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    hits are based on attack speed, however, moving faster spawns more tornado. (more tornados=more hits) so yeah it kinda does
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    In my opinion, the main issue with the class specific sets is not their drop rate, but mainly that you can get the same piece more than once and there's no way for you to choose which one you get which makes it very hard to complete a specific set. One of the most important aspect of the set pieces is that they offer a different game play (most of the time, but not always). For example, the earthquake set and the charge set for the barbarian both give you specific game plays that require the set to work, the problem? I want to play the earthquake barb game play, but since it's 100% luck dependent, it's possible for me to NEVER complete the set and experience it.

    I don't think you should be handed your set pieces by the game, but i find it sad that more than 90% of the community will NEVER get to experience the game play given by those sets. Playing a higher torment is a different challenge, but using the sets is a different game play, you should be able the experience all game plays possibilities that a SINGLE PLAYER game has to offer without having to WORK for it. Grinding/farming is not working as long as you enjoy it, but when you don't get any fun out of it and simply ''play'' to get to finally enjoy the game play you really want to play, there's something wrong. If it was a multiplayer game, i wouldn't mind you could trade items to get to the game play you want, it wouldn't be 100% luck related, you have options to get there. But as of now, only lucky people get to enjoy something.

    This is not about ''farm a lot and you'll get it'', putting effort in the game will not necessarily earn you your set items, with the current information we know from blizzard,getting a full set requires you to be extremely lucky (only a few % of the player base will be as lucky as you and get a full set). If you consider it fair, then i'm glad you enjoy it, but i would like to know that after 300 hours of game play with the same class, i would get my set, and finally get to enjoy it, but as of now Rng is Rng....right?
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