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    So I'm rank 1 paragon NA now at 3130 by playing 16 hours a day on average. Got Rank #1 4 player and 2 of my team got banned so I guess my 4p clear should be removed? It's not the players job to be the botting police lol. I'm here to play at a high lvl, push leaderboards, and have fun. I hate to speak the truth but you guys think this ban wave fixes the game are wrong. The root problem is the paragon system giving too much bonus damage to anyone who can and is willing to play all day, everyday. If anything botting makes the game better. You should be able to play this game 6-8 hours a day and not feel like you are at a huge handicap because you are doing 70% less damage than the top paragon players. Not only does this make people feel like they can't compete but it also splits the player base where groups of people only play with others around the same paragon lvl for efficiency reasons. Anyways have fun with your little witch hunt and feel free to nerd rage at my post = D

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    thx guys

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    Honestly its better to go for farm speed in t10 and clear higher/faster to the point where the db farm can actually be more efficient. Either way tho db farm is a secondary thing, you pick up DBs along the way while farming grift keys at max efficiency. In the long run Grift Keys > DBs

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    Updated for 2.4

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    Quote from OniNaito»

    Didn't see one my favorite builds of yours in this post:

    2.3 T10 Speed Farm Barb (Whirlwind/Furious Charge)


    Do you believe this build to be obsoleted by your other builds or do you think there's still a place for it?

    it still works for higher torments if you desire to do them but the other build has better efficiency overall in torment 8. I find t9/10 to be kinda bad
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    Quote from Bagstone»

    Great post Chainer - thanks a lot for testing so much on PTR and posting all your builds! :)

    thx man = D
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    Quote from Volmarius»

    Really nice post!

    One question/request, could you edit your post in that way, that you add new header that shows Cube item selection too. I know you can see it, if you read whole post, but its easier to check your guide later, if you only want to see those "Cube only" selected items.

    Thanks for this guide!

    I figure it was easier to sort items by item type so if someone finds an item they are not sure is useful or not they can look in the item types list.
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    Quote from Hodus»

    Could you also add which potion is the best if it is different for each spec?

    I pretty much always use kulle-aid to break wallers
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    Quote from H02X»

    Fantastic post - Really reaching out to the community.

    Really cheeky question to follow: I was reading a Season 4 preparation post, can't remember who by, and it was stated they use a 'cheat sheet' for their levelling process. e.g. level 'x' apply 'x' skill to 'x' button, level 'x' apply 'x' rune to skill on 'x' button. Do you use anything like this and have anything to pass to the community?

    I do not, I just kinda wing it. The lvling process is so fast (around 4 hours so I don't take it too seriously) I mainly use whirlwind windshear and things like earthquake: mountains call, cleave is good early on, ect.
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    Hey guys Chainer here from twitch.tv/chainerfails
    If you have any questions or want to hang out stop by my live stream.

    What is the Barb meta like in Season 5?

    Here are a few of my higher end Grift clears on the final PTR patch.

    *Solo Raekor Barb - 86 (Rank #1) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bghEiG5D3S4

    *Raekor/Zbarb - 89 (Rank #1) - http://www.twitch.tv/chainerfails/v/34447974

    *Zbarb/Wiz - 82 (Zbarb perspective) - http://www.twitch.tv/chainerfails/v/34849381

    **Furious Charge Animation Cancel Technique** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68TAe8GB6ko


    This is a list of items with proper stats that will be useful for the barb in one or more build variants.
    If I missed any items or stat variants of items leave a post below and i'll try to update this thread.

    *Immortal Kings Boulder Breaker - (FC Grift) % damage/Str/Vit/Socket (FC T10) % damage/Str/CDR/Socket
    *Bul Kathos - (Zdps) vit/cdr/life per fury/socket + (str > average damage)
    *Blade of the Tribes - (Leap) % damage/Str/life per fury/Socket (Possible Variants) area damage or vit > life per fury
    (Cube) Standoff, Solanium, The Furnace

    *Focus/Restraint - (FC Grift/Leap) area damage/crit chance/crit damage/socket
    *Occulus ring - (Zdps) 85% bonus damage, crit/cooldown/vit/socket
    *Avarice Band - (FC T10) Str/Crit Damage/Crit Chance/Socket
    *Stone of Jordan - (FC T10) Physical %/Crit Damage/Elite Damage/Socket
    *Band of Might - (Zdps) crit/cooldown/vit/socket
    (Cube) Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Royal Ring, Band of Might

