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    Ah, I wonder what more there is to say in this thread after that massive list
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    Silver alliance, Silver League, Silver 7, Silver executioners, The Silver Shield, The Silver Inferno, Diabolic Silver Massacre, Silver Hawks, Silver Demons, Silver Ravens, Silver Unit, Elite Silver, Silver Legends, Silver Knights, Silver Blood, Silver Shadow, Silver Kingdom.
    The Tainted Ones (TTO)
    Legion of The Damned (LOTD)
    Sliver Legion of The Damned (SLOTD)
    Children of THe Damned (COTD)
    Sliver Children of The Damned (SCOTD)
    The Silver Legion (TSL)
    Hell's Executioners (HE)
    Burning Blade Death Squad (BBDS)
    Section 13 The Iscariot Organization (S13TIO)
    Vanguard of Pain (VOP)
    The Skull Takers (TST)
    League of Slayers (LOS)
    The Nosferati (TN)
    The Silver Slayers (TSS)
    Silver Knights of The Order (SKOTO)
    The Painbringers (TPB)
    Band of The Hawk (BOTH)
    The Brotherhood of The Sword (TBOTS)
    Silver Dragon Knights (SDK)
    Silver Phoenix Knights (SPK)
    Silver Inferno Knights (SIK)
    The Iron Wolves (TIW)
    The Myrmidons (TM)
    The Necromunga (TN)
    The NecroSeraphim [Angels of Death] (TNS)
    The Hominus Nocturni (THN)
    The Strigoi Knights (TSK)
    Spawns of Chaos (SOC)
    Silver Lords of Sanctuary (SLOS)
    Silver Hellion Knights (SHK)
    Angels of Death (AOD)
    Silver Inferno Slayer (SIS)
    Silver Inferno Cusaders (SIC)
    SilVer Inferno Cusading Knights (SICK)
    SilVer Inferno Cusading Knights (SICK)
    hells executioner squard
    heavens executioner squad

    mobile killing units (SS)
    silver slayers
    HELLS : Heaven's Elite Leading Legionare Squad
    hells angels HA
    minions of hell MoH
    servants of hell SoH
    demonic empire of hell DEOH
    lords of death LoD
    the purple cobras tPC(just thought id throw that1 in... just watched dodgeball)
    angels of death AoD
    The Silver death squaD TSDS
    Angels delivering death ADD
    Heaven's Entrusted Loyal Legions (HELL)
    Heaven's Entrusted Legitimate Legion of Immortal Omnipitant Night Soldiers (HELLIONS) [i tried to make it 'hellion' but got stuck on O,N]
    Silver Crusaders Of Religous Notary: SCORN

    Its no Elfen list, but I think its all the ones we have so far, theres are all the names that everyoens come up with, Read em all and choose a few
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    Quote from name="Elfen Lied" »
    yes but there is spamming crap, and spamming good info, one would hop you do the latter

    Wise, Wise words
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    Yeah adding all that bad stuff like prostitutes, bear, and gambling really add to the "evil" factor of diablo
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