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    posted a message on Microtransactions: What would you pay for?
    I have zero problems with cosmetic microtransactions, nor should anyone else really, as some have said, though it's not f2p, it is updated, now and then lol.

    I would have a problem with any purchase that gives an advantage, that goes for all games.
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    posted a message on Deciding what Tier to farm Rifts in
    Why do one Torment 6 rift when you could do two, or possibly three, torment 5 rifts?

    Torment 6 isn't really worth it, unless you can absolutely face roll it, which most can't yet.

    That's what we have found anyway, and we generally end up farming t4, or t5, but we are all capable of t6, but it's not worth it.
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    posted a message on Shard of Hate build?
    It's a BiS weapon for a Lightning monk, and Lightning Barb.

    The problem lies with fire doing so much more damage than lightning rather than the weapon, which was broke, not nerfed.

    So, if you prefer playing lightning, then you just found a great weapon.
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    posted a message on 1500 Free Blood Shards/Hr - RIF Community Optimization (Video)
    Quote from Vaestmannaeyjar

    "Last open" is so abused I never enter one, and I know a lot of people doing 3 man waiting for a victim to pay for their rift. They lose on speed, but they never pay for a rift after the first one.
    I don't use RiF, mainly because I prefer to actual play the game...with the buff you find far, far more legendaries by actually doing the rift as opposed to Kadala, that's just very slightly more targeted. Though I may do it as a runner so I can stop running out of keys all the time.

    But, why is this a problem? Well, I guess "last open" is with a 3 man group, but i'd advertise it as "you open", you are still getting the blood shards, so you aren't getting exploited, you are paying for em, and you always know you'd open, so if you join you know you are paying, but I agree if someone advertised that as "last one" and it's three clan members or whatever, that's kinda silly.
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    posted a message on Treasure Goblin?
    Quote from ruksak

    Goblins provide me with a litmus test for my DPS relative to the difficulty I'm on. If I have sufficient DPS for the difficulty setting, I can take them out without issue. If I have my difficulty too high, it can be too difficult to take them out.

    I actually do this also, if I fail to kill a goblin, then I know I'm not on an efficient difficulty.

    I'd like to see better loot from them personally, not legendaries, but say, more gold, maybe a stack of 10 gems, make them a little bit better than a running chest. Legs drop enough, goblin packs in rifts are still pretty exciting, I've maybe seen 8-10 packs of 5-15 goblins so far, but when you kill 10 and have a few small amounts of gems and crafting mats, that's not so exciting.
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    posted a message on What people are really trying to say about the current loot buff
    Quote from Vagrancy

    Quote from Perkynips
    Quote from AeneasBK

    The current system is too rewarding. People don't have to farm torment 6. Its an end goal in terms of progression (re: character power). But it should exist as a carrot for the NEETs and others with much more than average amounts of time to dedicate to a video game. Designing the loot system to allow people who play less than 10 hours a week to reach torment 6 within 2 months just means that people who play 50+ hours a week are done in a fortnight.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy the buff at the moment; but if it were permanently this generous, there won't be any farming available by June. Why the people who can only play <10 hours a week aren't happy if they aren't in torment 4+ is (in my own opinion) THEIR problem. That is where the problem lies. People are finding loads of GOOD legendaries and label them as "crap" because they aren't Kridershot or Shard of Hate, Calamity of WoWoh.
    The truth of the matter is I play... played several hours a night... sometimes way later than I should until 2AM-3AM and had a blast while I was finding interesting things... that ends quickly and stops becoming fun.. it's great that you can have fun slaughtering monsters over and over again.. but that becomes so fun for me when I hit my obvious ceiling and when I go a week straight doing my same hour after hour runs and it stops becoming profitable those 5-6 hour runs turn into 3-4, and then 1-2... currently i've been playing 2-3 hours during this weekend because I have found other things to fill my time and honestly it's been good at this rate... but before this weekend I hadn't played in a week... is that a success??? I end the game not finding any of these sought after items at all? because I can't tolerate 5-6 hours of finding nothing but souls? I can't even reroll my gear because my gear hit it's ceiling from the 400 previous souls I drudged through?

    you say this system is good m8?
    So basically you're saying your level of fun and the success of this game is soley based on you having to find upgrades every single play session? Okay with that look, what happens when you've found everything you want are you then going to complain that there aren't more powerful legendaries or stronger items? I love it. The same has been out less than 3 fucking months and yet you cant stomach not getting and upgrade for less than a day?

    People think they want BiS gear right now, but they really don't.

    I have a leapquake barb that can farm t6 all day long, a monk in near perfect lightning gear, and every other class with shitty gear, guess what I get bored with first? The best geared. It gets boring extreamly fast when you can clear everything with ease and could quite literally take 100-200 hours for n upgrade, of an item you already have, with slighter better rolls.

    The aim of the game is farming, its a long drawn out process which keeps people playing, when you get all your gear, you suddenly have no real goal or reason to play anymore.

