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    Hi there,

    This is the first forum where i'm going to set up an 'introduce' topic.
    My name is Kevin, and i'm from the Netherlands.

    Played Diablo 2 LOD for an x amount of hours. (could have been a rich guy if i (only) made $5 an hour back then! :lol: )
    Like everyone else here on DiabloFans i just love Diablo. It brings me back to the days of school.. Playin and talking about Diablo with your friends.
    Race home when school was finished, get behind your pc and play!

    My mom; 'Dinner is ready for like 20 minutes, it's gettin cold!!'
    'Comin mom, just a minute!!'

    Good old times! :D

    I hope Diablo 3 can bring me some of that nostalgia back.

    I've been listening to all of your podcasts and purgatory vids, and i think there awesome! Just love the listening instead of the reading.
    You guys make a good team, with all of the discussions goin around and everyone has its own opinion about things.

    To all of the news reporters/managers from DiabloFans *cheers*

    GJ guys.

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