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    posted a message on The Greatest Rift- idea for ultimative RNG end game content

    What is The Greatest Rift?

    - ultimate, hard solo content that test your skill not gear

    - place of havoc and fun in very rng Diablo way

    - Greater Rifts alternative, that is not competitive

    - every aspect of TGR depends on affixes on TGR keys

    - you can trade TGR keys with friends (keys scale down or up based on the highest GR completion of your friend)

    What is so special in The Greatest Rifts?

    - no Rift Guardian at the end

    - you can only die 3 times, after that TGR will close itself

    - after entering TGR you have 1min to change your gear and abilities, resets every death

    - after death, you respawn immediately in town

    - no time limit, however if you complete TGR in 10minutes you will be awarded with extra xp and loot

    *bonus idea* when you die and go back to TGR you have limited time to run back to your corpses to click on it, if you don't do so, you will lose 1/3 of your final reward

    How to get to The Greatest Rift?

    - key to TGR drop from Greater Rift Guardians

    - chance for drop depends on GR level, where 50gr gives 0% chance (for example 60gr will give 10% chance to drop TGR key)

    - Greed's Domain has flat 25% chance to drop TGR key

    What is so special about those TGR keys?

    - keys have random affixes that will influence your experience in TGR, such as: type of map, density and type of monster and their additional powers

    - the more key has affixes on it, the better the prizes will be at the end of TGR

    - before you can use TGR key, you need to identified it first

    K E Y

    ^ Here is example of how TGR key would lookl ike, and below you can read why he would look like that.


    Maps would always have 1 level, there would be always more than enough enemies to finish TGR. Color of circumference of TGR key determines type of map.

    White Maps (easy):

    - vide open, big maps (for example Field of Misery, Desolated Sands)

    Blue Maps (medium):

    - moderately open, corridor type (for example Cathedral, Halls of Agony)

    Yellow Maps (hard):

    - brawl type maps, tight, toe to toe, enemies come from every angle from walls to fight you (for example Chamber of Suffering or any other arena that have boss in Story Mode)


    Color of fullfilment of TGR key determines type of monsters inside. In the middle of TGR key is number 1-5, which determines from which act monster will be.

    White Monsters (easy):

    - normal enemies, they do not have any affixes

    - however they have up to 1 defensive or offensive bonus (such as 150% fire damage, 400% physical damage reduction etc.)

    Blue Monsters (medium):

    - have 1 defensive or offensive bonuses

    - have 1 affix (old ones like fire chainer, and bunch of new others)

    Yellow Monsters (hard):

    - have 3 defensive or offensive bonuses

    - have 1 affix

    Keep in mind that elites and champions cannot spawn in TGR, also remember that bonuses and affixes are the same for all monsters, so if you have fire build and you get TGR key with 200%fire damage reduction on monsters, you rather want to change your build.


    The rarest of TGR have unique mechanics that will change your gameplay. Color of number in the middle of the key indicate if there will be something wrong with your TGR.


    - normal The Greatest Rift


    - not harmful

    - ground traps (swamps that slow you down, slow time bubbles working only on you, tornadoes that steal your resources)


    - harmful and not

    - ground and/or air traps (damaging meteorites, moving flame walls, acid rain)


    - everything that Yellow have

    - 1 pernament limitation on character (for example -30% movement speed, locked and taken 50% of hp, abilities cost/recharge twice as much, take 3% damage of maximum health every 2s)

    So the least rewarding and the most easy type of key would be white/white/white and the most rewarding and hard would be yellow/yellow/purple. Of course keys would have full description, but thanks to the colors you could sort their value fairly quickly.

    The Greatest Rewards of The Greatest Rifts:

    - the best rewards are for those who completed the hardest TGR and didn't die once and finished TGR before time limit

    After completion of The Greatest Rift a big chest would spawn, inside which you could find (numbers below are just examples):

    - a lot of exp and gold

    - 5% chance for Ramaladni's Gift

    - 100% chance for 1 ancient set item

    - 50% chance for portal to Greed's Domain

    - Urshi will always give you 40% chance to upgrade gem, no metter what level gem has (only 1 roll)

    - 100 Death's Breath, normal, magic and rare crafting materials

    - 20 legendary crafting materials (including meterials from bounties)

    - 2000 Blood Shards (Kadala, Urshi and Blacksmith will spawn near chest)

    - 2x more chance to drop The Greatest Rift Key in comparison to Rift Guardian from Greater Rift

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    posted a message on Wings of Mastery- will they always be there?

