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    (edit: accidently uploaded this in the fan fiction section last night.)

    Hey guys, it's Danion and I have something amazing for you guys to see!

    Barbarian Tales - Part I!

    Some of you might remember my previous Diablo Machinima about the Sage Kings and even though I had a lot of fun and enjoyment creating that small movie, it did not quite hit the mark.

    So, for these new, revised series I decided with a different approach. And that is what you will see here before you, an amazing adventure set out in Diablo after Malthael's defeat with a much more deeper and enriching story for its future!

    After Diablo's defeat and the entrapment of the Soulstone, Malthael stole the stone and used it for himself. The hero of the story, a Barbarian, eventually succeeds in defeating Malthael, but while he does so all the spirits within are released once more.
    For a time peace, although yet savage times were still ahead, returned to Sanctuary and the heroes used their power to hold what was left of the demons at bay.
    However, during a raid from Demon Hunters, they stumbled upon something... Something that gave even them, a chill down their spine...

    "The demons call him: "The Ancient One"

    It has taken me, Many, MANY hours in realizing this project. And since this is only Part I, I most likely will spend many many more, but I like the challenge. Diablo comes with a lot of UI restrictions, as well as many other limitations. (Some of you will recognize some of the clips used for in this movie and I have written permission from the creator of these clips, to use them.)

    Therefore I decided to combine multiple games into one, so that the idea of a worthy movie was still being upheld.

    I sincerely hope you like what I have created and feel free to ask any questions on how I did, or what the rest for the story is going to be.

    (Spoiler: be sure to watch 'til the last second!)

    Link to the video:

    Kind Regards, Danion

    Hand drawn book with ingame animations.

    Towns are being over run.

    Characters interact with each other.

    Sinister ending...

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