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    wings of angels is mandatory. if you have enough density just dont press it (or when your pony is not doing enough dps to oneshot everything because you don't have the right gear/paragon/thorns) . if you have to cover long distances it is a very pleasant speed boost.

    your clear time is considerably better with speed buffs. there is no "too fast". there is only non optimized gear/stats.

    p.s. don't use speed pylons, they will completely wreck your pony

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    posted a message on How do I handle Blighter with comdemn?
    you die, end - sadly im am serious
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    posted a message on Request your Stream to be in the Stream Section
    streamname: Kitaen


    info: top 3 crusader season eu softcore, will stream a lot
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    posted a message on Condemn or Stampede - which one is better in Greater Rifts?
    condemn has more potential, if you want to push the absolute limits (44+ solo) although stampede is very very close imho

    huge density simply works out in favour of condemn - in a perfect rift you will be faster with condemn, no doubt (read: it doesnt matter in 90% of all other rifts, where stampede might outperfom condemn)
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    posted a message on 2h weapons overbuffed?
    Quote from TheNinjaSpectre

    Fire Starter build w/ Darklight would like a word with you OP

    All kidding aside, the Fire Starter build is still pretty viable in patch 2.1. Albeit it's just one of many builds from just one of the classes, it's great for solo T6 rift farming/ bounties and even some decently high Greater Rifts. But, as stated above, it's a perfect example of a 1 hander weapon relying on its legendary affix to be effective enough to out shine a 2 hander in this certain build.

    I'm sure you could use a Maximus or something and boost your damage output for the build but the faster attack speed and extra FotH bolt from Darklight pretty much out shine all other options imo.
    t6 is childs play - and so is darklight, fun specc no doubt, yet dead since 2.1
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    posted a message on Fastest T6 Rift clearer?
    condemn crusader: can pull, facetank, stack, has ridiculous movementspeed, killing speed unmatched with endgame gear

    charge barb is also strong, yet suffers if low densitiy

    DH is no option, ramp time of turrents is too long

    the fotm wizz speccs don't have enough burst to compete, so does WD

    monk can be fast aswell
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    posted a message on Why is Blessed Shield with Foote/Jekangbord bad?
    Quote from cying
    its bad and its always been bad. not only does it do zero dmg, but it also bombards your allies with needlessly annoying audio and visual spam. the reason why people thought it was good/ok before is because earlier on in the game, people were very content with doing t3/t4 (where this build is viable). but now everyone thinks they are badass, and its t5/t6 or go home.

    personally i think fotf build is janky, so i dont play it. darklight's dmg output is pretty meh to me too. my favorite crusader build, despite the nerf, is blade of prophecy/condemn build.

    this build was absolutely t6 viable, even without full akkans, i did t6 in 6-10 minutes way way before ppl came up with stuff like condem CDR builds and stuff

    it is still viable now, (if you dont have full t6, eg) but there are certainly better alternatives.
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    posted a message on So Condemn probably going to be OP again in patch 2.1?
    holy mother of god, wb condem
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    posted a message on Crusader T6 Rifts - Farming alone - Stop by and chat a bit!
    lightning? who the fuck plays lightning? :P
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    posted a message on Fire Crusader is back 2.05 and Maximus Viable
    Quote from raziael1

    Quote from NothingLasts

    This build is ok but it doesn't quite make optimal use of the true source of damage for fire crusaders which is the stacking aspect of the Akarat's Champion - Fire Starter DoT. The more sources of damage you have going at once the more it stacks with itself. As a result, Heaven's Fury - Blessed Ground will significantly increase your damage over Falling Sword - Superheated not just because it ticks more rapidly with two sources (beam and the ground based DoT) but also because it costs no wrath (big deal for a build that can frequently be wrath starved) and has a base cooldown 10 seconds shorter than Falling Sword. These three factors really put Falling Sword - Superheated behind even though it is fire damage.I find this kind of unfortunate as I like Falling Sword thematically for this build but until it receives some rebalancing, possibly in the form of something like shorter cooldown/animation or cheaper/no wrath cost, it will seriously underperform.

