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    All that matters is that the power source for whatever class needs to be drawn from a different stat if they are different types.

    I.E. Fury should be drawn from vitality, and mana should be drawn from some sort of intelligence or energy stat. That way each class is really unique and can look for gear more drawn to their character. At the same time each stat does something to help your class regardless so that no one stat becomes useless for a class. By that I mean it will be useful for a barb to put some points into intelligence because it will boost his warcries or something similar. Not saying that this is how it should work, but the basis is sound.

    To me, everyone's totally misunderstanding the issue here...

    Barb skills had a fury AND / OR a stamina value.

    To me this indicates that Stamina won't be coming back in the D2 form (wheres the annoying bar on the UI in the demo vid? ;)), but will instead be the Barb's version of Mana, that is the barb uses Stamina to perform his heroic feats of strength and what-not.

    This fits in perfectly with what Sandman has said here, that the Barbs "mana" should be drawn from vitality (or strength, most likely strength IMO), this adds another benefit to statting Vit of Str, and is MUCH more in character with the Barb.

    Now, onto Fury. I envision Fury as being a kind of "charge up", each attack generates an amount of Fury, instead of using it, and as you generate Fury the Barb gets a buff of some form, DR, Damage, IAS or whatnot. I also see this Fury as declining very quickly, meaning if tha Barb wants to keep the Bonus' he's going to have to be non-stop action, attacking as much as possible, possibly without regard for his safety.

    This would keep the game fast-paced and flowing as the Dev's want, and also add a unique aspect to the Barb, assuming each character would maybe have a different inherent skill.
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