    *Mara's Kaleidoscope - (FC Grift) Physical%/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/Socket
    *Star of Azkaranth - (FC Grift) Str/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/Socket
    *Kymbo's Gold - (FC T10) Physical%/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/Socket
    *Flavor of Time - (FC T10) Physical%/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/Socket
    *Hellfire - (Zdps) Vit/Crit Chance/CDR/Socket (Leap) Physical%/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/Socket

    *Ancient Parthan Defenders - (FC Grift/Leap) Str/Vit/Physical %/Crit (Zdps) Str/Vit/all res/Crit
    *Warzechian Armguards - (FC T10) Str/Vit/Physical %/Crit
    *Skular's Salvation - (Leapquake possible variant) Physical/Str/Vit/Crit
    *Strong arms - (Zdps possible variant) Str/Vit/all res/Crit

    *Pride of Cassius - (Zdps) Str/vit/all res/life per fury
    *Chilanik's Chain - (Zdps) Str/vit/all res/life per fury
    *Immortal Kings - (FC T10/Grift) Str/vit/all res/life per fury
    *Dread Iron - (Leap) Str/vit/all res/life per fury
    (Cube) Chilanik's Chain, Pride of Cassius

    *Leorics Crown - (Zdps) Str/Vit/Crit/Socket (All Res > Str)
    *Immortal Kings Helm/Raekor Helm - (FC Grift/T10) Str/vit/crit/socket
    *Might of the Earth - (Leap) Str/vit/crit/socket

    *Mantle of Channeling - (Zdps) Str/Vit/All Res/CDR
    *Raekor Shoulders - (FC Grift) Str/Vit/All Res/Area Damage (FC Grift Variant 2) Str/Vit/Furious Charge/Area Damage (FC T10) Str/Vit/Furious Charge/Cooldown
    *Might of the Earth - (Leap) Str/vit/area damage/Earthquake
    (Cube) Vile Ward

    *Waste Gloves - (Zdps) Str/Vit/Cooldown/Crit (All Res > Str)
    *Immortal Kings Gloves/Raekor Gloves - (FC T10)Str/crit damage/crit chance/cdr (FC Grift)str/vit/crit chance/crit damage
    *Might of the Earth - (Leap) str/cdr/crit chance/crit damage

    *Waste Chest - (Zdps) Vit/All Res/Elite Reduction/Socket
    *Immortal Kings Chest/Raekor Chest - (FC T10/Grift) Str/vit/furious charge/socket w/ phys res (possible Grift variant Elite reduction > furious charge)
    *Aquila Curiass - (possible zdps variant) Vit/All Res/Elite Reduction/Socket
    *Might of the Earth - (Leap) Str/vit/Earthquake/socket

    *Waste pants - (Zdps) str/vit/all res/sockets
    *Immortal Kings Pants/Raekor Pants - (FC T10/Grift) str/vit/all res/sockets
    *Might of the Earth - (Leap) str/vit/all res/sockets

    *Waste boots - (Zdps) Str/vit/all res/armor
    *Immortal Kings Boots/Raekor Boots - (FC T10/Grift) Str/vit/all res/move speed
    *Might of the Earth - (Leap) str/vit/all res/sockets
    (Cube) Lut Socks

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    posted a message on 2.1.2 Grift 45-50+ Raekor Build -Chainerfails
    Hey guys Chainer here from twitch.tv/chainerfails

    Ever since the major changes to the Raekor Furious Charge Barb in the recent 2.1.2 ptr patch I have playing around with new solutions to a solo Greater Rift build and wanted to share what I have come up with.

    Video Guide with Gameplay of a Rank 4 Grift 46 clear:

    Skills and Gear:


    (This is a build meant to push the limits and clear as high of a rift as possible.)

    This is a Furious Charge build focused on balancing fast lvl clears and fast boss kills. You will be using furious charge to clear the rift and than a mixture of furious charge, frenzy, and your cooldowns to kill bosses you are immune to while staying in mele range for bul kathos ring to tick for up to 2000% weapon damage 2 times per second. I prefer poison immunity because there are 4 bosses and maras neck is easier to roll with perfect dps stats. Ghom is gonna be your target boss because you can tank and spank him plus he summons adds. Other bosses like The Binder, The Choker, Blighter, Saxtris, and possibly a few others will be kill-able but require a little more strategy and time spent killing them.



