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    posted a message on New here but this is my WD build!!!
    Quote from Rob64»

    i smell Bait

    Considering that it's his first level 70 character, I do not.

    Why don't you take the time to show him in the right direction instead? ^_^

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    posted a message on Guide: How to start a new season. Fastest 1-70, Gearing and Paragon farming strategies.

    This is really nice. I'll definitely keep this post open at the start of the season!

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    posted a message on Mod Application Thread

    I'd be interested to join the team. Known as Juno, 20 years old from the Netherlands.

    I'm always lurking here and on Reddit so I'm up to date on the latest news and capable of participating in discussions involving the game. Lack of activity in discussions lately is because been busy with exams the past months, which are over as of tomorrow.

    Still play the game whenever I have time to, member in the EU Diablofans clan. Just like many, I'm more active at the start of the new seasons.

    I do not have any forum moderating experience, so please teach me your ways so that I can become as awesome as you. :facepalmsmile:

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    posted a message on Worth using a terrible furnace?

    Don't bother.

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    posted a message on Mythic Rhythm + Sweeping Wind clarification
    You attack 3 times to proc Mythic Rhythm and activate Sweeping Wind. All you need to do is attack an enemy before it fades off. If necessary you can activate it again to keep it running, when there are no monsters around. This will keep the Mythic Rhythm buff active, as it is still the same cast of Sweeping Wind.
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    posted a message on Kripp and Alkaizer talk about Diablo 3
    I agree with Alkaizer. As a friend of mine said: "I'll check the game out again once it goes out of beta."

    The game is missing a lot of features (endgame is kind of a big deal...) and is just very.... lacking.
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    posted a message on New Feature: General Passives
    I think there should be something interesting every 25 paragon levels or something. This could work for that. Even if it was only cosmetic.
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    posted a message on Am I ready for Act 3 farming?
    Quote from Hexipox

    Quote from ScaledWurm

    Thanks for your useless post. See when you are an adult you have to go to work. I just finished Act 2 then had to come to work so I figured while at work I would ask to see what other people's opinions were so I could learn from their trials and tribulations. I am sure that since you are so good at doing everything on your own that you have never used google for a search when you could just as easily venture out into the world on your own and see what you can find.

    Doing a search on google is finding our on your own. Asking someone is skipping the search on google - or for the matter; here, there are plenty posts here that talk on this issue.

    Your post is as dumb and useless as my advice is good.

    See when you grow up, since you wanted to make this personal, you go to work and you hate wasting your time on posts like this :)

    I tried to encourage you to test out for ya self, its a much better learning curve to try, fail figure out the possible solution. if none occur, come here and ask, someone might have a solution to help you. I would gladly post a long post on the subject if you had just tried first.

    If you don't have anything helpful to post, don't post at all. Thank you.
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    posted a message on build with 3 Conjuration's ?
    Go to options and turn on elective mode, and while you're there, put on advanced tooltips as well. They're under the gameplay tab.
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    posted a message on Blizzard Would have been Better off making all Legendaries Level 60
    They should remove all gear till level 60,cuz when everyone reaches 60 it is useless anyway!
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