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    I really dislike Raekor + IK charge, but for sure it has very impressive damage in large AOE packs and Earth (Boulder Toss or Seismic) cannot compete with that, on boss damage though Raekor isn't that impressive since Vile Ward is no longer in effect, nor do the Ancient Parthan Defenders have the same effect.

    I'm doing a lot of rifts at the moment in a 3man group with an Impale Demon Hunter and Raekors Barb (I'm playing SS) and we're farming 75s pretty quickly, I'm at a situation where I can just stand on the spot and heal through almost everything, with only physical damage being scary (since esoteric does nothing), where as the Raekor Barb during the whole rift will only fight mobs until they are stun immune and then he will leave and find new stuff and leave me + DH to deal with it.

    In solo the Raekors is still clearly the best spec because the damage on large packs is so much stronger than other builds, but the spec is still quite prone to death and it's such a clunky and situational spec to play, I just can't stand it. My Seismic Slam build will take me far enough, it will run out of steam in the early 80s though from lack of damage scaling, where Raekor will keep pushing on.

    I've not played Boulder Toss (with Tribes Blade) enough to really compare, but SS seems in a similar place but while being far more about the spender than the generator, with SS the Earthquake/Avalance is more like a filler damage to activate Earthen Might so that you're at high Fury and full toughness (from Iron Impact + Band of Might) just before the fire element on COE comes up. My latest crit records are over 200bil on RG.

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    I do it because when I used it on right click and had War Cry/Threatening Shout on left click it was causing issues where the character could sometimes not use entrances, like for example to go down to the next level inside a greater rift. It's a strange bug too since it's not something that happens at all entrances, it's just like it chooses a specific one that won't work and that will never work, while every other will work fine.

    Sometimes bugs out with the stash too, other times not. Only time I need to do that though is with Bul Kathos + Wastes build, other builds I have WW on right click, since you dont need to shift or force move for it to work.

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    Why not go 6IK + 2 Wastes, run Furnace/Lamentation (2 rend stacks)/Convention of Elements in the cube and then play Rend + Charge/Whirlwind. It's a much stronger build than Hota for soloing anyway due to superior AOE damage and better survival.

    HOTA is only really best in groups due to group synergy, the big crits are used to set off exploding palm (thus taking care of the AOE damage requirements) while the single target takes care of the rift guardian.. Survival not being an issue because you would run with a healing monk.

    HOTA is just the ultimate group spec, both Rend (6 IK/2 Wastes) and WW (6 Waste + 2 BK) are stronger solo.

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    I thought the AH was fine, I didn't use it much but I liked having it there and knowing I could use it if I needed. The people who hated it often claimed to be the ones who didn't use it, but if they didn't use it why do they hate it? It was very easy to ignore as if it didn't exist. People called the RMAH pay to win, but D2 was no different and that didn't do so bad, only difference in D2 was that the pay to win gear came from third party websites.

    Diablo isn't really a "win" type of game, it's not like Warcraft where there is a pve progression race, with very difficult progression path and guild/player ranking, Diablo is a non competitive/casual hack n slash co-op game.
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