    As for Maximus, it is fun but you will find that it too underperforms compared to Darklight for the build. The most important thing is having sources of damage to stack your Fire Starter DoT and Darklight gives you another fairly reliable one, it also gives you 15% IAS and 15% CDR from using Fervor over Heavenly Strength. On top of that the demon is fragile and the damage from the chain snapshots things like % damage buffs (such as the one from Akarat's Champion or the buff from Harrington's) at the time of summoning which can make getting the most out of your demon friend difficult/impossible since it is a random proc.
    Maximus can stack just as fast as Darklight, if not faster. Both are amazing fun, but the initial hit from Falling Sword, plus the dot does equal damage from the holy disco way of stacking. Both fun, but equal damage. Where Maximus *can* win is good uptime on the chains. If your demon is up 70% of a boss fight and you mind your positioning the buff stacks just as fast, and thanks to the 2h dmg and the fire on Maxi will hit harder. Chains/Demon= extra FoTH from darklight. If they fix up falling sword a little this would be an amazing build, I use nearly the exact same one and its a ton of fun to play.

    Thanks for the vid!
    in no world maximus (or any other 2 hand) is better suited for a FoH fire build than darkflight. i've tested countless hours with maximus, BoP, cams and other very well rolled 2 handed weapons. 2 handed foh builds are by no mean bad, but darklight is simply better in any scenario.

    the only exception is the furnace against (rift)bosses, but behold, you can still wear a 2 hand w/o shield and shred that t6 riftboss in 15 seconds :P
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    posted a message on Whats best?
    shotgun is indeed boring imho and requires better gear than other speccs, it only shines at absolute endgame gear level, say 54%+ CDR, a good rolled FotF, etc.

    FoH fire, BH and even BS speccs are easier to gear for and are still doing fine with average rolls
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    posted a message on 1h lightning hammerdin help
    Quote from Kapsu
    Quote from Cutuljo

    are really 1h builds viable beyond T3?

    Quote from Cutuljo

    Should I focus all my shards to gamble a high roll 2h?
    Quote from Kapsu

    Quote from Kennedine

    ohh so ever wrong you are!

    The best crusader high torment spec atm uses a 1h flail :)

    Not a fan of MannerCookie, I think he's a douche, but he's a douche that is good at playing crusader..

    I run a similar spec just with focus on holy dmg to give more surival.
    That was a more or less serious answer, I thought it would have been quite clear, but guess not... O_O

    There are certainly some good crusader 1-handed builds out there, such as his Darklight build and the Gyrfalcon's Foote builds, but most of them are very specific and in general, you're better off with a 2-hander.
    1 hand is completely viable now across the board, there are plenty of speccs that will work with 1 hand.

    yet the fastest t6 clearing specc is a 1 handed one.

    in general, you are better off with the weapon you get from the lootgods, nothing else.
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    posted a message on Blessed Shield Build Even More Godly - Live Stream & Theory Crafting!
    there have never been "big" bounces with the shattering rune. nor do they exist now, the only reason you though they were big bounces was the fact that the shield initial hit and the bounces were pretty much on par without high shield block chance (which did only count for the initial hit)

    every hit after the first hit counts as bounce (aka 170% weapon dmg) including the 3 standard splitted (which are "shattered") aswell as the 4-6 ones from your jekangboard.

    now BS issignificantly nerfed for multi target but received a very decent single target buff. overall it was a nerf for most holy BS speccs.

    still viable though, but i guess 6pc akkahn is even better now
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    posted a message on Legendary Roll Percentages: Torment Difficulty
    can't believe those numbers, found at least 50 chest pieces, helms, boots, legs, etc. each and according to the drop rates the odd's i could not find any akkhan pieces in over 400 paragon lvls are literally 0%.

    well done blizzard
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    posted a message on Crusader Cruising Through T5, 2h Shield Thrower (Video included)
    i do play 2 hand and 1 hand BS since the patch non stop and i absolutely destroy t6; a few more tipps and hints (for 2 handed play):

    get the bounty weapon (burst of wrath), it is amazing for this specc, it is a reapers wraps in disguise! also you NEED reapers.

    provoke with "hit me" is way way way better than charged up

    do not wear items like helm of rule or justice lantern, you will lose far too much dps, they can never compensate the raw stat loss! your shattered shields will not profit from block chance, making it not that uber desireable anyway - that doesn't mean block % is bad ofc.

    15% block from the passive is absolutely fine to specc tough, towering shield is only good with a 1 hand specc when you have that extra free spot for a passive

    ias is a so-so stat, it's not terrible but it's not good either, you better stack crit/critdmg first.
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