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    posted a message on How Long Is Too Long For Game Development?
    I don't think their is a such thing as too long when it comes to quality game development; But if a game company waits too long, their initial fan base will be all 'grown up' and may possibly lose interest. I also think that game developers should wait longer before actually announcing the game. If it gets to be over two years after a game is announced and it still isn't released, then I start losing interest.

    Actually, I stopped following up-to-the-minute D3 info a while back (I check up on it once a month or so). But I think if D3 comes out in 2010 (witch is when I was expecting it to be released anyways) I won't mind, too much.
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    I am male and I pretty much always play female characters in games when given the option. However, if one gender looks significantly better than the other I will go with whatever looks best. To me though, that is typically the female versions.
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    posted a message on Blizzard Poll: Which Class Will You Play First?
    Quote from Chisto »
    I chose the Wizard; ever since this class was released I've been dying to get my hands on it (the sorceress was my second favorite class in D2). The Barbarian class looks alright, but I'm really not a melee class person. The Witch Doctor, for some reason, never looked appealing to me...

    But what I am really looking forward to is a Rogue/Amazon/Archer type class; definitely my favorite type of class.
    I really can't wait to see a ranged class.

    Quote from "Dauroth" »
    One guy on the forums asked what will happen after a month! I was thinking the same thing! The Wizard has been announced like four months ago! Why are they giving such a poll now? Can we expect some bigger info release any time soon?
    My guess is that since E3 is coming up in June they might release a new class... then release game play footage at E3. (Maybe I'm just wishing...)

    Also, at the time of posting, the Witch Doctor is in last place... but that really does not surprise me. So far it's the class that shares the least obvious connection with any of the characters from the previous games. I'm guessing that people will be more hesitant about this class until they actually get a chance to play it.
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    posted a message on Happy Holidays Diablo Fans!
    Nice interview. They're not as far along as I had thought though.

    The 'fury system' reminds me of the 'adrenaline system' (Warrior) from Guild Wars.

    I'm hoping they announce some kind of Rogue/Amazon type class, but I do love the way the sorceress is lookin'.
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    posted a message on Official Diablo 3 Site Media Update #3
    Meh, I don't really keep on top of announcements. I don't expect the game to come out 'till 2010 (if even then). So if I check back every month or so I find enough content to keep me excited.
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2008 Announced
    Woot! Anaheim is just a couple hours away from me!! Maybe I'll get the time off work and take a little trip...

    And, WTF!! Spammers suck.

    EDIT: I don't know if anyone else noticed, but Blizzard just released a whole slew of job openings for the 'next-gen mmo' ... I hope they're not making WoW2. Even if they're currently planning on making D3 and a WoW2, I hope they don't make WoW2... I'm sooo sick of WoW.
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    posted a message on Countdown Teaser

    That "hidden" message has always been the background image for their Job Openings. They are just binary bites...


    This pattern keeps repeating. These are the decimal / hexadecimal / octal equivalents:

    10010100 = 148 / 94 / 224
    11101011 = 235 / EB / 353
    10001100 = 140 / 8C / 214
    00010010 = 18 / 12 / 22
    00101101 = 45 / 2D / 55
    10110101 = 181 / B5 / 265

    As far as I've ever been able to tell there isn't any hidden messages... But you guys can tear through it all you want...
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    posted a message on what song..
    Hmm... I tend to listen to listen to whole CD's, or the same playlist over and over. Not just a single song.

    I'm always turning my Led Zeppelin: How the West Was Won DVD on and playing it in the background.

    Or when Elder Scrolls III came out I would put on Enya and listen to him while I played.

    For Diablo it's usually the play list from my finetunes.

    But mostly it just depends on my mood. Although one of the funnest songs to listen to is: Trolly Wood by Eisly.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 News Watch
    I realize that this has gotten completely off topic but, so here I go trying to keep it on track...

    I've been looking over the Blizzard job postings and wondering... What is a 'next-generation mmo' anyways? Is it for the next-gen consoles? (really doubt it). Or will it simply have better graphics? Will Guild Wars 2 be considered a 'next-generation mmo'?

    I figured this was the best place to put this, but if there's a better one let me know.
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    posted a message on Titanic
    As a drama, the movie sucked. Waaaaaaaaaay too long.