    Frenzy- Maniac
    Call of the Ancients - The Council Rises
    Battle Rage - Bloodshed
    Ignore Pain - Ignorance is Bliss
    Furious Charge - Battering Ram
    Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity

    *Passives: Rampage, Ruthless, Berserker Rage, Boon of Bul-Kathos



    Raekor's Will

    Vile Ward
    Str, Vit, CDR, Furious Charge Dmg

    Mara's Kaleidoscope
    Str, CHC, CHD, Socket

    Raekor's Heart
    Str, Reduced Elite Dmg, Furious Charge Dmg, Socket

    Ancient Parthan Defenders
    Str, Vit, CHC, Fire %

    Raekor's Wraps
    Str, CHC, CHD, CDR

    Pride of Cassius
    Str, Vit, AR, Life

    Raekor's Breeches
    Str, Vit, AR, Socket

    Raekor's Striders
    Str, Vit, AR, MS

    Unity + Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band
    CDR, CHC, CHD, Socket

    The Furnace
    Str, Dmg %, CDR, Socket(Emerald)


    *Legendary Gems:
    1) Bane of the Trapped
    2) Pain Enhancer
    3) Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver

    *Regular Gems:
    Strength (Ruby)
    Helm- Cooldown (Diamond)


    Thanks for reading guys, and again if you have any questions feel free to stop by my live stream @ Twitch.tv/chainerfails

    (Note: If I am in a high teir Grift I can only look at chat in between runs)
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    posted a message on 70 Barb Build and Gear Guide EZ Torment
    12+ hours a day/7 days a week

    Youtube video Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfvlcErc7UA

    Profile: Chainer#1635

    If you have any questions or just want to say hi after reading my post feel free to stop by my live stream on twitch.

    We have a nice little friendly community for hanging out, playing diablo , and I also run viewer events daily helping people clear content to gain paragon levels and or legendary items.



    1.High Torment Hammer of the Ancients/Whirlwind build -
    Youtube video guide - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfvlcErc7UA)
    1.1) Skills
    (1.2) Passives

    2.Gearing your barb and paragon points
    (2.1)Important stats
    (2.2)Gear Slots
    (2.3)Paragon Points


    The amount of support I have gotten in the past 3 weeks on twitch and youtube is sooo amazing and I want to thank each and everyone of you. Here are the new barb builds I promised you guys and make sure to stay tuned for more D3 coverage.

    Hey guys, Chainer again. Are you stuck trying to figure out your level 70 barbarian? Yeah, I was too. Don't worry I got you haha!! So yeah, I've been up playing Reaper of Souls since release on hour 29 out of a 48 hour live stream Diablo 3 marathon and decided I'd let you guys in on what I came up with!! So here it is, I hope it helps...


    1.**High Torment Hammer of the Ancients/Whirlwind build**

    (1.1) Skills:

    1.**Frenzy - Smite**
    My key - Left click

    This is an increased attack speed fury generator for fast life on hit synergy. The Smite rune adds a stun ability which with other control affixes on items is quite useful by not allowing monsters to attack, cast, or run away. Pair this with items that add control effects such as freeze, blind, stun, and so on. Although more effective, it is not necessary to have such items as *Frenzy - Smite* will still be effective without them.


    2.**Whirlwind - Windshear**
    My key - Right click

    This is an area of effect channeled ability that can also act as a fury generator on large groups of monsters(4 or more.) It is also a great mobility ability for moving through monsters to avoid getting stuck in damage mainly from elite, champion, and boss monsters. An alternative for even more mobility but less damage is furious charge - merciless assault)

    The main source of damage out of whirlwind is when using *Battle Rage - Bloodshed* and *Wrath of the Berserker - Slaughter* along with a weapon that has a damage on hit effect. All together the the added effects from the buffs and items do tons more damage than the actually whirlwind skill itself. Also at the same time your spending 10 fury per damage tick while not losing much fury and sometimes even gaining fury from *Whirlwind - windshear* rune plus the unforgiving passive which in turn heals for tons while using the life per fury spent stat. This also has a wider range and is less fury intensive for quickly clearing large packs of white monsters (white monsters would take ages with only hammer of the ancients.


    3.**War Cry - Invigorate**
    My key - 1

    Life per second is huge in Reaper of Souls and *War Cry - Invigorate* will increase your armor by 20% and life per second by 8253 which is perfect to get started with level 70 content especially when paired with life per second in paragon points or on gear (see the gearing and paragon section of this guide to see what items will give life per second.) This is useful when you see your taking too much damage and need to get out of the fight. Within a few seconds of avoiding damage you'll regenerate enough hp to get back into the fight and can top your health pool off in a few short
    seconds. Make sure to keep this buff up at all times and you can also use it to gain 20 fury when ever it comes off cool down.


