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    posted a message on Need help: Thunderfury vs current weapon.
    I just got a thunderfury weapon, it has no enchant yet (it came with a socket on its own), and my main weapon is a wand without enchants.

    So far i don't know what to do, and since no one in D3 knows how to type, i'll ask it here.

    Which weapon should i pick? Thunderfury has less of everything, but i can still enchant it (i can remove vit for 10% damage).
    Is the 10% damage worth it? Would it make it better than my wand? I can still enchant my wand for a socket.


    Thanks a lot!
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    posted a message on Imperius theories?
    Quote from Nickishulk

    Actually from what I've read from the book of tyrael, The entire council at least respected Malthael. Since he was the voice of wisdom they would always stop their bickering and listen when he spoke most often following his suggestion. As far as Imperius hating us and wanting to destroy us, his code of valor would never allow him to use the blacksoul stone and all of the evils captured in it to kill us. He might hate us but he hates the creatures of the burning hells even more. While your playing act 5 you get to talk to Imperius for a moment and he gives you an explanation of why he's willing to help.
    Really? I talked to every Npc in act 5 and all of the topics they had, guess i either forgot or i didnt talk to him about that.

    And alright, but what if the Nephalem turn corrupted? For example, many Nephalem attack the demons and angels, and attacking both hell and heaven, plotting or making big war groups to both places.
    What would Imperius do then? Attack us and try to kill us, or do something else?

    I guess Tyreal will try and find a way to stop us from becoming corrupted or try to find a cure to remove the corruption.
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    posted a message on Imperius theories?
    Are there any good theories about Imperius around? I can't seem to find any good theories about him nor any topic thats about him in general, on no other site.
    And just incase there really aren't any, let's make this a topic to start theorizing about Imperius.

    So Imperius hates the Nephalem so much that he prefers to watch them vanish from Sanctuary, so why didn't he join up with Malthael who almost succeeded if it wasn't for the Nephalem gaining a "death aura"?
    I read somewhere that Imperius didn't like Malthael, but no one asked "why?". So if thats true, then... why does Imperius dislike/hate Malthael so much that he prefers not to join Malthael inorder to kill the Nephalem?

    And what do you think Imperius' role will be in the next expansion? Final boss? First or second boss?
    And also, why would he be a boss?
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    posted a message on Sick and tired of it: Stuttering and more stuttering.
    Btw my video card is:Nvidia Geforce GTX 770
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    posted a message on Sick and tired of it: Stuttering and more stuttering.

    Classification: Windows Prestation-index
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
    Installed (RAM): 8.00 GB
    System Type: 64 Bits

    Windows 7.

    This is what i have.
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    posted a message on Sick and tired of it: Stuttering and more stuttering.
    I bought big expensive gear for my Pc to mainly play D3 100% (yeah im a big fan of Diablo).
    I've been playing Diablo 3 since 2012 and never had such a big issue before, and i can play Crysis 3 without stuttering and Assasins Creed: Black Flag without stuttering.
    I quit early 2013 and decided to go back when patch 2.0 hit and now i got some annoying stuttering.
    The stuttering/freezing of screen occurs when:

    Opening inventory.
    Getting an achievement.
    Talking to an Npc.
    Sometimes when i walk the screen skips a frame.

    I've done everything, literally EVERYTHING i can think of, i've browsed all sorts of pc forums, diablo 3 forums and other game forums to see what this problem might be but this is the first time i post about it because i've had enough of it.

    I've tried messing aorund my Nvidia 3D settings, trying atleast 3 different possibilities, i lowered my D3 settings, i removed my D3pref.text and also lowered the hardware/trill thing in the D3pref.text, i putt D3 on "high performance" in my taskmanager, i done everything i can think of.

    Im really desperate, what can i do?
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    posted a message on Boss Battle: Malthael vs Lichking. (Spoilers for both)
    Just defeated Malthael and he reminded me of the Lichking with all this death and horror going on, but Malthael uses souls and the Lichking uses physical bodies.
    Both are pretty dark gothic like and are pure evil, so i decided to see which character you guys think would win in a fight to the death.

    So far, Malthaels pros are (as far as i know):
    Being able to fly.
    Cant be hit by physical or magic unless a certain power is achieved (The Lichking can manage that easily).
    Creates souls our of thin air.
    Has a really fast dash move to move away or go through hordes of enemies.

    If he gets hit by Arthas or any of his strong big scourge, Malthael would be blown away because he's pretty skinny.
    Not as much magic variation as the Lichking.

    Lichking his pros are (again, as far as i know).
    Unbreakable armour.
    Strong variation of scourge from big to small.
    Black magic and frost magic that could destroy a town in 2 seconds.

    Lichking's weaknesses:
    Very slow (due to his heavy armour).
    Not being able to jump high or at all, let alone fly.
    Too arrogant (as seen in the Wrath Gate and his final battle vs the heroes/raid) which could lead to big mistakes.

    So who would win and why? :)
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Ros CE weapon transmog, unknown transmog appearing?
    Oh alright yeah, its because i saw 3 weapons so i thought i could transmog weapons with just 3 but it seems its a bit more which was a real pleasant surprise :D
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Ros CE weapon transmog, unknown transmog appearing?
    I've been playing with the transmog just now, and for the first time decided to use my CE transmog books.
    And i went to my off-hand (im a Wizard) and i noticed a transmog called "Heart of Darkness" and it looks very identical to all the weapons (same colour effects, same type of darkness).
    So far as i know, the CE transmog weapons only gave 3 helmets, 3 one-handed weapons, but now i got an off-hand along with it?

    Im not complaining ofcourse, i just want to know if this 'Heart of Darkness' was an item i found or hotfix added into the CE?

    Edit: Noticed i also got a flail and fist weapon lol.
    Im sure i checked out the CE over a hundred times and it displayed only 3 items.
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