    Itemization does need fixed though, more build changing items need introduced, more special effects, its a very easy thing to do, at least right now, maybe ladders and 2.1 will bring a ton of them, who knows, but right now, you don't want to be able to faceroll t6, it doesn't make the game fun, once your at bis/t6, 99.9% of everything is souls.
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    posted a message on I just opened an entirely empty rift.
    Quote from Bleu42

    Quote from Twoflower

    How can you walk trough it "till the end"? Doesnt a rift automaticaly generate new levels till you are at 100%?
    Rifts come pre loaded with their levels up to 10.
    Well, if it's a 10 level rift yes.

    The game is made up from a fixed exterior and the randomness is made up from 120x120 feet blocks called scenes, majority of which are random, but some, such as the ones that have events, or need to have a crossing or something, are fixed.

    For example, you might get one of the sewer rifts that is a continuous hallway or a hallway with turns again and again, totally random, with a fixed exterior (the walls), or more of a fixed interior in a rift such as the heaven ones, they are almost always the same layout because of the bridges and large wells which are static scenes that can't be random to ensure the map actually works and can be traversed.

    Highest level I've got to was 9, quite glad really, I hate the small multi levelled rifts, much rather have a huge one level rift.
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    posted a message on Why we should be able to buy Gold/trading system
    The 2.0.5 fix to gold find has been incredibly helpful.

    I've got every class at 70, all geared to do t3/4, and my main 5/6, I'm ALWAYS low on gold, and actually ran out twice, same with craft mats.

    Now I've cut down to playing my barb and monk, and with the gold buff, it's rolling in.

    Gold isn't really power, if I have 1m, and another guy has 100m, it makes no difference really, any costs I'm going to find are going to be replaceable by farming/playing, if you are stupid and keep rolling an item when it's starting to cost 5m a roll, well, thats pretty retarded, leave it, otherwise, nothing really costs that much, gems rinse gold badly, but once you have crafted them, you always have them, that's just a startup cost.
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    posted a message on War cry dosent Stack!! Before pach OK now NO!
    "We intended for the various runes of War Cry to stack together, but there's currently a bug involved that prevents that from happening. This should be taken care of in an upcoming hotfix, but we don't have a current ETA to share. We'll update thePatch 2.0.5 Hotfixesthread as soon it's been taken care of, though."

    Should be fixed soon, several other bugs (WD Fetish, Wiz Slow Time, are slated to be fixed 2.1, which could be months away), where as this is upcoming hotfix ala shards etc.
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    posted a message on D3 2.05 & the Loot Meta Game -- Is it off?
    Quote from Bagstone
    However, since the community buff is online, running rifts is just *the* way to go. Since I ran hours of 4 wizard rifts yesterday, I was able to get my Tal's chest from a clan mate (thanks Ot4ku!) and found my Tal's helmet in a rift as well. Lots of other interesting legendaries, such as a Shard of Hate that I gave away, a nice Moonlight Ward upgrade, or Inna's pants and a perfect Natalya's Slayer (on my wizard, yep).

    This, it has been raining legendaries with this buff, raining damn hard.

    Your loosing out big time by focusing on RiF this week, big time, the buff is too good to miss out as it doesn't effect Kadala.

    Kadala is great for "specific" farming, as you've never been able to do that really, but shes just a bit of a bitch who gives you what you want maybe once a month haha.
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    posted a message on Chiltara....
    I've had her spawn ALOT, but still no drop.

    As it's not listed as a crafting mat, I assume the gemstone has a static drop rate and isn't effected by difficulty level, but I may be wrong.
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    posted a message on My Thunderfury, What to Reroll
    I'd go for %dmg as well.
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    posted a message on Battle.net DC in Rift Lost HC toon
    I'm sure it sucks major ass, but to say you are quitting over something that is blatantly obvious, a massive risk that everyone is aware of, is a bit dramatic.

    If you were writing an email, and the power went out, and it hadn't saved, you wouldn't quit using e-mail. Insert XYZ mundane example.
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    posted a message on is t5 bugged atm for drops?
    Just RNG dude, also even if you feel like your doing t5 only slightly slower than t4, your likely not, (Not talking about YOU, just taking generally here btw) I almost always see more legendaries on one difficulty down from what we find comfortable, same goes for the whole group.

    Feeling lazy/just want to plow mobs, T4, want to pick up the challenge a bit, T5.

    Everyone always gets more look on T4.

    I'm loving this community buff though, it's rained all day, and I actually found bounties more fun due to the fact I could stockup on keys so quick, and having a chance at more legs from bags.
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    posted a message on Unity "Fix" or not
    Also just going to point out that it's basically a SoJ without the elemental damage, thus a very good ring regardless if you are using two or not.

    Theres only three rings you ever want, Unity, SoJ and RRoG.

    I have the best puzzle ring in the world, every stat is maxed, but it's a god damn puzzle ring, thankfully at least it's dex so it's on my monk whilst she waits for a SoJ.
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