    4.**Hammer of the Ancients- Thunderstrike**
    My key - 2

    Thunderstrike (This is you main damage ability plus burst healing ability (with life per fury
    spent.) Always remember this cost 20 fury and will heal you for what every your life per fury stat is currently at multiplied by 20 (mine heals for 18,240 health plus the 9,360 life per hit i have. lightning damage and area of effect stunning when ever you kill an enemy with the ability. Remember to only use hammer of the ancients with 70% or more fury because you get +1% chance to critical hit for every 5 fury you have which can stack up to 20%-30% and even higher with items and paragon points towards max fury.)

    5.**Battle Rage - Bloodshed**
    My key - 3

    This is a passive damage increasing buff that gives all your skills extremely powerful area damage that will spread through packs of monsters in a chain reaction. Make sure this is up at all times but do not use it to often as it costs fury.


    6.**Wrath of the Berserker - Slaughter**
    My key - 4

    This is a once every 2 minute passive buff that increases your damage extremely, and is primarily used for killing champion, elite, and boss monsters. The slaughter rune is more area damage that complements hammer of the ancients, whirlwind, and Battle Rage amazingly.


    (1.2) Passives:

    1.**Relentless** - This reduces damage when you are below 35% health by 50% which combats large spike damage and gives you a chance to get away to heal up with life per second or life per hit/fury spent.

    2.**Superstition** - This passive gives a 20% reduction to all ranged and non physical damage which mainly combats champion, elite, and boss spells. This passive also generates fury when you are hit by ranged or elemental attacks which can add up quite nicely in certain situations.

    3.**Unforgiving** - This is passive fury generation which allows you to start a fight with a full fury pool allowing you to use hammer of the ancients or whirlwind for damage and healing right away.

    4.**Bloodthirst** - For large heals when using hammer of the ancient or whirlwind. This can counter the large spikes of damage you may encounter in higher difficulty's.

    Offensive (Low Torment)

    1.**Ruthless** - So i like this one because when fighting a single boss or elite all of the really high
    damage area damage buffs are not as effective and if you pop wrath of the berserker and get the monster down below 30% now you have another nice 40% damage buff to finish them off.

    2.**Unforgiving** - This is passive fury generation which allows you to start a fight with a full fury
    pool allowing you to use hammer of the ancients or whirlwind for damage and healing right away.

    3.**Bloodthirst** - For large heals when using hammer of the ancient or whirlwind. This can counter the large spikes of damage you may encounter in higher difficulty. When using blood thirst passive 1% of bonus health globe healing is converted into life per fury spent and items usually roll over 20,000 bonus health globe which comes out to 200+ life per fury(+4,000 healing on 1 hammer of the ancient) for every item you have with this stat which is a huge deal

    4. **Rampage** - The 25% bonus strength when speed farming rifts for legendarys is quite nice.
    (Brawler is not all that good now because you do so much damage while 3+ monsters are around you with out the passive and is mostly only the case with white monsters that die in 1-2 hits anyway.)P.S. Feel free to mix and match the damage and defense passives as needed to fit your current gear/play style. Also there are other passives that are also quite viable, these are just the ones i felt worked
    best for me.


    2. Gearing your barb and paragon points

    (2.1) Important stats:

    First off with all the new legendarys having different unique effects, there are definitely some items that are viable to use even with bad stats. With that said this is just a basic outline for gearing.

    1. Life on hit - This is an important stat for sustained healing while in mele combat. This stat should mainly come from your weapons, helms, bracers, gloves, and belts.

    2. Life per fury spent - This is an important barbarian only stat found on mighty weapons, mighty
    belts, and from the blood thirst passive. It is used in combination with your fury spending damage skills for large healing to combat spike damage in mele combat. When using blood thirst passive 1% of bonus health globe healing is converted into life per fury spent and items usually roll over 20k bonus health globe which comes out to 200+ life per fury(+4,000 healing on 1 hammer of the ancient) for every item you have with this stat which is a huge deal

    3. Life per second - You can gain a lot of life per second with skills and passives but having a few pieces of gear with it doesn't hurt

    4. Critical hit/damage - These stats should be on a 1:10 ratio so if you have 30% critical chance you should have 300% critical damage as each stat buffs the other in turn making them more powerful and effective the closer to that ratio they are.

