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    Here are my idea for your current build/gear:

    • Diamond in helm. (One of the best slot to get CDR, and CDR is great with Molten Impact/Black Hole/Teleport)
    • Gamble Belt. Find a better belt (5% elite on Hellcat Waistguard does not deserve an item property).
    • For Lighting damage, try Blackhole - Supermassive instead of Storm Shield and Black Hole - SpellSteal.
    • For arcane dmg, try Teleport - Calamity in place of wormhole.
    • Now you have a slot open for (Energy armor / Magic Weapon etc.).
    • Ice Armor, Frost Nova, Blizzard instead of Familiar Icicle for Cold. Not a fan of familiar that's not your element or subpar ability.
    For T6 party/solo I have a guide for fire build that uses Tal Set + Mirrorball (http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/wizard-the-ancient-repositories/86566-guide-tal-set-crowdcontrol-solo-t6-build-no-unity). I really enjoy this build, CDR boosts survivability + effective damage.
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    Currently streaming the build in action.

    Finished streaming. Streamed for 2 hours and ran 7 rifts. So about 15-20min average per rift. Had a good one and a bad one, so I will try to post the video on youtube showing how it's like in bad rift and how it is in the other.
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    Hi, thanks for trying it out!
    The reason I chose Molten Impact over Meteor Shower is because my main source of damage is Magic Missles(MM)/Conflagate. With Mirrorball MM/Conflagate build, you need to keep casting Conflagate for increased damage over time (you need to hit enemies withtin 3 seconds with Conflagate to keep the stack), and spender without cooldown interrupts it. Molten impact has a cooldown so I cannot cast it more than once, while still providing a big spike in damage, also this spells scales in damage with more cooldown you get.
    With 42% increased damage for Magic Missile on my gear, each of my magic missile hit for 4-7M (depending on Elite/White), and on boss fights such as rift boss, conflagate damage over time + meter ground effects tick for about 50m-100m by the end of the fight.

    I was also wondering if I could find a way to spend more AP, however I decided it's more of a blessing that MM is so strong with Mirror Ball. :P

    To take advantage ofyour cindercoat, you can try using meteor shower as your primary damage source, with more meteor damage in your gear. You can use prodigy instead of unwavering will to regen the AP faster to spam meteor shower.
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    I agree everyone has different view on "doable". That's why I left out offense in this guide, and primary damage skills are optional. It varies too much with gears players own, and it's up to the player to decide what's tolerable. So my intention was to share how I survive T6.
    Efficiency for farming is another topic since this guide is specific for surviving T6 solo without unity.

    To answer your question I believe a video of this build in action will be the best way to give ideas since everything just depends. Sometimes I kill elites within 10 seconds, sometimes I have to move around more, sometimes I die.
    Ranged attackers can be tough in some situation. It's easier to dodge and block projectiles with event horizon when you can keep melee guys frozen for most of the time. Vortex and Shield can be rough since vortex into something nasty cannot be prevented, and shield blocks your cc.

    To give you a better idea, these are my criteria for comfort:

    • Can kill goblins before they open port.
    • Can kill goblin even in during a fight vs elite.
    • Takes less than 30 seconds to kill most elites even in nasty situations.
    • Can handle 2 elite packs without dying.
    • 0 deaths in rift is the goal. If I die more than 3 times it annoys me very much.
    • No gear/skill swaps.
    • Less than 20min in a rift.
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    Quote from user_411818

    Did a simmilar build yesterday, without CDR:


    I'm ranked # ~1000 wizard with + Elemental Elite DPS in Europe

    T6 is doable, though cindercoat or APOC is a must, you have to cast 4-5 fireballs in a row and have at least 10 mil toughness self buffed.
    If you can use cindercoat + tal rasha's 4set, meteor shower would be a great offensive skill choice that can be used with this build. You can still get 40%+ cdr wothout losing damage and it might help make life easier in torment 6.

    The thing about this build is that it's very flexible with gears/offensive skills. I guess it's more of a survival guide than a build guide.
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    I recently got the gears/build that I am comfortable soloing in T6, since I have received great amount of information from the forum and people's profiles, this is my attempt to contribute back to the community. I hope it will help some wizards play in Torment 6.