    As a comedy, except for the beginning, hilarious! Especially the end. You have the people falling off the boat, hitting things on the way down, spinning wildly. Leanardo DeCrapio chattering sweet nothings through his teeth, and then the chick just peels him off after he dies.

    Edit: What was truly annoying and why absolutely hate that movie is the stupid song Celine Dion sang: 'My Heart Will Go On'. That song got on my last frickin' nerve.

    Edit 2: It just occurred to me that all the tension in this thread might be because of age gaps... I'm not going to look through everyone's profile but in 1997 when the movie came out I was 10/11 and that kind of movie is going to be pretty boring for a boy who was busy trying to get his parents to let him spend more time on the computer so he could play more Diablo. Get too much younger than that and most kids probably wouldn't understand any of the themes of the movie at all. Even if they went back and watched it now, it's an old movie and would probably seem cheesy.
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    Quote from "SteelVelocity" »
    Yes, that was quite a mouthful. I guess you're used to that kind of thing.... :rolleyes:

    Don't judge ;). Sounds to me like you're jealous. :)

    Surprisingly, most of what I said makes sense (to me). Only because I was tired, and I was just about to rip my hair trying to remember the syntax string to make my C# button print me out a triangle...


    Also, I just saw a picture of Dungion Siege on some Asian site that someone was trying to pass off as Diablo 3. It was from 2003 but it made me laugh. Good game though.

    ...And this. ;-)
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    Quote from "Tag" »
    urgh I don't why blizzard would keep a game a sercet just because it suppose to be a dark secretive.

    Not because it's so dark and secretive, but because Blizzard wants to keep a good name when it comes to completing games they've announced.

    Do you remember the reaction people had when Blizzard cancelled WarCraft: Adventures? People went into commas, I swear. It's probably why BLizzard won't publically denounce StarCraft: Ghost. 'Cus if they did, even if they eventually came back to it, people would start saying things like, "Blizzard is such a flake, I wonder what game they're going to not come out with next."

    So by keeping it under wraps they don't have to make those kinds of retractrations or be in the awkward situation they are in with StarCraft: Ghost.

    After I saw all the games Blizzard had officially cancelled I was glad they didn't announce all of them. I probably wouldn't be waiting/drooling over news about another Diablo game, just because I couldn't be sure whether or not it was actually going to make it into production. But now, if they do announce D3, I can be anxiously awaiting it's release without too big a fear of cancelling.

    ...Wow, that was a mouthfull... I'm off to bed.

    *subject to editing upon awakening*
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    Quote from "AlphaX" »
    Ahah! It cannot, because Diablo II is 2D, and an expansion has the same graphics.

    I do believe that the bosses in Diablo II are 3D (not sure). If nothing else the vids are 3D and that still technically makes it a 3D game.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 News Watch
    Quote from "Rukahs" »
    Hi, Im new here, and I hope you guys are right. I'm so sick of waiting. I must have repurchased Diablo 2 LoD at least 4-5 times by now..

    Haha. I too have about 5 copies of the game lying about. I even have the Diablo I expansion, Hellfire, sitting up on my shelf (though I've only played it once). :)

    Even more jobs posted by Blizzard. One is for the StarCraft II team and the other two seem to be just general job openings.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 News Watch
    I have yet to see anything for the next gen MMO that says its from the diablo team - all the ones I see from the diablo team are non-mmo (looks like diablo 3 is going to be a sequal to d2!)
    I think that all the 'Top Secret' job openings are for the same game/project. Hopefully Diablo 3, but I don't trully know. I do believe that they are trying to fill in and add more people to the 'team behind Diablo I & II.' Too many people have gone on-and-on about there not being a Diablo 3 because most of them left to do either Guild Wars or Hellgate: London. Well, all these job openings are Blizzard rebuilding that team (in some cases, I'm sure, from the ground up). So , hopefully, We hear news about another Diablo game/expac/patch/anything-at-all soon... Say, in 83 days :)

    I really don't care if it's hack-and-slash or mmo. As long as it's Diablo related and not pay-to-play, I'm down.

    Hey, anyone looking out for job openings that have been taken down?? Not that would it tell us anything... I was just curious.
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