    5. All resist/Armor - Try to get these up to 70% damage reduction. After 70% you hit the "soft cap" and each point of armor or all resist will be worth less percent damage reduction per point.

    6. Area damage - An amazing stat that gives all your skills 20% chance to damage enemies 10 yards from where your ability hit for a % of the original damage which is equal to your area damage stat percentage.

    7. Element damage - This stat is huge but doesn't show on sheet damage per second (Stat screen/inventory) Make sure to choose a elemental theme for your build (lighting, fire, ect) and choose all your main damage skills with runes that use that specific element while getting as much of that percent element damage on your gear such as bracers, amulets, and certain legendarys ie: magefist.

    8. Elite damage - this might be hard to come by but unity (12%-15%) and stone of Jordan (25%-30%) will save you a lot of time on champion, elite, and boss monsters.

    9. Use those Legendary abilities!!! - So yeah, some of them are just so huge as far as damage, build synergy, control, utility, and damage reduction goes.

    10. Diamonds - All resistance is currently a higher valued stat than strength and allows you to use other stats on your gear while still hitting the soft cap for 70%+ damage reduction to elements. after about 70% all resistance you can start using rubies if you feel you have to much defense for what ever torment level you are playing on.

    11. Get bonus to healing from health globes as a secondary on the items that can have that stat like shoulders and boots. Together with the bloodthirst passive it will add a lot of healing.


    (2.2)Gear Slots:

    The numbers represent each of the 4 primary stats an item can have
    (In Reaper of Souls an item can only have 4 primary stats)
    Sometimes you have options after you get the important stats.

    1.Weapons - An open socket is a must! Other good stats would be of course strength,increased elite damage, life on hit, vitality and so on. mostly all of the weapon stats are useful it is just important to get a weapon with a damage on hit effect as. I currently use a scourge which is a quite common legendary and it has 41% chance on hit to use a large area damage ability about 20 yards around the barbarian which I've seen critical hit for upwards of 10 million damage. There are plenty of good weapon effects on items such as thunderfury but i feel with a barb that's just starting up a 2 handed weapon makes the whole build less fury intensive with using hammer of the ancients less often but for more damage for people with out fury generation gear like 3 and 4 set bonus on immortal king, but hey maybe that's just me its always best to just work with what you got and try out the new weapons you get as you find them.

    2.Jewelry - critical hit chance, critical hit damage, elemental damage, and bonus elite damage are all important but your ring stats may vary on legendarys so work with the best you think you have.

    3.Gloves - 1)Strength 2)Critical hit chance 3)critical hit damage 4) life on hit

    4.Shoulders - 1)Strength 2) Choose 3: All res, armor, area damage, life percent, or barbarian skill

    5.Chest - 1)Strength 2) 3 sockets 3) Choose 2: All resist, reduced elite damage percent, armor,
    vitality, life percent, barbarian skill damage

    6.Helm - 1)life per hit 2)Strength 3) critical hit chance 4) Choose one: Vitality, All resistance, Barbarian

    skill damage, or socket(for bonus exp, life percent, cooldown reduction gems)

    7.Bracers - 1) Elemental damage 2) Life on hit 3) Strength 4) Critical hit chance

    8.Belt - 1)Strength 2)life per hit or fury 3) Choose 2: Vitality, all resistance, life percent,
    barbarian skill damage

    9.Pants - 1)Strength 2)2 Sockets 3) Choose 2: All resistance, armor, Barbarian skill damage, vitality

    10.Boots - 1)Strength 2) Choose 3: All resistance, vitality, armor, barbarian skill damage

    Again don't forget to Get bonus to healing from health globes as a secondary on the items that can roll it. Together with the bloodthirst passive it will add a lot of healing.


    (2.3)Paragon Points:

    1.Core - Max move speed (25% on your stat sheet) > max max fury (for higher hammer of the ancient critical chance) > strength

    2.Offense - Keep critical chance and critical damage 1:10 till capped (see important stats "#4. Critical hit/damage" in "Important stats" section above for more info) > attack speed

    3. Defense - Life regeneration > all resistance > armor or life percent

    4.Utility - Life on Hit > Area damage > Resource cost


    Ok guys so that’s all I have to say for today! Stay tuned for more guides, videos, streams, and such. Also always remember this is not the end all know all guide, it just doesn't work that way anymore. If you wish to setup this and that a little differently, all the power to you! Let me know what you guys think. = )

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