    Overview: This build is geared for soloing Torment 6 without depending on Unity+Follower for survival. It uses crowd control spells, Frost Nova, Black Hole with 40%+CDR for survival. The lack of damage from the crowd controls spells are compensated by Tal Rasha's 4-set bonus which synergizes very well with the spells.

    1. Frost Nova - Coldsnap
    2. Black Hole - Event Horizon / **Super Massive
    3. Energy Armor - Prismatic Armor
    4. Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
    5. *Magic Missiles - Conflagate
    6. *Meteor - Molten Impact
    * These are optional skills for your primary source of damage. I use these spells because I am using Mirror Ball in fire build. I also don't have lightning spell because I am using Thundefury.

    Frost Nova(Cold Snap) with 40%+ CDR will only allow enemies to move ~1 second. For example if you have 40% CDR, cooldown of Frost Nova becomes 4.5 seconds, and the spell freezes enemies for 3 seconds, so enemies can only move for 1.5 second if you keep casting the spell.

    Black Hole immobilizes enemies for 2 seconds, which is long enough to fill that 1.5 second window that enemies can move between Frost Novas. It gathers enemies in a single spot which makes it easy for you to freeze more enemies with Frost Nova and hit Meteors, initial impact + ground effects. Event Horizon rune is great but optional, you can use different rune if 4th element is needed.

    Frost Nova -> Black Hole -> Frost Nova will lock enemies down for 8 seconds, while only allowing ~1 second window for them to move.However, some Elites will have crowd control reduction, which allows them to move for a short duration of time. This is why you still need defensive stats from your gear and defensive spells such as Energy Armor / Blur.

    To maximize the effect of crow control, keep an eye on enemie's attack animations. You do not need to freeze enemies, while they are swinging axes up in the air, instead freeze them as soon as they swing the axe down towards you the attack animation will reset if it's disrupted. Also, you can take damage that can be regenerated back in 3-5 seconds with your Life on Hit and Health Regen while they are cc'ed.

    1. Evocation
    2. Elemental Exposure
    3. Blur
    4. Audacity / Unwavering Will
    Evocation provides free 20% cooldown reduction. It helps you reach 40%+ CDR very easily. Elemental Exposure is great in combination with Tal Rasha's set. Blur for survival during the time enemies can move. And Unwavering will is some what optional, but it is relatively easy to be stationed since enemies are cc'ed most of the time. I prefer Audacity since I am often in close range with enemies.


    • Tal Rasha's 4 set
    • 40%+ Cooldown Reduction
    Tal Rasha's set bonus synergizes very well with the frost nova and black hole so I will say it is the core of the build. Since gear selections can vary, I will list items/set to reach the 40%+ cooldown reduction without losing critical stats such as critical hit chance/damage.
    On a side note, when gearing your character, do not neglect secondary stats! It's a great way to boost your survivability.

    Core slots:
    20% - Passive Evocation
    12.5% - Helm (Flawless Royal Diamond)

    10% - 2 from Pants/Belt/Boots (Captain Crimson's set bonus)

    Optional (pick 2 from these slots):
    8% - Shoulders
    8% - Source Offhand
    10% - Weapon
    *10% - 3 from Weapon/Chest/Shoulders (Born's set bonus)

    *I listed Born's set as optional because Weapon/Chest slots are hightly competitive.
    Having the 3 core slots + 2 from the optional will get you 40%+ cdr easily.

    Wrap it up:
    While crowd control is a great way to survive in solo T6, it is also a great way to play in party since you bring lots of utility and damage.

    Offensive Skills:
    I am using Magic Missile(Conflagate) + Meteor (Molten Impact) for my damaging spells.
    Why Conflagate?

    • I found a nice Mirrorball + Magefist
    • There's a great guide for Mirroball + Conflagate fire build guide on this forum.
    • Don't need Apoc/Prodigy
    Why Molten Impact?

    • Effective damage scales with CDR.
    • Does not interrupt the Magic Missile spam.
    • +Meteor properties affect this spell + meteors of tal rasha's set bonus.

    My Wizard (I may be playing a different build): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Wogwog-1562/hero/5430705
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