    I'm playing 3 diffrent classes this season, and I don't have any plans to play other 3 cause their gameplay is not appealing to me.

    I already mastered my 3 classes, and I'm wondering if reward (wings) for mastering all sets, will be sitting there forever or in next patch/season it will be replaced with new wings?

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    posted a message on Your preferred method of TX rifting?

    1) Rush and fight elites only- YES

    2) Open chests- YES

    3) Pick up non legendary stuff like mats, salvage fodder- YES

    4) Pick up orange progress orbs from elite packs- NO

    5) Close the rift immediately after guard- YES

    T10 rift is for farming mats, if I want bloodshards I go speed 75grifts.

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    posted a message on WTB switch skill&gear button!

    I wouldn't name creating another character a soultion.

    I stay optymistic, cause Blizz gave us more stash space, so maybe they will give us templates.

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    posted a message on WTB switch skill&gear button!

    So I wouldn't have to spend time on doing it manually, when switching to group/solo build.

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    posted a message on Force Move- macro?

    I'm getting tired of scrolling up and down to do force move cancel animation trick.

    Does macroing it would be against Diablo 3 rules?

    btw. I can't get it, why Blizz is waiting to next patch to fix it and adjust damage numbers, instead of just remove ending charge animation- so it would act like with force move trick. Simple solution, simple life.

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    posted a message on Greater Rift Guardians need to be redesigned or removed

    Boss that can one shot you with instant attack animation with no time for reaction- is not hard- it's called bad design.

    If you want to be more beefy and tanky and want to sit in every explosion- you have to pay in damage.

    If you want to be more bursty and avoid every single explosion- you have to pay in defence.

    Every danger in game is always clearly visible to give you time to react accordingly, but somehow crucial element of greater rift- Guardian- does not apply to these rules.

    I can not understand, how such bad, old mechanic, which is Guardian set move, stayed in game, after so many patches.

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    posted a message on Servers are a joke...

    Problem are not a server, problem is a lack of them.

    Blizzard probably remove some of them to save money, cause there was not a lot of traffic in previous seasons.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 is dying? Blizzard close some servers?

    I cant remember when I last time had to wait in queue.

    Wait, I remember in ROS launch! Even in Season 1 I didnt have to wait...

    So there are 2 answers for this state of thing, first is very abstract, the other is more likely.

    Season 5 is very popular for no apparent reason and servers are overwhelmed.


    Blizzard closed some servers due small activity.

    What do you guys think?

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    posted a message on Crusader- what build to go in S5?

    I see on top of the ladder: new no-set build, just behind it I see planty of variations of sweep attack build, and there is even hammer build.

    So, the question is- what build should you go in season 5?

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    posted a message on Speed Demon- T10 in 2min, how to?

    How to achive this conquest?

    Is it possible without ancient ingeom or suwong?

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    posted a message on Helltooth lag recompense?

    ^ i7 4790k, GTX980 ti, 16GB RAM - I lag on almost every elite and chempion... it's really annoying when you fight for ranking place.

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    posted a message on Helltooth lag recompense?

    I get it, you (Blizzard guys) messed up something big in a game code and you can't just fix it right away.

    But why we must suffer because of that?

    Until you fix that, gives us old synergy between Spirit Walk and Grave Injustice (so actually during Spirit Walk we could reduce it cooldown via Grave Injustice), because struggling on every elite and champion to not die is not really fun- and getting killed by lag is even less fun.

    Because simple "sorry, deal with it until, whoever know when, we fix it" in this scenario is just not enough... especially when Arachyr and Manajuma sets also don't work properly and we were telling about it since PTR.

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    posted a message on Arachyr- will it 60+ ?

    Well IF they gonna fix it.

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    posted a message on Helltooth- Zombie Bears vs Acid Cloud

    ^ battlenet ranking is not working on my phone, and I wanted to hear your opinions guys ;)

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