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    Quote from flyin9monkies

    1. How does cool down reduction stack? How much do I need to get the cool down from 6 seconds to 3 seconds (without empower shrine)?

    2. Does +% physical damage apply to my sentries?

    3. My sentry will do 100% crit if my sharpshooter is at 100% and I don't attack right?
    1. 100% - cd reduction is made that the more you have, the less effective it becomes. Also, aiming to stack it for a 6 second cd is a very bad idea.

    2. yes, it does. Apart the missile turret which is labeled as fire.

    3. they have hotfixed it :D
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    Quote from Jeslinis

    You cannot re-roll the fire dmg from Cinder/Magefist. They are locked to fire.
    Eh, i know unfortunately.

    But on the good side there are the tasker&Theo gloves, which boost pets attack speed. Given my wolves now crit something like 4 millions on elites (thanks SoJ :D) it's quite a nice improvement to damage. Also, i'm aiming to get the Marauder 4 set bonus, to have even more beasts out.

    Physical build has less total elemental damage %, but the damage is increased for all the ability in my build instead of only CA + generator, so it offsets pretty well. If now i'm able to get a good pair of reaper's i'm going also with FoK, which i love and hits for quite a bunch.

    EDIT: i don't know if only a part of the spell is turned into physical, but the affix boosts the entire spell damage since it's flagged as physical and i can confirm that (i ran the build with and without elemental affixes to see how number changed).

    Don't know about the misssiles thing, but i will look at it - i know that if CA is fire on an empty place, no missiles spawn. Hope this is not true for bosses and/or it's not working as intended if behaviour is confirmed :P

    EDIT2: well, wording from CA is pretty clear, it says "up to 3 rockets", which means if only one target is out, only 1 missile will fire. /sadpanda
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    Quote from XAtaroX

    how come the fire DH can do up to 35m with cluster

    while i with 70% lighting dmg only can crit up to 24 with cluster -.-' ?
    Easy - CA lighting rune has a 550% multiplier, while Loaded for Bear rune has a 770% one, which is quite a lot.
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    A lot of things spreading out in this thread :D To avoid confusion and make a recap:

    - elemental damage on weapons and increased elemental damage on gear are two completely different things. Elemental damage on weapons counts for the base damage ONLY which is the base damage used by skill multipliers and such.

    - damage type on weapon counts only for standard attacks; all skills have an elemental type (even physical) which will override the elemental weapon damage type; thus rolling the damage type the same as your skills has basically no effect whatsoever.

    - x% elemental damage is applied AFTER the skill damage calculation and thus counts the elemental damage on weapon (because it's counted before to determine the basic hit of the skill). Still, it raises the SKILLS DAMAGE, hence you won't see the elemental damage on your weapon increase because you have stacked a lot of elemental damage. they simply do two completely different things.

    - worth remembering, atm elemental damage on weapon is bugged and is not counted by the "+x% damage" affix on weapons; this basically means that at the moment any "+ physical dmg" weapon with also a "+x% dmg" affix is simply superior than any other elemental weapon. Blizzard said this needs to be fixed, but we don't know when and if it will be a retroactive fix.
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    My personal idea around a ballistic-centered build - LINK
    Why Evasive Fire - well, more hatred generation than standard ones, hits 3 targets for a decent amount of damage and the physical dmg rune has 2 advantages: getting the elemental bonuses from gear and boosting survivability when needed without loss of control over your DH.

    I don't use Vengeance not because it's not powerful, but the long CD makes it less useful - idally you want it ready when an elite pack/boss is up, but 90 seconds CD is too long for my tastes; also Wolf companinon already fits this place really good. Instead Prep+Punishment grants a truckload of hatred as needed, and Discipline regen is granted by Nightstalker (which works pretty well with CA and Ballistic due to additional attacks.

    I'm passing over Archery, but is worth for a nearly endless supply of discipline/hatred. Also, my build is more discipline intensive than others which are passing over things like Cloak - i just prefer to stay on the safe side.

    EDIT: CLoak with healing rune grants me enough healing to survive packs without worrying about healing stats on gear. We have already difficulties in raidng damae and toughness, so being able to pass over one of the three is pretty good.

    EDIT2: very likely Reaper's Wraps are going to replace both Prep and Nightstalker. Instead of Prep I could put Vengeance or Rain, more likely the second one because of short cd and possible way to get 4 natalya.
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    If you really want to use a cold damage build, you can swap for evasive fire with cold dmg rune - with last buff it has more damage than Entangling Arrow (200% on mt, 100% on other 2), does cold damage and provides slow aswell (because of cold dmg), while not at the same level of course.The backflip can be annoying but it's all about managing it and positioning - it provides a decent way of kiting which is needed sometimes with a DH.
    As a side note: the first hit with Frost Arrow or similar will already trigger Cull the Weak passive, even if the mob isn't already slowed - not a very big issue but nice to know.

    Obviously Kridershot frees us from using a primary as hatred generator - this means we can make use of another secondary. Links to the build below

    Standard - i'm not much a fan of MfD but contagion rune sounds pretty good for aoe/farming. Steady Aim is a fake dps increase - all it takes is one of the jumping little guys that are vitually unkitable and come in medium/big packs to negate the bonus. I'd go with Blood Vengeance which grants more FA spam.

    With Kridershot- as supposed, FA become our main generator, but why FoK? Well, it hits for a load of damage and since it slows, it benefits from Cull the Weak. Also, this build doesn't use hatred at all, so i replaced Blood vengeance with Nightstalker for more cloak/vault. If you don't like that, you can choose another random/preferred hatred spender and keep Blood Vengeance.
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