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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Barbarian)

    got a unity

    70-149 dmg

    441 strength

    5% crit chance

    14% elite dmg

    usually I'd go for the average dmg and roll a socket, but i have no idea how stats have been tweaked this season...

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    posted a message on Seasonal Achievement Leaderboard - strange point calculation?!

    The achievement panel tells me that I've got 930 seasonal achievement points, the leaderboard lists me at 900. Any idea why? 100% in all categories except conquests, I only got 2 conquests.

    There are also 3 feats of strength, but they are not displayed with any amount of points...

    It's not that important, I was bored and looking through leaderboards, and 30 points make a difference from rank 500-ish to rank 50-ish... just curious :)

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