to shed some light on the impact RMAH may have on one of the core developing philosophies Blizzard has for this game, which is, if I remember correctly, feeling powerful! The skills, the gear, the environment and the story are all (partly) geared to making you feel powerful in this game. This also includes, in my opinion, other players. If I'm fighting besides someone with the same level as me, but with massively better gear, it will probably make me feel small and less useful. Sure I can still blow away enemies in 3 hits, but my
    co-op player can do it in 1 hit!
    Granted, RMAH does not create more gear then otherwise would be in the game (apart from the fact that more people might play it, i.e. sweatshops), but it does allow players a shortcut to powerful gear. Which is something that makes me feel different then if I knew that the guy next to me was just really, really lucky, or has been playing for a very long time.
    So in a sense, although it does not necessarily directly impact the core philosophy of this game, it does makes me feel different about the outcome of that philosophy.

    And sure you can choose who to play with, but that's another discussion I think.

    I guess I'm slightly against the RMAH, but we'll see how it all goes.
    ......Did any of you complaining about RMAH actually play Diablo 2? Or are you all from WoW? You don't seem to understand Diablo at all or how Diablo 2 ran. If you did you would realize and understand all of your statements are flawed to a T.
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    "Now, skill and trait points were also removed."
    ...Why? Who cares if people hoard up points for a later skill, if they could make skills that were actually useful like they said they could then there wouldn't be a reason to hoard. So now every barbarian is exactly the same beside gear till high level when Meta gear is found and bam everyone is the same, fantastic.
    Also why the hell would I use Bash or whatever low tier skill once I unlock the high tier skill? Obviously they can't make the skill worth 2 shits with points put into it, why on earth would it be a better choice going off my weapon damage when the top tier skill will have an equal booster?

    Please don't tell me "Oh but there is more then 1 type of best gear" or "But but but runes in skills" all that shit will be figured out within a few months and top tier builds and gear will be known. Looks like Jay and the crew again are showing their inexperience with Diablo 1 and 2 when creating this game.

    Diablo 2 was bad enough when you smashed kids they wanted to know all your gear and build, now you limit it even more so there is no thinking involved ha.
    Way to make a series with a ton of re playability look stale for the first time, why the hell would I continue to play when 1 Barb or Monk is all in one and there is literally no customization.

    Why not just remove Mana and cool downs while we are at it? Lets remove ALL thinking required please!!!!
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    Quote from SFJake

    Oblivion is chuck full of flaws but its still the best out of the Elder Scrolls. Daggerfall is the most repetitive freedom game ever. Morrowind is horribly unnattractive. Oblivion is also stuck with extremely repetitive stuff. And all of them have bad combat.

    The Elder Scroll series is overrated for its freedom, yet its so bland and boring. But lots of people love the pointless freedom, for some reason. I admit, there's some fun to be had there, but still. And thats mostly only if you like to murder innocent people.

    So, Elder Scroll 5... can they actually pull out something attractive to me? I hope so. I like freedom, I just don't like how its done so far. And Fallout 3 is an horrible game.

    I don't want Elder Scroll V to go away from the idea of "freedom". I just hope they do it better.

    Considering that Morrowind and Oblivion were pretty much the prettiest games of their time your point seems mute. Their combat was bad? So swinging a sword = bad combat, or cocking an arrow back = boring, love it.
    Just curious what game do you like since I don't see you do anything but bitch.
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    Just what I did for the first 10 years of Diablo. Kill everyone who annoys you which on Diablo tends to be alot of people. You find ppl tend to act less like dicks when you are stepping on their bodies.
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    I hear Seth does Rushes sometimes for cheap.
    Worst comes to worst if you got some items you can trade em on D2jsp for some Forum gold and then buy a rush.
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    Hellfire was amazing. I don't see how anyone could dislike it. There was secret classes, there was also a way to get multiplayer but it looked like to few knew about it, and Na-Krul is amazing and should be built into the real story. Hellfire brought in alot of cool new stuff to make Diablo fresh again, and alot of Hellfire's ideas you see in Diablo 2-3.
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