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    posted a message on Season 7 and 2.5 suggestions?

    Item Idea:

    Amulet of the Vengeful: Every kill adds 1 charge buff to your character. Maybe like, 1% bonus to all damage per charge, maximum of 20 charges. At 20 charges, the next kill you receive summons demonic vengeful spirits who return to claim their amulet, and attack you until you kill them. When you kill them, the damage multiplier is DOUBLED for 8 seconds, then you lose all charges. Also, the vengeful spirits deal damage relative to your damage (think like, set dungeons).

    It doesn't have to be these exact numbers, but I feel the idea of an item that summons monsters to attack you for using it could spice up the gameplay for season 7!

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    posted a message on Looking for an end-game clan!

    Hi guys! I'm paragon 1138 on live servers right now and will have absolutely no life when season 6 starts!

    I plan on spending quite a bit of my time on diablo 3 farming exp, so I'm looking for an active clan to push the seasonal leaderboards with.

    My gamer tag is NoobTactics#1287. I'll see you all in season 6!

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    posted a message on Why is LoN designed as it is?

    Honestly, I think LoN is fine as it is. If you buffed LoN in early game with non-legendary bonuses, you would progress way too fast and the game would just immediately become about meaningless grinding. It would mess up the entire economy of the game, because you have to remember: There's a LOT more that goes into game design than just making the players happy with short term rewards.

    Let's say, the LoN set gives 50% damage increase per non-ancient legendary you have on. All you would need to do is get a legendary for each item slot and you would have +650% damage for all your abilities, PLUS the affixes for every legendary item you have that add multipliers to your build.

    Now let's assume you have the bare minimum of 650% damage. You would be able to power level yourself up to paragon 250, and then join pub TX games and level up a few more hundred levels, within only the span of a day or two if you're a hardcore gamer. And then the game just becomes about grinding exp once you've acquired the meta build sets, which isn't that hard in T10 farming games.

    Part of game design is about creating incentives and rewards for players to play; a lot of psychology goes into the development of new game features. If you were to buff LoN early game, you would essentially eliminate early game because people would just farm until they have the LoN rings and then power level themselves out of the early stages of the game. And if that happened, the players have no incentive to keep playing since the majority of players can't compete with the top leaderboards players. When you get to end-game, the game no longer is about loot-hunting, it's about farming exp. Since this would not be as rewarding, blizzard and diablo 3 would lose a HUGE chunk of their players- and have to answer to corporate. Since the video game industry is primarily about money, every update they do is a huge gamble that could potentially backfire in their face horribly.

    So I think the Original Poster had some good points about LoN being too "end-game", but that's part of the incentive and reward system they try to maintain in end-game. It is incredibly difficult to make every demographic that plays their game happy (both casual and hardcore players), but I think LoN is a good end-game goal to farm for because it keeps you loot-hunting.

    Also, these ideas are just my biased opinion. I'm going to school for video game design so I'm sure some of my ideas could be challenged because I don't have the experience the blizz devs do :P

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    posted a message on Question on Demon Hunter

    Hey guys I like to play Demon Hunter Unhallowed Essence build and I have a question. What I've been using for passives are cull the weak, thrill of the hunt, the vault acrobatics one, and ballistics.

    My question is, does Thrill of the Hunt actually Proc Bane of the Trapped and Cull the weak? I've always sacrificed Ambush for Thrill of the Hunt because I wanted that slow proc with my multi shot, but if it is stupid I won't do it.

    Or is it like, hit them once with a hatred spender and THEN you're proc'ed?

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