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    I tend to hate games that were designed for a keyboard+mouse and than redesigned for a controller. It just makes it too difficult to use in my opinion. That is why I never play FPS's on consoles.

    I wouldn't care if Diablo 3 went to console or if was dumbed down. Why? Because I would never play it on a console in the first place so it doesn't matter. I say let the people who can only afford consoles play the games that we can play, why stop them? I mean you can say "You can get a good computer for cheap", but it wont really have the power that a console designed for gaming does. You need to spend money to have a gaming rig that works good.

    I don't get where all of this crazy gaming hate comes from. I despise when a developers port a game from console to PC and don't take the time to re-adjust everything for a PC and take the lazy route. Some games don't even add in a god damn mouse (Last Remnant), but I can't say I care all the much in the end.

    Let everyone have fun and experience the the same game. Why limit what other people can play out of some weird prejudice.
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    Quote from "InterrogatorChaplain" »
    In diablo2 keys weren't really a big deal, lol. i remember more often than not a locked chest would drop keys, or i'de have so many that i'de need to drop them. And there were somtimes like 20 locked chests in one single area, kind of defeating the purpose of keys being rare or needed, it was basically taking an inventory slot up that had no real special feel to it, half the time i wouldnt even know a chest was locked unless i was out of keys ( which i almost never was ) so who cares?

    Now if it were maybe one special chest once in a while, with a low drop rate on keys, I would not mind that at all, THATS realism in my opinion. But in a game like diablo3, more often than not it would probably piss me and others off, so have at it blizzardz!.

    To me realism would mean having a seperate window pop up with the lock in your face and having to try multiple keys in the lock until you get the right one, or getting the option to pick the lock.

    Which work great in a traditional RPG, but the system would be to slow for an action-paced game and what we got in it's place was a severely gutted version of the same idea. At that point it's just best to remove it all together.
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    + I save a couple of seconds here and there not needed for rearranging
    - tetris inventory can auto-rearrange, too

    --- OK so both are viable in this situation.

    + I have more space(?)
    - I lose space as i could replace an armor with 6 different rings in tetris

    --- or I can now have 6 armors where it previously took 1 armor to fill six slots.

    - I also lose space because i have to separate stuff as you said
    - even less realistic than tetris already is

    --- Yes because realism is being able to stick 2 full sets of armor and large sword in your backpack. Realism is for real life, gaming is for fun.

    - I have to organize my stuff as before

    --- Except now you don't have to worry about playing that "minigame" of trying to to make a hole to fit stuff.

    - i cannot quickly recognize my stuff

    --- Who says all icons are going to look the same? Of course some of them are going to be different. This is also no different than what is in Diablo 2!

    Wow... those rings look exactly the same yet are completely different....

    - no ability to have size-indicated power on items (e.g. charms)

    --- Charms suck anyways, just give me better gear. I never wanted an inventory full of charms.

    - i cannot tell big and small objects apart

    --- So what? Do you really need to be shown that a broadsword is bigger than a ring? And who gives a crap what the size is?

    - Icons look like shit

    --- Its alpha... SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

    Now I am trying to be rude or anything like that. I am just pointing out that both systems have their downfalls and their plus sides, and not every system is perfect. In the end it comes to personal preference. As for myself... even with the autosort button I still feel limited by a grid system. Overall I don't really care what they end up actually implementing, but I won't mind if they keep the 1 slot inventory.
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